PlentyBread Review – Is the $500 Scam or Legit

Plentybread review is one of the money making related reviews we’ll be discussing in this article. I’ll guide you through some of things you need to know about plentybread. Perhaps, to let you know if the platform is legit or scam.

We all know that there’re lots of websites that claims to help you make decent money online. And, plentybread influencer network is not an exception. While some of them keep to their promise to some extent, the annoying fact is that most of them have nothing to offer but to waste your time.

It is obvious scam sites are dominating the internet nowadays. And, it’s really difficult to separate legit ones. However, there’re still some earning sites that are paying well, you just have to carefully select the real ones.

If you’ve just heard about plentybread and want to know if the platform is worth joining, you’re in the right place. I’ll guide you through everything you need to know about plenybread influencer network in this post.

Whatever you want to know about plentybread, this post has got you covered. I’ve explained in details, everything you need to know about the so-called influencer network in this plentybread review.

Now let’s get started.

What is Plentybread

Just as its name implies, plentybread claims to help you make large amount of money. We’re talking about $500 per day.

plentybread influencer network

According to them, they’re one of the best influencer networks. They mentioned that their affiliates are being paid to share special referral link. As easy as it sounds, they claims to pay you for doing simple tasks.

The only thing you need to do to start earning  on plentybread is to join, share your affiliate link and cash out.

Is Plentybread Legit or Scam?

Before joining any earning websites, it’s really important to know if they’re really worth joining. If you’ve once been scammed before, you definitely will want to know if plentybread is real. As a result, you might be asking if plentybread is a scam.

Well, if a platform promises to help you make an amount of money that is too good to be true, that’s one of the suspicious things about them.

It’s important to find out if they’ll be able to keep dishing out such money without crashing soon. Personally, I don’t think so.

But before blaming them for making bogus cases, I’ll like to assume the best for them. Just make sure to read what you should know about plentybread below before you consider joining them whatsoever.

Plentybread Influencer Network Review

While plentybread is created in such a way that it looks real, there’re many suspicious things about the website.

If a platform promise an unrealistic income, then that seems to be one of the red flags about them. In the case of plentybread, they claim to give you up to $500 in a day.

about plentybread

The eye-catching text “MAKE $500 TODAY” is displayed on the homepage of their website.

You’re required to join and start sharing your link online. As a result, you’ll be earning up to $500 per day. And, you could even be making more than that every single day.

All this sounds good, right? Some things are just too good to be true. If they can be paying $500 everyday, that would sum up to about $15000 per month.

Now let’s be realistic, how many job pays such amount of money? I guess you would agree with me that there’s not many of them.

Everyone wants to earn enough money that will change their lives just like what plentybread promises. Unfortunately, not many jobs will pay you $500 per day. In addition, a job that’ll pay you $50 per day will attract a lot of competition, not to mention $500. Certainly, it’s not possible to earn such money on plentybread.

If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

You may be asking, so

Are you saying plentybread is a scam?

Of course, yes.

How would a platform pay you such amount of money doing absolutely nothing? Without any doubt, plentybread is a scam.

So if you’ve been contemplating if you should join or not, I’ve got an answer with just two words, “Don’t join”. And, if you’ve joined plentybread already and only reading this review because you’ve not been paid, then quit.

You won’t lose anything if you join the platform, though. But your time should be precious to you.

users review

With that said, I would like to back my words up with some of the reasons why plentybread is scam.

Reasons Why Plentybread is a Scam

Some of the reasons why the platform is a scam are discussed below.

1. The Owner is Unknown

When I first checked the website’s homepage, I was curious about knowing the owner of the platform.

I was just wondering who the owner of the platform could be. After thorough check, I noticed that the owner of plentybread is unknown. This should tell you that there’s something fishy about plenty bread.

A platform that offers to pay such amount of money without any special skills is likely fake.

While this is absurd, I’m not surprised in any way because I knew plentybread is a scam in the first place.

Think about it, a situation where someone will want to dish out $500 each day to people without doing anything. Certainly, no owner of such platform will disclose his/her information.

2. False Claim about the Founding Date

One of the things that I usually check when reviewing site is how long they’ve been around. This is because you’ll at least trust a website that has been operating for a long time than one that just sprung up.

If you check plentybread’s About Page, you’ll see they wrote that they were founded in March 2015. According to them, they’ve become the #1 influencer network in less than 10 years. When I saw this, I was just wondering why I haven’t heard about plentybread until recently.

So I decided to check their domain registration info to know if their claim was true. Then I noticed that was registered in April, 2020.

They also mentioned that they’ll continue paying their users for long period of time. However, this is also a false claim.

If a platform really would pay their members for long period of time, they would’ve registered their domain dame for many years. In the case of plentybread, their domain registration will expire in less than a year.

Therefore, all the claims about being in existence for more than 5 years are not true. It’s apparent they are just making false claims to convince people they’re legit. But the truth is that, they are not what they claims to be. At the time of writing this review, plentybread is just about a month old.

3. Unrealistic Terms and Conditions

I guess you’re aware that any business must have its terms and conditions. So, if you want to sign up for plentybread, you’ll have to agree to their term of use.

Plentybread are aware that most people don’t read the terms of the site they sign up for. Instead, people just agree to the terms and sign up. I think you have to check plenty bread’s terms if you’ve not done so.

They mentioned that you must be 99 years old or older to join their site. What this means is that if you’re not 99 year or older, you shouldn’t join. And, they will not pay you if you’re not up to 99 years.

plenty bread terms and conditions

Anyone that will come across plentybread will likely be younger than 99 years of age. If you’re reading this review, I’m sure you are not up to 99 years old. Scammers are using this method to scam their users.

They know that you can’t join without agreeing to their terms. And, for that reason, they have the right not to pay you. They’re using this advantage to hold a right if they don’t pay you.

4. Fake Contact information and Address

Plentybread make it looks like you can reach out to them with the contact info they provide. There’s a contact page and an email address on the website. This makes it looks like you can contact them if you needed to ask something.

You should know that the all contact info about plentybread is not real. If you try to contact them, you won’t get any reply. The truth is that they don’t want anyone to contact them.

They are just trying to look original. So you’ll be convinced you can always get in touch with them if you run into any problem.

Likewise, the address they’re using is not real. There’s a section on the website where they claim they’re based in Amsterdam. However, they disclose their address as plentybread Ltd, 20W 34th St, New York, NY 10001. First they were based in Amsterdam but they disclose their street address somewhere in United State.

PlentyBread False Claims

They claims to have more than 700,000 members and they’ve paid out more than $150,000,000. According to plentybread, they strive to provide straight transparency to their members. Money generated from ad-spend revenue and sponsorship products is used to pay their users.

Plentybread also mention that their users are bringing traffic to their site and increasing ad revenue. And, you’re increasing exposure to their sponsors’ products, ultimately, increasing sponsor relation across their network.

No matter how the above claims sound to you, you should know that everything they said is not true.

How Plentybread Claims to Help You Make Money

Let’s assume plentybread is real. This is how you’ll be making money.

how plentybread work

Here’s how it work.

1. Sign Up

The first thing you’re required to do is sign up. You’ll be able to join the platform within few minutes. And, start working alongside top influencers on social media.

Once you sign up, you’ll receive a $30 bonus. While this sounds good, you should know that you can’t withdraw the bonus until you perform some tasks. The bonus will be credited into your plentybread account.

However, you’ll never be able to withdraw the money in your plentybread account. Not even when you’ve done the tasks you’re required to do. Certainly, you’ll be convinced to think that you have real money in your account. But, it’s not real after all.

Let’s just call such money “screen money” because you’ll never be able to withdraw it.

2. Share Your Link

The next thing you need to do after you’ve signed up is share your affiliate link. Plentybread want you to share your link on social media. This is to promote their site on social media to attract people to join.

They’ll pay you $20 for each person you invite through your referral link. If the person clicks on your link without signing up, they’ll still pay you for the click. You can also earn by answering surveys, uploading youtube videos, downloading apps and playing games.

They’ll pay you $50 for each video you upload on YouTube. There’s no reason you would want to do this because you have to testify that plentybread is legit.

Why would you testify that plentybread is legit when you’ve not been paid? Sure, you won’t want to do that. Only scammers promote scam. It’s just one of their plans to promote their website.

In case you’ve seen such videos about plentybread online. Just know that they’re forcing the members to make the video. And, the bitter truth is, they won’t pay their members. Not even a penny. They will credit their member’s plenty bread accounts, though. But member will never be able to withdraw the money.

3. Cash Out

Just what you’ll expect them to say; plentybread said you can easily withdraw your earnings. They mention that you can cash out through PayPal, cash and wire transfer.

But we know that’s not true. Plentybread is not real after all. If you request for withdrawal, they’ll surely disregard your request. Once they’re aware that your account is eligible for withdrawal, they might suspend your account.

They might even close your account. If you should consider their nonsense term, you should know that you won’t be paid. And, I strongly guess you are not up to 99 years of age, not even close. They will keep finding different excuses to deny you of the money you’ve earned.

The Annoying Fact

Plentybread would have been one of the best earning sites if they’re really what they claims to be. But it’s all lies. I would like to share with you a site that pays such amount of money. Unfortunately, such platform doesn’t exist.

If there is, everyone would be rich. However, there’re legit sites that will pay you for doing some tasks online. But they won’t pay you $500 per day like what plentybread offers. To be honest, earning $50 per day online is not easy, let alone $500.

For instance, some online survey sites will pay you some dollars per survey. And, the tasks are simple just like what plentybread claims. But they won’t pay you pay you close to $500 in a day.

If how to get rich quick is what you’re searching for, then I bet you’ll keep searching without any positive result. In other words, you’re just wasting your precious time.

I understand that you want to make money online. You’ll most probably want to earn extra income to cater for your needs. But sites like plentybread won’t help you achieve your aim.

Scammers are aware that most people will want to earn extra income due to the situation of the economy. As a result, they keep creating nonsense earning sites. It is sure that after plentybread collapse, they’ll go on to create another one.

Why You Should Never Join Plentybread

As I said before, most people don’t read terms whenever they’re signing up for business online. In the same vein, people don’t bother to read plentybread’s privacy to save them some stress.

plenty bread terms

In their privacy policy page, they mention that they collect your personal information. The information plentybread collect include your name, payment information, address, security data, contact and more. And, you should know that they want you to provide your real information.

If you provide fake data, then you know they may not pay you.
I’m sure you don’t want them to have your personal information in their possession. This means you shouldn’t even attempt to join plentybread. They might hack into your account if they have your identity.

Other reasons why you shouldn’t join plentybread are listed below.

  • You won’t gain anything but waste your precious time.
  • They only want you promote their site. And, remember; only scammers promote scam.
  • Plentybread might steal your identity.
  • Most of all, they are scam.

You won’t gain anything if you join the platform at all. If you’ve not joined plentybread before reading this review, then you can consider yourself lucky. This is because you won’t be wasting your time and you won’t give them your personal information.


Plentybread is a scam. If you’re curious about making money online, plentybread is not the real deal. However, this shouldn’t discourage you because there’re still other legit ways to make money online.

You can try some legit survey sites that will pay you few cents of dollars per survey. Likewise, some sites will pay you for doing some tasks like watching videos and the likes. Although, you won’t get rich with those sites, but at least you’ll earn little with them.

I hope you found this plentybread review helpful.

If you need to ask a question, make use of the comment box below.

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