Cash FX Group Review: Legit or Scam Investment

Cash fx is one of the trending online investment platforms that has been making waves for quite a while. Considering the ROI the platform gives, intending members are curious about how it works. So, we’ll be discussing some of the things you should know about the platform. Perhaps to let you know if cash fx is a legit investment company or scam.

There’re lots of Forex investment platforms that claims to give you decent ROI. And cash fx group is not an exception. while some  of them keep to their promise, most of them have nothing to offer.

We’ll be discussing what you should know about the company before making a decision to join. Its a complete cash fx group review.

Now let’s dive straight in.

About Cash FX (Cash Forex Group)

Cash FX group is an MLM platform that allows you to invest your money and earn a decent ROI.

The company also has a financial trading education for its users.

According to cashfx group, their main principle is to provide you with the support you need about Forex trading. As a result, you’ll be earning  a decent ROI and also, you’ll be able to learn how to benefit in the financial market.

about cash fx investment

The company was launched in 2019. And since then, they’ve been giving their members the opportunity to invest, learn and earn from the compensation plan it offers.

Cash FX Owner

you need to know the person behind a particular company before joining, especially Forex investment platform. Although, knowing the owner doesn’t mean its reliable, but at least, it will give you an insight about the owner’s experience towards creating such program.

After taking a look at the company’s website, the owner appears to be Huascar Lopez. He’s the brain behind cash fx group. According to him, he has many years of experience in Forex trading, this has led him to create cash fx group, sharing and creating a vision of financial freedom to cash Forex group members.

Before we dive into how cash fx group works, lets discuss its legitimacy and the product they offer.

Is Cash FX Regulated?

Cash FX is not regulated. This means that the program is not legal. I know that most of their members won’t agree with the fact that its not regulated.

They claim to be partnering with EverFX which is not true. In addition, cash FX is just an affiliate of EverFX, there’s no proof whatsoever about EverFX endorsing CashFX group. So, the real thing here is, EverFX is regulated but cash FX is not.

Most people often claims that cash fx doesn’t need a license because they are in partnership with EverFX which is regulated. This is not true because its just an affiliate of EverFX. Cash fx is not partnering with EverFX.

Cash fx is the one offering investment plan and they really should be the one doing the trading. It doesn’t matter which platform it use for trading. They are the one doing the business with you. As a result, they need to be regulated.

Is Cash FX a Scam?

one of the things you need to consider before joining an investment platform is the ROI. If a platform promise too much profit, there’s something fishy about them. in the case of cash fx group, they promise to give 15% ROI weekly, that’s 60% in a month.

Cash fx claims to be a trading company. but you should know that such profit is not possible in any legit investment. Although, you can make big profit with few trade, you’ll never make such profit consistently.

If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Cash fx is not legit.

scam investment company

Some folks will say its not a scam because they are paying at the moment.

You Can Make Money With Scam

Cash fx is a Ponzi scheme. And it will continue paying for as long as it takes. One of the things people don’t know about a Ponzi scheme is that some people will gain while most people will lose.

Some people will get paid some profit worth more than their initial investment. But then, most people will definitely lose their money. Cash fx will surely stop paying soon, its just a matter of time.

But if you want to make money with this scam, I’ll advise you to invest the money you can afford to lose.

How Does Cash FX Group Work?

The company let you make money with the return on investment and referral commission.

ROI Commission

There are different levels you can choose to become a member and start earning from the ROI and referral commission. Cash fx group promise to give investors 200% or 400% ROI which is capped at 15% a week.

see all the investment levels and what you can get with it below.

  • 300 package – You’ll have  to invest $300 to join this package. This package gives 150 PV in the leadership program.
  • 500 package – You’ll have to invest $500 to join this package. And the package gives 250 PV in the leadership program.
  • 1K package – This level require a $1000 investment. You’ll get 500 PV in the leadership program.
    2K package – You’ll have to invest $2000 o join this package. The package gives 1000 PV in the leadership program.
  • 5K package – To join this package, you’ll need to invest $5000. The package gives 2000 PV in the leadership program and 3500 PV for the trade pool deposit.
  • 10K package – This level requires a $10,000 investment. The package gives 5000 PV in the leadership program and 7000 PV for trade pool deposit.
  • 20K package – This level requires a $20,000 investment. The package gives 10,000 PV in the leadership program and14,000 PV for trade pool deposit.
  • 30K package – You’ll have to invest $30,000 to join this package. You get 15,000 PV in the leadership program and 21K PV for the trade pool deposit.
  • 50K package – This package requires a $50,000 investment. You’ll get 25,000 PV in the leadership program.
  • 100K package – This is the highest level. The package requires a $100,000 investment. You’ll get 50,000 PV in the leadership program and 70,000 PV for the trade pool deposit.

Return Rate

The 200% return is the profit that cash forex group offers.

The 400% return is for the MLM plan (referral commission) of cash forex group.

You should know that the investment package will expire when you’ve earned 200% ROI. Also, the package will expire if you’ve earned 400% in the MLM side of the business. This means that you’ll have to subscribe again once you’ve earned either 200% ROI or 400% in MLM commission to continue earning.

Cash FX Group Ranks

There are seven ranks in cash fx group’s compensation plan. The higher the rank, the more money you can make  with the platform. So you’ll have to qualify for higher rank to make more money.

see how each rank works below.

  • Affiliate – This is the lowest rank in cash forex group. You just need to sign up and invest in one of the cash fx investment package to qualify for this rank.
  • Executive Rank – This rank requires you to join a 1K package or higher package, invite and maintain 3 active investors with 7000 GV.
  • Manager – To qualify for this rank, you need to maintain a 1K or higher level, invite and maintain 2 executive or higher ranked affiliate with 25,000 GV.
  • Director Rank – This rank requires you to maintain a 1K level or higher, invite and maintain two manager or any other higher rank and generate 100,000 GV.
  • President Club – This rank requires you to join at the 1K level  with 500 PV or higher level, invite and maintain 3 director rank or any higher rank with a downline of 500,000 GV.
  • Ambassador Rank – This rank requires you to maintain 1K level or higher level, invite and maintain three president club or higher rank and generate 2,000,000 GV.
  • Global Ambassador – This is the highest rank. To qualify, you need to maintain a 1k or higher level, invite and maintain 2 ambassador or other higher rank with 5,000,000 GV.

The platform won’t let you register without a referral link. See below.

cash fx registration

As you can see, you must use the referral link of the person that invite you before you can sign up.

Post Summary

Here are answers to some of the question most people ask about cash fx below.

Is Cash FX Legit?

No, cash fx group is not a legit investment company. Its a Ponzi scheme that’s bound to disappoint its member anytime soon.

Which Product Does The Company Offer?

The company is not offering any product. The only thing they claims they do is to collect money from investors to trade. Also, they’ll give you education about forex trading and how to make money in the financial market.

Is Cash FX Accredited?

Cash FX is not accredited by the BBB. As a result, they can’t be trusted. However, there’re lots of companies that are not accredited with BBB which has been running for years.

But you should know that a company must be registered before it can be marked legit.


Cash FX is not an investment platform I’ll recommend if you want to earn profit online. Its a Ponzi scheme. The money taken from new investors is what they use to pay earlier investors. As a result, the platform will eventually crashes when people stop joining.

I’ll advise you to stay away from it. The anonymous supporters are also scammers. Truth is, you don’t know them and yet, you believe what they are saying is true.

If you’re going to join this scam because they are paying at the moment, you should invest what you can afford to lose. And be ready to lose your money.

I hope you found this cash FX review helpful.

What do you think about cash FX? Leave a comment below.

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