Bitrypto Review: Is the 50% ROI Legit or Scam

Bitrypto is what I’ll be discussing in this article. The platform is a crypto trading investment platform that gives investors the ability to earn tron. I’ll guide you through how the program works. Also, you’ll know if bitrypto is a platform that’s worth joining.

We all know that tron has been one of the exciting crpto investments. As a result, everyone would want to earn tron.

There’re lots of crypto investment platforms that claims to give you high ROI. And bitrypto is not an exception. While some of them keep to their promise to some extent, most of them have nothing to offer.

If you’ve just heard about bitrypto and want to know if it’s legit, you’re in the right place. I’ll guide you through everything you need to know about the platform.

Whether you want to know if it’s a program that’s worth joining or how it works, this post has got you covered. I’ve discussed everything you need to know about the program in this bitrypto review.

Now let’s get started.

What is Bitrypto

Bitrypto is an online cryptocurrency investment platform that helps investors to trade with their capital and earns profits as tron. They claim to help investors to trade with their capital to minimize risk. As a result, investors can increase the amount of tron in their wallets.

about bitrypto

According to them, they are a crypto trading agency that is concerned with buying and selling of currency pairs for the sole aim of making profit.

Also, they claim that their teams are experts and have experience in the field of crypto trading.

Is Bitrypto Reliable?

I understand you would want to know if bitrypto is reliable before you consider joining whatsoever.

There are more of scam crypto investment platforms than legit ones. And you really would want to know if it’s legit or scam.

Well, crypto trading, in most cases, gives you equal chances of winning or losing. Therefore, it’s normal to doubt if bitrypto is a trading platform that’s worth joining which is quite understandable.

This makes it uneasy for us to assert how long Bitrypto will keep dishing out the offer. However, bitrypto is still new and you stand a high chance of making a decent amount of tron.

You may want to ask,

Are you saying Bitrypto is worth joining?

Yes, you can join bitrypto and start earning tron. You can choose any of the plans and start increasing the amount of tron in your wallet.

How Bitrypto Works

Bitrypto let you invest a minimum of 300 TRX to a maximum of 40000 TRX. Each plan attracts 50% ROI profit within 5 days.

how bitrypto works

Basically, you just have to choose a package, watch your investment grow and withdraw your profit.

The packages bitrypto offers to investors are discussed below.

Basic Plan

You’ll need 300 TRX to join this plan. At the point when you buy 300 tron, you’ll get 50% ROI in 5 days.

This means that you would have earned 150 TRX has profit in 5 days.

Advanced Plan

This plan requires you to join with 800 TRX. When you buy a package of 800 tron, you’ll get 1200 returns after 5 days. That’s 50% ROI in 5 days.

Premium Plan

To join this plan, you’ll need 2300 tron. You just have to invest and earn 50% ROI in 5 days which is 1150 TRX profit.

Ultra Plan

This plan requires you to have 4000 TRX. If you join this plan, you’ll get 6000 tron returns in 5 days. That’s 2000 TRX profit.

Emerald Plan

You’ll need 8000 TRX to join emerald. When you join this package, you’ll earn 50% returns in 5 days. This means that you’ll receive 12,000 tron after 5 days.

Diamond Plan

This plan let you join with 23,000 TRX and earn 34,500 TRX in 5 days. You just have to invest and get 50% ROI in the next five days which is 11,500 tron profits.

Gold Plan

This is the biggest plan on bitrypto. To join this plan, you’ll need 40,000 TRX. If you invest 40,000 tron, you’ll get 60,000 tron after 5 days. That’s 20,000 TRX ROI.

How to Invest and Start Earning Tron

You can join the platform and start earning TRX easily. You should know that bitrypro allow accept only tron payments.

According to them, it will be easy for them to deposit digital currency for trading that local currency. As a result, you can only make deposit with tron.

Follow the guide below to invest on bitrypro.

  • Visit the platform registration page.
  • Click on “sign up” to create an account
  • Input all the required details which include your name, email, username and password.
  • Click on register to confirm your registration.
  • After that, login to your account with your login details
  • Choose a plan
  • Fill in all the required details, agree to their terms and click on “place order”.
  • Take note of your bitrypto order number and click to make payment into bitrypto wallet directly.
  • You’ll then see a tron wallet address. Submit payment and order details for confirmation.
  • Wait for them to complete your investment.

Once your investment is set to COMPLETED, you’ll receive your 50% ROI in 5 days.

How Bitrypto Referral Works

Apart from the fixed 50% ROI you’ll be earning, bitrypto also let you refer to increase your earnings.

They offer 40 TRX for each referral you invite to bitrypto. This means that you’ll be earning 40 TRX each time your referral invests for the first time with your referral link. See image below.

package features

You’ll get 40 tron for each referral regardless of your package.

You’ll see TRY on the referral part of your dashboard. You should know that the TRY means tron yield.

There’s no limit to the amount of referral bonus you can withdraw on bitrypto. Once you want to withdraw, you can withdraw the referral earning anytime.

Bitrypto FAQs

The answers to some of the question people ask most about bitrypto are discussed below.

Is Bitrypro Legit?

You can start earning tron on bitrypro. They are a crypto trading agency that’s concerned with buying and selling of currency pairs for making profit.

How Can i Withdraw?

You can withdraw your earnings anytime. However, you should know that you’ll be eligible to withdraw your initial investment earnings after you have re-commited. You can re-commit by buying the same plan or any other package.

Bitrypto claims that it is necessary to re-commit so as to keep the platform running and safe for investors.

What is Re-commitment?

Just like most investment platform, to recommit here means that you’ll have subscribe again before you receive your earnings. In other words, you’ll have to buy the same or higher plan before they pay your previous investment.

When should i re-commit?

You should commit once again on the 5th day of your previous investment and then request for withdrawal. Keep in mind, you’ll have to re-commit before you withdraw your past income.

If you don’t re-commit, you won’t be able to withdraw.


Bitrypto is a platform that you can join to earn extra tron. It’s new and you have a high chance of making a decent amount of tron.

If you want increase the amount of tron in your wallet, joining bitrypro is one of the ways to achieve that. The platform has experts that have experience in the field of crypto trading.

I hope you found this bitrypto review helpful.

If you need to ask a question, make use of the comment box below.

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