Bismart Review: Legit or Scam? Read Before Joining

Bismart is another earning websites that’s trying to get itself to limelight.

We’ve seen lots of different earning websites. And people creating this type of sites won’t stop.

As you would’ve noticed, most of these earning platforms are scam. So, you just might be feeling the same about bismart which is quite normal.

People have started asking if bismart is a platform they can join to start making money. So, I decided to write this review.

Whether or not the platform is worth joining will become evident after reading this bismart review.

Let’s dive straight in.

About Bismart

According to them, bismart is an online innovation and affiliate program jointly built by economist and entrepreneurs with lots of experience.

about bismart

They claim it is an affiliate and networking platform built to enhance financial stability. The website owners claim that the platform will help the citizens, especially the youth to acquire skills.

Bismart was created in 2022. It has not been around for a long time. And it’s for anyone that wants to make money through networking and affiliate marketing.

How Does Bismart Works?

Bismart, according to the owner, is an affiliate platform that pays you for sharing content on your social page and performing some other tasks.

You’ll have to pay #2,500 to register and become a member. Once you register, you can start earning on the platform.
See how you can be earning on the platform below.

  1. Sharing sponsored post
  2. Referral Earning
  3. Referral’s referral Bonus
  4. Spin Reward
  5. Compensations and Prizes

You can start earning on bismart with any of the methods above. What you need to do is just register, and you’re good to go. But, you’ll have to pay #2,500 to one of their coupon vendor to become a valid member.

bismart earning methods

So, you just have to purchase a coupon code, create an account, start performing tasks, and start earning.

Bismart Earning System

See how each tasks works and the amount they pay for each tasks below.

Sharing Sponsored Post

Bismart will be giving you 300 points by sharing their sponsored post on your social media account. This means that each time you share their post on your page, you’ll earn 300 points. Also, you’ll be earning #150 for daily login to your account.

Referral Earning

By now, you should have known that most earning platform pay for referral earning. This is because they’ll want you to bring new user to join the platform.

So, you could also be making more money by referring people to the platform. Bismart will pay you #1,600 for each person that joins through your affiliate link. However, your referrals must become a valid user before the platform pays you.

Referral’s Referral Bonus

You can also earn from your indirect referrals. Each time your referrals refer someone, you’ll be paid.

Indirect referral earns you #200. So, this means that the platform will pay you #1,600 for direct referrals and #200 for indirect referrals.

Spin Rewards

Spinning is another way you can be making money on bismart. You stand a chance to win prizes just by spinning your account daily.

The platform will convert any prize you win into cash, and they’ll credit it to you affiliate earning.

Compensations and Prizes

You can also be winning prizes if you attain certain levels on bismart. Members can win phones, laptops, and other electronic products.

They can deliver the prizes to you or give you cash instead.

Is Bismart Legit or Scam?

While you can make money on the platform just by performing simple tasks, you should know that it’s not reliable.

You might want to give it a second thought before joining. However, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try it out. They’ll pay just like other affiliate platform. But for how long is the main question.

A paying site is not necessarily a legit site. So, while you can make money on the platform, there’s no guarantee that you can’t lose your money.

Below are some of the things you need to know about bismart before joining.

Bismart Review (What you should know)

They claim to pay you for sharing post on your social account and inviting people to the platform. But, what they generate won’t be enough to pay their user such amount they claim.

This makes bismart a pyramid scheme. And you should join if you wouldn’t mind losing your money.

They claim that the platform has come to stay. That’s an invalid statement anyway; it will just be around for some time.

Also, you should know that the skill they claim you can learn on the platform require extra fee.

Is Bismart Different from Other Platform that Pay for Sharing Post on Social Media?

Not really.

Bismart is not different from other platform that pays you for sharing sponsored post on your social media account.

What they want is for members to share post on social media account. Anyone can join, and you can also become a member to start earning.

However, you might not want to litter your social account with post you won’t want to share. And if you really won’t want to, then bismart is not for you.

So, you’ll have to choose between making money on the platform and posting irrelevant stuff on your social account.

Learn how to create a Whatsapp TV and start making money.

How to Register

You can easily register and become a member within few minutes. You’ll however, need to buy a coupon code before you can become a member.

Follow the registration step below.

  • Visit the registration page and click on “sign up”
  • Purchase coupon code
  • Then input all the required details which include your name, email, password and the coupon code you purchased
  • After that, agree with their terms and click on “sign up” to create your account

Once you’re click on sign up, your account will be created and you can start sharing post and other tasks to make money on the platform.

registration details

As you can see, the registration will take few minutes.

FAQs about Bismart

Let’s take a look quick answers to most of the questions people ask most about the platform.

Is Bismart Legit?

Bismart is paying its users presently. But, while you can make money on the platform, you should join only if you wouldn’t mind losing your money.

Does Bismart Pays Without Referral?

They claim to pay you with or without referral. Therefore, you won’t need to refer anyone before you can receive your earnings.

How Does Bismart Pays?

They pay referral earnings with a minimum of #1,500 twice in a week. Affiliate withdrawal opens every Tuesday and Saturday.

For non-referral earners, the minimum withdrawal amount is #5000 (15000 points). And withdrawal opens on the 15th of every month.

However, you can withdraw your points during affiliate withdrawal if you have up to #4,000 referral earnings and 5000 points.


You should join the platform only if you can afford to lose the registration fee. Bismart has the same earning system just like other platform that pay for sharing posts on the social accounts.

Most of these earning sites play with their member’s money. And to be sincere just few of them are worth your time. So, you should join only at your own risk.

Hope you found this bismart review helpful.

If you need to ask a question, make use of the comment box below.

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  1. Mhykey Jay

    Kudos to you boss. I really love this review because you answered in a wise and genuine way for those that have brain. But sir/ma, you haven’t answer yes or no. Your review is kind and legit, so don’t try to abide and keep some word for us. Is the site legit? You’re answer is not even saying if it legit or not but the only point is we should not lose our money. Please tell us if the site is truly legit, don’t let us fall into scam at all. That’s why you’re on search engine. Your legit is legit and scam is scam. Help us on this and give us genius review. Thanks.

    1. Victor Odediran

      Hi Jay, I understand you want a yes or no answer. But that’s not easy because people would think it’s legit once they see it’s paying.

      A site can be paying its members but still a scam. They can decide to run away with their member’s money anytime, which is the case for Bismart.

      They don’t have what it takes to be labeled a legit website.

      So, while you can make money on the platform, you can as well lose your money.

      Thanks for your time.

      1. Abdullah bashir

        I understand that

        1. Endurance

          Please someone should put me through before I register those it pays.

    2. Idowu prose

      How can I be an affiliate marketer on’ve registered already.

  2. Ibrahim abolaji

    I could say among the bloggers you give a very honest review please keep up the good work am now a fan of urs in conclusion I think it’s just like most of the pyramid scheme out there and isn’t worth my time at all to refer people and post some stuff on my platform for a site that would eventually crash
    Do people think those guys you referred to the platform pray for you when it eventually crashes
    I think and research of various ways to earn money online and in conclusion bismart is not One of them thanks for the review sir

    1. Chikwado nwancho

      Which day is for withdraw and time of the withdraw

  3. yemmie

    I think it’s a scam

  4. Faith

    I was thinking the 15point means 15 thousand and i told my referral team is 15 thousand how true is the 15point 5 thousand

    1. Samson Daniel

      No it’s not 15k oh
      Dm me

    2. Ini

      Fuck you guys
      Scammers, you guys should pay me my money

  5. Daniel

    I think is a scam

    1. Blessing

      Which days does the spinning occur please

    2. Kelechi

      It not a scam I have earn alot on it

      1. Tina

        @ Kelechi..
        Please I’ll need explanation since it’s not a scam and I’ll want you to add me to your group for updates…
        This is my WhatsApp no:- 08061798278

  6. Tunrarebi Oluwaseun

    I’m about joining BISMART now with the required amount of #2500. The question is, would anyone advise me not to waste my money or perhaps do it and see how it goes? Any response please? Thanks!

    1. Kelechi

      It paying I have withdraw my money on it an waiting for next month own
      Take the risk now it paying

      1. Godstime

        Which day is the withdrawal days

  7. Adedayo

    Actually Bismart might be a scam but as for now the platform is still new just a month old and I have thousands of payment proofs as many as you want you can chat me up on WhatsApp 0814156993 u will see for yourself before register

  8. leo

    think it is a scam

  9. Bidemi

    Pls is bismart a legit site

    1. wisdom

      Yes of course dm me i will put you through

      1. Nuelofcalabar

        Ponzi scheme is pronzi scheme, it’s a big scammm!!! Same thing with giftal world, Wpp, 86FB, rackitstelli all are scam. Don’t waste your time unless you’re ready to bare the loss.

        1. Justice

          Then which one is not a scam

          1. Catalyst

            Hello guys
            Pls who can brief there customer care contact or Gmail. Please I really need it pls

  10. Pearl

    I still don’t understand about the referrals
    And is it (bismart) worth my time??
    Secondly sharing of sponsorship advert like on Facebook most time is against Facebook community standard how do we see to that??

    1. Oche

      My guys…
      Just follow your heart..
      I’m about trying it out too and I’m also having a biased mind towards it…
      But how long are we going to be broke…
      Let’s give every opportunity a try…
      If it turns out to be a Scam…
      Then we hope for better sites

  11. Pearl

    Well once I get more than my reg. Fee I’ll be Happy and won’t be afraid cause I gained😇

    1. Kady ke

      I swear guyy😂 that was what I told myself after paying even if it’s 7k gain I don’t mind it being scam

  12. Yusuff olamide

    I want to join this is my WhatsApp number

    1. Livingstone

      Please have any one withdrawn yet let him or her chat me up 07069499734

  13. Effkay

    DM me on what’s app to register bismart

    1. Otobo Emmanuel


      1. Praise Samuel Ukochio

        Bismart is rubbish. I thought the 15kbpt was naira until i was told its just 5k. Anyways, I’ll be doing my withdrawal tomorrow. For the time being, I’ll still run it. Highest, 10 mins and you’re done with their task for a day.

  14. Gnarly

    I really dont knw y I trust this blog but can u pls try to predict 4 me how long this platform can possibly last from now

    1. wisdom

      bismart is here to stay

    2. Skydow

      Most pyramid scheme platforms like this last about 3-6 months. People have not heard much about bismart so probably on the next 3-5 months, it’ll crash

  15. Joshua

    DM me on WhatsApp to register your Bismart
    0813 389 9115

    It’s quite new so it’s paying

  16. Admat

    That’s why the earlier the better for a platform like this. Chat me on (link deleted) if you want to register. 08106578861

  17. Itunes

    Hello guys, even if the site is legit or not, if you read the review very well it is stated there that before you can register you will have chat d vendor and get your registration code from them, I didn’t see why people we asked you to chat them up here to register, don’t fall victims of scum trying to register, be wise.

  18. Felix

    I swear bismart na big scam na only withdrawal time their website dey get issues

    1. Tundex

      Were you able to withdraw on the 15th

  19. olajideabbas

    That’s a great review THANKS VERY MUCH

    1. Daniel

      No it’s not true, there do pay with or without referral and the withdrawal for non referral which occurs every 15th of every month, comes one after the other and due to traffic you might see the alert after 2 weeks or 3 weeks.
      So if you don’t have a good phone that has a higher ram, you won’t be able to get your alert on time, but if you do you can get it the next day or next week after you withdraw.
      Dm me for more information about Bismart …. 08071476743

  20. Elshine

    When do the spinning occur

  21. rabiu suleiman

    You did it good

    1. Kufread

      After on the 15 can u redraw without refer

  22. Daniel

    No it’s not true, there do pay with or without referral and the withdrawal for non referral which occurs every 15th of every month, comes one after the other and due to traffic you might see the alert after 2 weeks or 3 weeks.
    So if you don’t have a good phone that has a higher ram, you won’t be able to get your alert on time, but if you do you can get it the next day or next week after you withdraw.
    Dm me for more information about Bismart …. 08071476743

    1. Ibrahim Fatima Annas

      How can I withdraw both my points and affiliate bonus?

  23. Elderly

    I thought is on the 14th of every month why are they confusing us.
    I don’t have referrals ooo hope I can still withdraw ??
    If I want to refer them, most of those who were scammed insist
    Even warned me not to do, so me too I insisted.

    1. tife

      How much do they pay without referral per month?

    2. Kufread

      If u cannot redraw on the month can u redraw another month

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  25. Tovirid

    Is not a scam ❌❌

  26. Ekeson

    I put 15k on my withdrawal form will the pay me the 15k or 5k or the will not pay me?

  27. Light


  28. Mirabel

    I don’t believe this thing is true
    I sent 2500 to an agent and he told me that in 10 minutes My account will be setup after I filled the form he sent to me but up till now no account and no reply from him
    He reads the messages
    He runs a WhatsApp tv Donfix Tv

  29. Progress

    WhatsApp me 07044934335
    Just send 2000 instead of 2500 I will add the 500 to register you is real

  30. Eddiepee

    Genuine review I love the transparency lets pray it pays cos 2.5k is not worth losing

    1. Favourite

      Although its pay my friend 30k in 2months but he registered with 4k

  31. Edeh prince

    Chat me on Whatsapp

  32. Perpetua

    Bismart is a biggest scam platform I have never seen. I regret registering with my 4k… Unless you don’t have anything to do with your money,then you want use it to register. All those saying is not a scam,all of una dey craze for head! Na una dey deceive people to join so that you can benefit from the affiliate bonus thereafter the person will start suffering…

    1. Mariam

      As in ehhn, they blocked me from using the website after I tried to withdraw.
      Naso, my 4k just.
      Aswear the money dey pain me.

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