MBA Forex Review: Is MBA Trade Legit or Scam

MBA forex trading review is what I’ll be discussing in this article. The platform is a forex and capital investment limited. This review will let you know how MBA forex works or perhaps, to know if it’s a legit or scam website.

We all have to invest to increase our financial worth. To be honest, one of the surest ways to be wealthy is through investing. However, there’s likelihood you lose your money on investment especially when you invest in a platform that promises high ROI like MBA forex.

But, if you carefully select the right investment platform and invest wisely, you have a great chance to make a decent amount of money on investment. Honestly, if your money does not work for you, your desire to be financially stable will continue to be a mirage.

If you’re curious about MBA forex trading and want to know if it’s a platform you can entrust your money in, you’re not alone. I’ll guide you through everything you need to know about Mba trading and capital investment limited.

Whether you want to know if it’s real or how it works, this post has got you covered. It’s an honest MBA forex review.

Now let’s get started.

About MBA Forex Trading and Capital Investment Limited

MBA forex is a training and capital investment company. The platform is established with the vision of impacting the general populace with the knowledge of trading forex and creating platforms that will bring about sustainable financial freedom.

about mba forex trading

According to them, they have over 10 thousand active investors and more than 10 business location in Nigeria. They also claim to have locations in UAE and United Kingdom. And, they focus on providing reliable services to their clients.

MBA Forex Trade Owner

The brain behind Mba forex trading and capital investment limited is Maxwell Weli Odum. He is the CEO and Managing Director at Mba forex trading.

The investment platform's expert teams
The platform’s expert teams

Is MBA Forex Trading Legit or Scam?

I understand that you would want to know if MBA forex is legit before you consider joining them. Well, the platform is paying at the moment. Also, there are many positive reviews on different forums about mba forex trade.

They’re certified by CAC, CBN and also, EFCC knows about their operation. Mba forex trade, however, is listed as an unlawful market operator by Security and Exchange Commission (SEC), Nigeria.

This means that mba forex can’t be trusted since it involves high level of risk.

In addition, SEC has informed the investing public to be wary of this type of investment platforms. And, they’ve warn the public to refrain from investing in this type of scheme that any person who invest does so at his own risk.

What You Should Know (MBA Forex Review)

While forex trading involves high level of risk, it’s not a ponzi scheme.

If you’re conversant with trading, you should know that trading is technical and requires experience. And of course, you may doubt if Mba forex is worth joining which is quite understandable since you wouldn’t want to invest into a platform that’s not reliable.

But not to worry, mba forex claims that their teams have many years of experience in forex trading. In addition, they claim to have an investment plan that enables investors to earn profit.

Maxwell Odum, the CEO at MBA forex trade said that they can help reduce joblessness. And also, reduce increasing poverty level in Nigeria by implementing a good strategy to drive a profitable foreign exchange in the country and with government guideline in the market.

All the claims, however, does not change the fact that the platform involve high level of risk.

You would have heard many people advice to always invest with the money you can afford to lose. Unfortunately, the minimum amount you can invest is $1000 which is too much for many Nigerians. Certainly, not everyone can afford to lose such amount of money.

Is Investing in MBA Forex Trading Worth The Risk?

If you’re contemplating if you should invest with mba trade or not, then this is what I have to say. There’s hardly any investment platform that’s risk-free especially in Nigeria. And, the fact that it involves risk doesn’t mean it’s not worth joining.

Trading has been one of the ways to benefit in the financial market. And, forex trading experts are really making it big trading forex. If you ask, should I invest in mba forex? Well, I’ll still advise you to invest what you can afford to lose.

It’s worth investing in the platform. But if the minimum investment amount is a big deal to you, please bail yourself now when you can.

Have This in Mind

If mba forex is really into forex trading, you don’t have to be skeptical about them. As I said earlier, forex trading is not a ponzi scheme.

It is obvious most people are afraid to invest their money to earn because they don’t know how forex trading works. Though mba forex involves risk, but you should know that taking risk is one of the vital key to becoming successful.

However, you shouldn’t risk what will take you years to recover from. You really need to be wary of how you invest because there’re risks attached to almost all investment platforms. Although, taking risk is one of the ways to be successful, you have to learn how to invest wisely.

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Why choose MBA Forex Trading

Some of the reasons why most people choose to invest in mba forex trading are listed below.

  • Good Security
  • Easy payment options
  • High return on investment
  • Nice user interface mba forex trading features

MBA Forex Trading Packages

There’re two platforms in mba trading and capital investment limited. The two platforms in mba trade are listed and discussed below.

  1. Investment Platform
  2. Trading Institute

How MBA Trade Investment Work

The minimum amount you can invest is $1000. And, they guarantee each member’s 2.5% – 15% ROI per month depending on the amount you invest. See how it works below.

  • $1000 – $13888 attracts 15% ROI per month
  • $13888 – $136111 attracts 10% ROI per month
  • $138889 – $276,514 attracts 5% ROI per month
  • $276,514 and above attract 2.5% ROI per month.

They’ll pay your monthly interest via bank transfer or cheque.

MBA Forex Trading Institute

The platform also provides an institute where you can learn how to trade on your own from experts. They claim to train students on how to navigate the forex market to make profit. And, they offer three months mentorship for graduates of the institute to ensure their success in the forex market.

Mba trading and capital investment institute offer both online and offline learning.

Online learning schedules

Fees for online classes is #95,000 for the first three months. Online fee for international students is $1000. And, Classes are divided into three sections and are held on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

Offline Learning Schedules

  • Regular Class

Classes are divided into two sections and are held twice in a week (Mondays and Friday’s).

  • Crash Class

Crash class are divided into three sections and are held from Monday to Friday.

  • Weekend Class

Classes are held only on Saturdays.

How to Join Mba Forex Trading

You can join and start investing within few minutes. Follow the steps below.

  • Visit the website registration page here
  • Fill in all the required details which include your name, email and password and click on “create an account”
  • Confirm your email account
  • Fund your wallet and invest preferred amount
  • Verify your identity with your ID card and add your bank account details
  • Update your profile

Note that the name in your profile must correlate with your bank account name. You can also download the app for easy access to the platform.

Once you’ve set up all the necessary information, you can start using all the features in your account. On your dashboard, you can monitor your earnings, make a deposit and request for withdrawal.

MBA Forex Trade FAQs

The answers to some of the question people ask most about the platform are discussed below.

What is The Minimum Investment Amount?

The minimum amount you can invest in mba forex trade is $1000.

Can I Have More Than One Account?

MBA forex trading does not allow you to have multiple accounts. According to them, users cannot have more than one account for the purpose of proper investment management and prevention of fraud. However, you can have multiple active investments running at the same time.

Is MBA Forex Trading and Capital Investment Certified?

MBA forex trading is certified by various regulatory bodies which includes CAC and CBN. In addition, report claims that EFCC knows about their operation.


There’s a risk attached to all investment and MBA forex trade is not an exception. However, mba trading experts are very skilful and have many years of experience with a lot of positive reviews from users.

If you have money to invest, you can give it a trial. But you have to know your risk tolerance level before you decide on what to do. But I’ll advise you to put in the money you can afford to lose.

I would like you to know that the advice issued here is strictly my own opinion. You can always decide what’s best for you.

Hope you found this MBA forex trading mba  review helpful.

If you need to ask a question, make use of the comment box below.

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