Atpays Review: Legit or Scam? Find Out Here

Atpays is one of the websites that claims to pay its users for performing some tasks. There is nothing new about this platform, it’s just one of the read news, get paid website in Nigeria.

There’re lots of these type of money earning website and there are more of negative reviews from users than positive. As a result, I’ll be discussing Atpays review in this article. Perhaps to let you know if the platform is legit or not.

Whether you want to know if Atpays is legit or how it work, this post has got you covered. It’s an honest review about atpays income program.

About Atpays

Activities that pay (Atpays) is a platform that claim to pay its users for performing some tasks. Some of this task includes reading news, commenting, sharing posts and the likes. According to them, it is created by an entrepreneur and it’s registered under corporate affairs commission (CAC) with a valid registration number.

It’s a website that provides news to its users and also pays them from the money earned from ad networks.

P Atpays Legit or Scam?

This is one of the questions everyone would want to know the answer to. Unfortunately, I can’t answer this question directly because the website can’t be trusted. Although, atpays is paying its users currently, but this doesn’t directly mean it’s legit.

What You Should Know About Atpay (Atpays Review)

The platform is not different from most websites that claims to pay you for reading news. It’s just like giftalworld, nnu forum and the likes. And, Atpays is not different; it has the same earning system just like those websites.

This type of websites is getting too much. And, I think most of it is not worth your time. It’s certain some people will benefit from the platform and most people will not. That’s just something you should know.

One of the annoying things is that, if Atpays decides not to pay its users anymore, some registered members will still complain they got scammed knowing that this type of money earning sites has ones existed and has crashed.

If you know you hate getting scammed, leave this type of websites alone. However, you can join Atpays if you think it’s worth joining. But, if you decide to join, you should know what you are getting yourself into.

How Does Atpays Works

The websites has different earning method for its users. Below are the ways users can earn on the platform.

Daily Visits

You’ll be earning #100 for logging into your account daily.

Sponsored Post

Atpays assign a post to its member’s dashboard daily to share on their facebook timeline. You’ll be earning #200 each day you share the post.


Atpays pays its users 67.5% on each referral. This means that you will be earning #1000 for each person you introduce to the platform.

Viewing Post

You earn #3 for each post you read on the platform.]


According to Atpay, they post quiz question on the website and their facebook group. You stand a chance to win cash prices or recharge card if you can win.

Referral Contest

Atpays claims to reward you with cash price if you can win the referral contest each month.

Members can place advert of anything they want to advertise with their activity earnings. You can also earn money for bringing adverts to the platform.

Does Atpays Pay without Referral?

Most of this type of websites claims to pay its members with or without referral. This is what they say to attract people to join. I wouldn’t want you to believe this because they can’t pay everyone without referral.

This is because, apart from the money earned from ad networks, they still rely on people’s registration fee to survive. So, if you know referral will be a problem, I would advise you not to join because you may not be paid.

But if you think you can be getting referrals, you can join and start earning.

How much is Atpays Registration Fee?

To become a member, you need a one time registration fee of #1,500. After you’ve registered, you can start doing the tasks the website offers to its users.

How to Register For Atpays Income Program

You can register for Atpays to become a member within some minutes. You will need #1,500 to become a member.

To register, visit the website homepage and select “buy coupon”.

atpays homepage

After that, you can contact any of the coupon code distributors on the page.

atpays coupon distributors

Once the registration was successful, you’ll receive #200 welcome bonuses. Now, you can start earning on Atpays income program by reading news, commenting, sharing post and some other tasks.

How to Withdraw Your Earnings from The Platform

The platform pays two times weekly (Mondays and Thursdays) for referral earnings only. While activities earnings can be withdrawn just once in a month (on the 25th of every month).

The Website FAQ

Here are answers to some of the questions people ask most about the website. It’s just a summary from the post.

Is Atpays Legit?

Yes, the platform is legit and not a scam. They are real. However, they can’t be trusted.

Does the Website Pays Without Referral?

Atpays forum doesn’t seem to pay without referral. You may not be able to withdraw your earnings if don’t refer people to the platform.

How much can I Earn?

The amount you can be earning on the platform depends on how much people you refer to the platform. The more people you refer to the platform, the more you earn. So, the amount you can be earning is best known to you.


Atpays is a website that actually pays its users for performing some tasks which I’ve explained above. They are paying currently. However, they can’t be trusted.

You should only register if you can be getting referrals. If you can’t get referral, you may not be able to withdraw you earnings. i hope this atpays review is helpful.

If you need to ask a question, you can make use of the comment box below.


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  1. Adra

    I love your sincerity sir
    I will love you to please recommend a paying online business for me sir, the one you are sure of.
    Or any new one so that I will be among the first come first serve

  2. Alake

    Thanks atpays it is legit

    1. Henry

      Atpay is scam have been on it since last year August…. Dey have Neva sent me any money cause I refuse to refer others into d mess… They ask pple to post good stuff about them on their Facebook group ,meanwhile the group is a private group ,you can’t make a comment on any post to challenge them, and when you ask questions about why you ain’t being paid they won’t upload ,maybe d site works for dose referring others ,buh den it’s just another scam out there

      1. Sunday

        Guy why are you saying this ,is it not legit because I want to join you people

        1. Ekemini

          I will show you a legit platform, message me on WhatsApp 08057449125

          1. Okeke Crystal

            Do you have any problems or questions concerning Atpays.. Do you want to get registered????..and start earning. Please chat me up on WhatsApp or call me on +2347069471616

          2. Sylvester osaze

            Please how many referral needs before someone can withdraw?

    2. Udhowho kesiena

      I have been suspended and I don’t know the reason. I tried sending mails but the site isn’t recognized so I want to know the reasons for being suspended and how to reopen my account

      1. Omoh

        Atpay is legit,I have been on the platform and I will tell u I have being paid several me up on Whatsapp or call me if u want to register or have more information about atpay.07067876662.

        1. Rose kalu

          Good one. Still on it, haven’t get up to the number of withdrawal hope to get there.

      2. Uj

        Contact the person that introduced you ,they will put u through.

  3. Destiny

    Please sir I will love you to recommend a paying online business for me sir, the one you are very sure of because I love your sincerity. Any new one online so that I will be among the First come first serve. Sir I have been scam severally online and I don’t want it to happen again. Thanks Sir and God bless you real good sir.

    1. Larynx Hedon

      Try register on
      Registration is 1000 for bronze package, but usage of funds and withdrawal will be active only by August 12, 2020. Their mode of payment is Pinkoin (newly generated coin just like Bitcoin).

      They’re 90% trustworthy due to their open letter to EFCC in notification of their arrest if they’re not legit.

      Salary is 120k per month, but you will only made withdrawal by August. Registration closes by May 12, 2020.

      Follow (IBSmartify) and larynxhedon (my personal Twitter account) on Twitter for confirmation of my option.

    2. Ajibade Mary

      Atpays is legit!
      Have been on d platform for long and av been making money,
      Chat me up on WhatsApp 08106944556 for more details and registration!
      Atpays is real ooo, join now and thank me later.

  4. Anuoluwapo

    Sir I really need u to recommend online paying website that is good for me coz av been dupe so many times…

  5. isiaka ayomide

    Thank you so much sir..I like your sincerity..but I will like you to recommend a paying online business for me sir…

  6. House Of Flex

    I don’t use there any other platform i can post their stuff on?

  7. Taiwo Oluwaseyi Isaac

    Please am highly interested in online biz that can fetch me cool money.assist please by introducing legitimate one to me.thanks

  8. John Ayuba

    I am interested in this platform, when does this platform has being in exciting

  9. Adaeze Glory

    Please Sir I need Online business that pays without scam. Is this atpays ok?

    1. Oyinkansola

      It’s o. DM on FB. Oyinkansola Oluwayanmife

    2. Precious

      Atpays is not 100% perfect but it’s paying. I am into the system too. If you want to register or you want me to put you through, message me on Whatsapp.

  10. Maryann

    Please how many referrals is needed?

  11. Adebawo Oluwaseun Emmanuel

    How do I share sponsored post on Facebook?

  12. Shonde Abiola

    Ple sir kindly refferal me to another platform that will pay me because scam platform is too much I Wii appreciate if you can do so thanks

  13. Justina

    I ve already joined before I read ur piece.
    It is very perfect to be truthful.
    After reading ur piece, nobody that is knowledgeable will say that atpays is a scam.
    To everybody out there,note that you cannot bring out product and buy it from urself but others will buy the products for u to make money.
    So let’s go out bring other people into atpays and get paid.
    Thank you!!!

  14. Temmy

    Pls I want to register Mk ow

    1. Akan

      Atpays is cool

  15. Israelboy

    Come and meet me in SUNBIZ where U’ll register with just #500 and do activities lyk reading news, commenting, sharing sponsored post and U’ll be paid even with #300 for newly registered member. Come to my WhatsApp through 08067175539 for more on dis. It’s a one time registration form of #500.

  16. Babalola micheal

    If I have one referral can I withdraw all my activity point or it has a specific amount I can withdraw

    1. Okeke Crystal

      Depends on the amount u have as ur activity bonus…1 referral-3500-4k… 2 referrals 5k-7k..and it goes like that

      1. Ahiaure Paul

        Pls I have just 1 referral, can I get paid, if yes from what amount?

        1. Juliet

          Scam!!!please avoid such a shitty forum
          Gimme my money back⚠️⚠️
          Since I started dis online biz,I haven’t gotten a penny. On the 25th of last month,I waited all day buh didn’t get a single penny. Someone told me to atleast get one referral so I paid someone to click on my link so I can withdraw my money but guess what!!! Nothing. I woke up before 08 on Mondays and Thursdays even though am weak and a sick girl,I just needed a proof that d risk I took was not really bad only for me to hear that I need two referrals to withdraw. What shit!!!
          Pay me!!!I need my money
          Quit scamming youths…we are just trying to survive.

  17. Anayo Valentine

    Atpays is legit
    There are also other earning platform for as low as 500 sunbiz message on 08068040343 or if you want good online business with less stress then cashnation is there

  18. Desmond

    Minimum of one

  19. Olabisi omolade

    I refer someone yesterday and my reffaral earning have not been added

  20. Savipro

    I think the site is dameged I can get paid any more

    1. Michael

      How do yu mean

    2. Richway

      Please how many referral need s before someone can withdraw

  21. Seun

    Sir,how many referral someone needs before could be paid weekly.

  22. Joshua Ekwere

    Please I applied 2reff for 8000 points did I apply correctly? and will I get paid?

    1. Okeke Crystal

      Yes..u will be paid..if it’s just 8k @ the dot…but 8003..u might not be paid.. withdrawal days are Monday and Thursday 8-10

  23. William

    Its no paying anything oh.
    I have seven thousand there and I have not withdrawal… Mtcheeew

    1. Uj

      Atpay is not a scam ,they paid my auntie last week and I have registered for withdrawal, the problem some people have at the beginning is that they dont ask questions, before u pay for something ask how it works,first of all Atpay deals on referrals, bring 3 people or more and cash out anytime u want. It’s a network business, if you dont bring then no cash out, if u have friends bring them , you cant just pay 1500 and expect magic to happen just like that ,when u open a business, you harness it , most people shouting it’s a scam are people that refused working for their money. Pay 1500 and work towards it and with time it yields increase. I’ve seen people that crashed out yes , yes most times they have network issue , I have experienced it first hand but I know what I want , if u can have patience and work on ur money please dont go for it. Contact me if you are interested. 08033303385

  24. Jibril gabi

    Atpays is a saviour,with the little time i’v joined it has really supported me and with atpays I stop caring and wondering when the lockdown will be glad I said yes to atpays,and I bless the day I came accross them,if we can have more trust worthy saviour like them with or without the aid of the government poverty will surely be eradicated in the whole nation and when poverty is eradicated betterment is guaranteed in our society. To the founders,the sky is your limit

  25. Cynthia

    Someone is asking why do we need to pay 1500 for registration. Please quick response. Thank you

  26. Alex

    I hav 40,000k as my activity earnings…hw may referrals do I need to withdraw it

  27. olumide

    Quick one I have a question to ask ,does it mean that Olno referral no payment even after registered with 1500#

  28. Adeniyi Emmanuel

    Please, what is happening to atpays that for the past 3 weeks now have been applying for withdrawal and I have nothing in return. I think this platform is a total scammer……

  29. Success Osarume

    Hey guys I really like d way dis blooger stand on every of his posts……but actually, concerning dis ATPAYS review, atpays is actually legit,I am a member of d forum and av seen enough evidence dat it’s going to last for a long time……well for more detailed nformation on how it works,u can hit me up on WhatsApp…..08120782877(Success)

  30. Emediong Asuquo

    U guys are really comfusing me from joining, I mean, am really perplex, as the matter of fact I don’t think I will join again…….

  31. Ogwuegbu Ezinne judith

    I have 6360 and my referral is 1000 can I be paid

  32. kaylee

    Atpays it legit oh. I have been paid. If you want to join. Reg is 1500 and inbox me on fb @ itz kaylee wit d caption *interestd in Atpays*

  33. leton barilee saviour

    Your Comment Here… please I want register,how do I go about???

    if truly is not scam..

  34. Shine

    Am about to join o but this, comment is discouraging me

  35. Nnamani chisom

    Pls am totally confused I really want to know is atpays paying

  36. Ezimoha Benedict Onyedikachi

    Please ooo I’m not so sure of this I’ve been trying to withdraw it just doesn’t work, I’ve even referred some people and it still doesn’t work please I’m not sure it is legit 😫

  37. Ikegbu sylvester

    It legit oo i have been paid yesterday if u want to register inbox on facebook itz mhizta dominate silver

  38. kaylee

    Hey guys it very legit. Some of you have been complainin of not being able to witdraw. The truth is Atpays pay but U must refer at least 3 people to get paid and if you are a good affiliate marketer and want to join. U CN inbox me @#itzKaylee on facebook for d link with ur reg fee of 1500. They pay every monday and thursday and so if u want to join and earn nd refer nd cashout on monday do so now by inboxin me. #itzkaylee

  39. Humblejohn

    How many referrals should I have before paying in a week

    1. Rose kalu

      Well still on. Hoping to get there

  40. Ali umar

    On 25. I have tried to withdraw my earrings but it’s not showing the option for withdrawal, how do I do?

    1. Victor

      Do you have up to 3 referals

  41. Felix

    I have took my time and gone through all the write up here and discovered that this plate form is not 100%sure.
    And any only network business that involve a refferer before get paid, my hands ✋ are officials who

  42. Paul

    How can I reset my password

  43. Mex

    How do I collect my 1500 back… Am not doing again, I registered base on the fact that I can withdraw without referral, now new rules

  44. Sam

    Atpays is a big scam. They keep deceiving you they pay but that’s not true. The more your money grows, the more you must refer to be able to withdraw. The higher the amount you have, the higher the number of referrals you must get to withdraw and moreso the moment you request for withdrawal, you will only be paid the amount given on referral and other money earned reading news and others will be cut off and you will discover you have wasted your time, data and all of that. Guys don’t go there. All their call centre line are always switched off. You can never get through.

  45. Mark Fidelis

    What number of people is actually required before making withdrawal in atpay

  46. Ifeanyi ugo

    Can I be paid my eaning bounces if I refers somebody

  47. Chisom kelly flex

    Pls can I be paid my activity point on 25th without referrals , because I have being paid for my 3 referrals
    Pls friend I need your urgent response towards this my message
    And my point now is 22721
    Pls I will be happily and glad for your urgent response within my evaluations

  48. Uj

    You need maximum of 3 people to cash out in a month. Once your total earns reaches to 10k up you need a total of 5 referrals to cash out . They are not the instructions.and think of it .

  49. Joanna James

    I don’t think Atpay is legit it is scam, why am saying this is that even as talking now I referred 10 good people but uptill now I haven’t been paid the #10000 is still in my back office why?

  50. God's will

    Atpays is a scam

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