Battle Traders Review: Play Game and Earn Bitcoin

Battle traders is one of the online multi-player trading game that allows users to play for free. Users can earn free points which are redeemable for bitcoins. I’ll walk you through how the site works in this battle traders review.

About Battle Traders

Battle traders is a free real time multiplayer game where players can earn bitcoins. Players stand a chance to get Battle Points (BP) by winning prizes in tournaments. You can easily redeem the battle points for bitcoin.

about battle traders

How Battle Traders Work

Tournaments in this platform usually last for 5 minutes. The best player will recieve prices at the end of the tournament. So if you can make the most profit, you’ll receive prices in battle points which usually vary.

Battle traders give Prizes to the winner depending on the number of people that participate in the tournament. This means that, the more people that participate in the tournament, the bigger the prizes.

Types of tournament

Battle traders have different types of tournaments. The most popular one battle traders offer is free tournament in which you can participate with a free ticket. Apart from using free ticket to participate, tickets are prized in battle points.

What are Battle Points?

Battle points (BP) are points you’ll be earning by playing game at battle traders. You’ll earn the point by following the different promotions the site offer or through the referral system. As I’ve mentioned earlier, you can redeem the points for bitcoin from the battle point section.

In addition, you should know that every battle points equal to 0.0002 USD.

Is Battle Traders Legit or Scam?

After thorough research about the platform, I noticed that the site is not reliable. The site looks unoriginal and has a low trust rating. However, there are many positive reviews about battle traders.

So, I won’t label the site legit, neither will I label it scam. Although there are positive reviews about the site, I haven’t seen any payment proof yet.

You may want to try their free tournament. So you can decide if the site is worth joining.

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How Battle Traders Referral Works

The system allows you to earn more points by referring people with your referral link. To refer your friends, just go to the referral section and copy your link. You can send the link to invite your friends. Each time someone uses your link to register and verify an account, you’ll get 500BP.

Since a point equals $0.0002, 500 BPs equals 0.1 USD.

How to Sign Up

To sign up, follow the simple guide below.

  • Firstly, visit the registration page here.
  • Click on “play now” button
  • Register with your google profile.
  • After that, input your username and click on “finish”.

battle traders registration

Once you’ve registered, you will receive a bonus of 500 BP ($0.1). To start playing game, just go to your dashboard and join a game, you can then predict the graph if it will go up or down.

How to Withdraw From Battle Traders

You can withdraw your points and redeem it for BTC once it reaches the withdrawal threshold. The minimum point you must have in your account before requesting for withdrawal is 25,000 BP.

Once you have up to 25,000 BP in your account, you’ll need to send an email to [email protected].

What you need to include in your message are listed below.

  • Your battle trader’s username
  • Address to receive your bitcoin
  • The amount of battle point you want to exchange.

Note that you must use the email you used to register. Once you sent the message, the withdrawal request will be processed within 24 hours. And, your earnings will be credited into your wallet.

You should know that the minimum amount you should have before you request for withdrawal is 25,000 BP which is $5.


Battle traders is an online multi player trading game that claims to help its users earn free bitcoin which can be redeemed for bitcoin. You should know that it can be tough to reach the withdrawal threshold considering the way it works.

This review is just to let you know some certain things about battle traders.


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