Expertnaire Review: Check if it is Legit or Scam

Expertnaire is a platform that helps to promote people’s products by connecting with customers. It helps digital product creators to get more sales.

If you want to know how expertnaire works, then this post has got you covered. I’ll be discussing how the website helps in promoting digital products.

Also, you’ll know how to become an expertnaire affiliate to start making money. This article is a complete expertnaire review. So, everything you need to know is explained in this review.

About Expertnaire

Expertnaire is a digital marketplace that helps people to promote their products. The website connects the products to more customers with their affiliate marketing program.

So, product creators can easily partner with them to reach more customers that may be interested in the product. And if you’ve got your own product to sell, you can easily partner with them to get more product sales.

How to Make Money on Expertnaire

As I’ve said, you can make money on expertnaire if you don’t have a product to promote. And one of the ways to start making money is to join expertnaire affiliate marketing program.

The website rewards its affiliates by paying them commission for each sale. So you can become an expertnaire affiliate to start making money.

On the off chance that you don’t know what affiliate marketing is, it simply means selling third party products to people for commission. In other words, it means recommending products that is not your own to people you think might be interested to purchase the product.

how expertnaire affiliate works

You should know that you won’t make money just by referring products to people. For you to make money, you must make a sale. So each time you get someone to buy the product, you’ll earn part of the product’s price.

The amount the website pays its affiliates for each sale will depend on how much the vendor is willing to pay. And if you’ve got enough followers or friends you could be referring those products to, you could be making a decent amount of money on expertnaire.

Now, let’s talk about how you can become expertnaire affiliate member. But before that, see how the system work below.

How Expertnaire Works

Expertnaire manages the platform in such a way that it suits all the parties. They make it useful for the 3 parties (product’s owner, affiliate and customers).

The vendor is the person who owns the product. Affiliates are the marketers who refer the products on expertnaire to people for commission. And customers are those who purchase the products either directly or through an affiliate.

Now, you know that the website is for everyone. You can become an affiliate and start making money each time someone purchase a product directly from you. Also, you can purchase different kinds of digital product on expertnaire. And perhaps, if you have your own product, you can partner with the platform to make more sales.

You can even be a product creator, an affiliate and a customer at the same time.

Expertnaire Review

The platform seems to have a transparent working system.

Product creators can easily partner with expertnaire and place their products on the website. These products, however, must be top quality because the platform won’t accept low quality product.

Moreover, affiliate marketers can get access to these products and promote it the best way they can to earn commission. Expertnaire seems to have a good tracking system that ensures your reward for each sale you make.

In addition, customers can easily purchase the products they have interest in.

Expertnaire claims that all the products on the platform go through thorough check by their quality control department before it is listed. In other words, they claim that all the products on the website are quality.

This makes all the products on expertnaire safe for customers. So you can easily purchase or refer a product to friends without worrying about its quality.

In addition, most of the products are backed with 30 days money back guarantee. So, you can ask for a refund within 30 days of purchase if you’re not satisfied with the product.

However, they claim that they pay attention to those that refund too often and threaten to ban such people from the platform.

How to Become an Expertnaire Affiliate

You can join to become an affiliate within few minutes. However, you’ll have to pay expertnaire affiliate membership fee of N10,000. In addition, you’ll have to renew this fee each year.

See how you can join expertnaire affiliate marketing program below.

  • Firstly, visit expertnaire affiliate sign up page to register as an affiliate.
  • Then, fill in your correct details which include your name, phone number, email and password.
  • The next thing you’ll have to do is click to read their terms and conditions.
  • Next, agree to their terms and click on register.
  • After that, a message will pops up about payment. Just press the green button to proceed to the payment page.
  • Once you pay the affiliate membership fee, you are now an affiliate. You can then start selling product to earn commission.

It’s just as simple as it is. You just have to sign up, and then pick any product you would like to promote. After that, they’ll pay you each time a customer buys a product through your affiliate link.

Here are the required details below.

expertnaire registration

Note that you’ll have to pay a sum of N10,000 before you can become an affiliate. Also, you’ll have to renew this fee each year if you want to continue as an affiliate. They’ll direct you to the payment page once you click on “register” as seen in the image below.

payment page

You can pay via any of the payment options. There is payment with card, bank transfer and USSD.

Tips to Promote Products as an Affiliate

As an expertnaire affiliate, you can promote the product the best way you can to make enough money. However, you must not violate any of their terms.

If you have enough followers on social media, perhaps on facebook, you can share your affiliate link with them to make sales and earn commission for each sale. Likewise, you can make use of forums to make more sales.

In the same vein, you can even create a whatsapp tv to make more sales if you don’t have one. You can just post the affiliate link to your status. Anyone that has interest in the product might click the link to purchase the product. And you’ll earn commission while they do so.

How to Add Your Products on Expertnaire Marketplace (How to Become a Vendor)

As I’ve said, you can easily register as a vendor and add your products on the platform. However, there are certain conditions your product must meet before it can be listed.

Also note that you have to pay N25,000 to register as an expertnaire vendor. And you’ll have to keep renewing this fee each year to continue as a vendor.

You’ll have to send the details of the product you want to list on expertnaire for approval. If you meet all the requirements and they approve you, the registration link for vendors will be sent to you.

Then you can create your vendor account. Once you create the account, they’ll setup the sales page for your first product on and affiliates can get access to it.

You should know that expertnaire will collect your product’s payment on your behalf, pays the affiliate and delivers the product to the buyer.

Also, the platform will charge 10% of the product cost. For instance, if your product is #15,000 price tag, they will charge N1,500.

In addition, the platform pays vendors 2 times in a month on Fridays.

Expertnaire FAQ

Here are answers to some of the questions most people ask about the website below.

Is Expertnaire Legit?

Yes, expertnaire is a legit and reliable platform. You can register as a vendor to make more product sales or become an affiliate to start making money.

How Much Do Expertnaire pay its Affiliates?

It depends on the product. Each vendors pays different amount of commission for their product. As a result, the amount you can earn for making each sale differs.

How Much Should I Pay Affiliates as a Vendor?

There is no fixed amount of money for affiliate. If you’re a vendor, the decision on how much to pay affiliate is yours to make. However, you should know that affiliates will want to promote products with high commissions. So you may want to offer high percentage for your affiliates.

What if I am Not Satisfied With a Product?

If you purchase a product and you’re not satisfied with it, you can return the product. Expertnaire offer 30 days money back guarantee. This means that you can ask for a refund within 30 days of product refund.

How Much Can I Earn as an Expertnaire Affiliate?

As an expertnaire affiliate, there’s no limit to what you can earn. It might depend on how much product sales you can make. And if you’ve got good marketing strategies, you could be making a lot of money.


Affiliate marketing programs still remain one of the best ways to make money online. And expertnaire affiliate program is well designed for marketers to make money.

The platform has a good working system that suits all the parties (product owner, affiliates and customers).
You can also join their telegram group as an affiliate to learn from each other. In addition, there’re vendors that train their affiliates on how to sell products effectively.

Hope you found this expertnaire review helpful.

If you need to ask a question, make use of the comment box below.

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  1. Evelyn

    I want to hear from the people that have registered either as a vendor or affiliate. Their sincere testimony will go along way as to whether to join or not.

    1. Chiamaka

      I am a witness. Affiliate marketing is legit. I will teach how to make sales

  2. James

    For me, I would say that this is a scam, the products they are selling are overhyped, it is not with the price. How can I pay 60k for a product I can easily get for free on Google? Those people pressuring you to buy it are simply doing so because of the commission they will get, it is not because of the content or the product they are selling. And if you bought the ebook and you were not able to find someone else that will also waste money on it, you have just lost your money. This is an upgraded pyramid scheme.

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