Owodaily Review: Legit or Scam? Read This First

Owodaily is what I’ll be discussing in this article. This review is to enlighten you about what you need to know before joining the platform.

I’ve received lots of messages about owodaily. Most people are asking how the website works and how reliable it is. As a result, I decided to write this review.

In this article, you’ll know how the website works. Also, you’ll know if owodaily is legit or scam.

Certainly, after reading this owodaily review, I’m sure you’ll be able to decide if it’s a platform that’s worth joining.

So let’s get started.

What is Owodaily?

Owodaily is an online marketplace that connects advertisers or businesses, workers, affiliates and customers.

In other words, they serve as the middle man between product owners and those that will consume the products.

What does this actually mean?

To make things more clear, they connect businesses that are willing to promote their products to affiliates (product promoters) and direct users of the platform.

Business owners could partner with owodaily and list their product on the platform to get more sales. Workers and affiliates on the other hand, will help promote these products to make money.

How Owodaily Really Works

The primary objective of owodaily is to list products of businesses and offer some tasks as job for its users. They tends to help everyone benefits from the platform while they make their money doing so.

If you have a business to promote, you can easily partner with owodaily and list your products on the platform to get more product sales.

owodaily account types

In the same vein, you can sign up as an advertiser to increase you brand awareness.

For instance, let’s say you have a social media account or page you would like to promote, you’ll just have to register as an advertiser to get more likes and followers. It can be facebook page, instagram, twitter or other social account.

The goal is to get more product sales for business owners. For advertisers, it’s to make their social accounts standout. And for workers and affiliates, the goal is to make money on owodaily.

So it’s a win-win for all the parties. This means that everyone benefits from the platform, including the website owners.

Owodaily Account Types

There are two account types on owodaily. So you can either sign up for any of the two.

  • Membership plan
  • Plus plan

Owodaily membership requires you to pay a one-time fee of N3,000. To join the plus plan, you have to pay N10,000.

owodaily membership fees

Now let’s discuss the difference between the two accounts.

1. Membership Plan

The membership plan gives you access to some tasks. You just have to be completing these tasks to be making money on the platform.

The amount they’ll pay you for completing each tasks will depend on the amount stated for the task. You’ll also earn commission by inviting new customers with your affiliate link. However, each customer you invite must become a verified member before they’ll credit you affiliate account.

In addition, you’ll also get access to the academy where you can learn online marketing skills.

2. Plus plan

With this plan, you get everything on owodaily membership and some other ways to make more money.

Owodaily plus allow you to earn more money by offering products and services on the platform to new customers. You’ll get paid each time you make a sale.

Also, you will receive cash back on personal purchases.

Now you know you have to join the plus plan to make more money on the platform.

You’ll however, earn commission each time you invite new member regardless of the plan you join.

Is Owodaily Legit or Scam?

I understand this is one of the questions that may be boiling in your mind right now. And considering the fact that you have to pay before you can become a member, you would want to know if owodaily is legit or another scam out there.

You would not want to lose your money to any scam platform. As a matter of fact, no one wants to lose money to scam platforms.

It’s quite right to be a bit skeptical about any website claiming to help you make money online. But that doesn’t mean there are not legit platforms.

As it stands, owodaily is paying for the tasks they’re asking there users to do. We just have to hope that they continue paying.

What You Need to Know Before Joining Owodaily

In this section of this review, I’ll be discussing some certain things you need to know before joining owodaily.

As a worker, you should know that there must be enough people promoting their products and affiliate giving out tasks for workers to keep earning on the platform. After all, you won’t be able to make money without completing available tasks.

Now, the point is, there might not be enough tasks to complete. And if this happens, it means workers will not be able to make money at that moment and keep hoping for more tasks.

This doesn’t leave out members on the plus plan. There should be enough products on the platform for them to promote to keep earning commission. If there is not enough product promotions, members will be left with no jobs.

So, there must be enough businesses willing to promote their products as individual wanting to make money on owodaily for the platform to keep running smoothly.

You might be asking,

Is The Platform Worth Joining?

While there might be cases when job is scarce, you really should not worry too much.

Owodaily is reliable, and chances are, most people will want to promote their business and brands on the platform. As a result, joining the platform should not be fearful.

So, I’ll say yes, it’s worth joining owodaily.

How to Make Money on Owodaily

Since there are two types of account available on the platform, I’ll explain the different ways each accounts can make money on the platform.

As I’ve said, the plus plan gives you access to everything on owodaily membership plan and other ways you can leverage on to make more money.

See the different ways you can make money on the platform below.

Promoting Social Media Accounts

You can promote social media account for advertisers and you’ll be paid to do so. It can be facebook, instagram, twitter or any other social account.

Taking surveys

Taking surveys is also one of the ways you can make money on the platform.

What you need to do is give your opinion on a particular subject or topic. Once you carry out the task successfully, they’ll pay you the amount stated for the job.

Promoting Youtube Accounts

Youtubers will want to promote their account to get more followers.

It’s always tough to make Youtube account standout especially if you’re a beginner. As a result, Youtube account owners will want to partner with owodaily to promote their account.

What you just need to do as a worker on the platform is help promote the account. And you’ll be paid for it.

Promoting Musics

Depends on how the owner of the music wants to promote it. But in most cases, it’s just to get more likes and downloads.

So, you might just have to hit the like button or download the music, probably on audiomack or other music promotion platforms.

Creating Articles

Some businesses might need articles to engage their audience which is the reason they list article creation as jobs on owodaily.

If you can write articles, you can decide to carry out this task and get paid.

Reviewing Apps

As you should know, positive reviews about an app always make it reliable. And will likely increase the chances of people downloading the app.

This is the reason most app creators will want to post the job on owodaily to attract more downloads. So you can easily be reviewing apps on the platform to make money.

These are the different ways you can be making money on owodaily. There are other tasks, though. However, you can make more money if you join owodaily plus plan.

Benefit of Joining Owodaily plus Plan

Owodaily plus plan will let you make more money. Apart from making money by carrying out tasks on the platform, you could be making more money by joining the plus plan.

With the plus plan, you have access to offer products in their marketplaces to new customers and earn commssion each time you make a sale.

In addition, you’ll also get cash back on your own purchases.

Now you know you’ll be making more money on owodaily plus plan than the membership plan. However, it cost much more to join the plus plan.

But should you join Owodaily plus plan?

Well, if you’re just starting out, you can just opt in to the membership plan. You can then join the plus plan later.

But you can join owodaily plus plan if you want to be making more money by offering products to customer to earn commisson.

How to Register For Owodaily

You can easily register and become a member within few minutes. To register, follow the simple guide below.

Firstly, you’ll have to visit the website registration page.

Then, you click on “becomes a member” and fill the registration form.

What you’ll need to fill includes your name, email address, username, phone number and bank details. As seen in the image below.

owodaily registration guide

After that, click on “submit and pay membership fee N3,000” to proceed to payment page.

Upon successful registration, you’ll be able to start performing tasks to make money on the platform.

Owodaily FAQ

Answers to some of the questions most people ask about owodaily are discussed below.

Is Owodaily Legit?

Yes, owodaily is a legit, real and not a scam. They are registered under CAC (cooperate affairs commission), and there’re lots of positive review about the platform.

Do I Need to Refer?

Inviting people to the platform is absolutely not necessary. You don’t need to refer anyone to the platform to cash out your earnings. However, you can invite people to the platform to make more money.

What is The Minimum Withdrawal Amount?

The minimum amount of money you can withdraw on owodaily is N5,000.

So, once you have up to N5,000 or more in your account, you can withdraw your money. Note that they’ll charge 5% fee to process your withdrawals.

How Much Can I Earn?

You could be making much more money than you think on owodaily. It might depend on the plan you join.

If you’re on the membership plan, it will depend on the tasks you complete. However, if you’re on owodaily plus plan, it might depend on the tasks you complete and how much product sales you make.

You can also make more money by inviting people to the platform, regardless of the plan you join.


Owodaily is one of the legit platforms that pay its users for performing some tasks. And you can also join the platform to start making money. It’s more like a freelance site.

Although scam platforms are dominating the internet these days, but owodaily is not one of them. They are reliable. And anyone can join to make money on the site. However, you’ll have to pay the require registration fee to become a member.

I hope you found this owodaily review helpful.

If you need to ask a question, make use of the comment box below.

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  1. Jerry Abiodun

    i like the platform works for my fiverr gigs

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      Hello Jerry

  2. Edna Nsidibe

    Good morning,
    Can I start with the owodaily membership then later upgrade to owodaily+?
    Secondly, my i intention was to register for the owodaily+ but when I tried to make payment, I saw 13,180 naira to be paid. Why is it so please?

  3. inah collins

    Good evening everyone, I’m not here to spoil anyone business but I think this owodaily thing is a pure scam and I’ve proof because I registered and paid for their owodaily plus and after my first job done which was 15naira , I was not paid and when I complained that almost all the job offers there are asking for our account details and BVN with full name and phone number linked to our account dey immediately blocked me from visiting the site on my phone but I can access the site from another phone .

    1. Peace J

      I noticed the same thing, it’s actually not safe. Most of their Jobs are for finance apps

  4. Ridwan

    Its not scam u were just unlucky

  5. Johnpaul Onwueme

    Owodaily is a reliable platform. In fact, it’s one of the best I’ve ever seen so far in Nigeria.

    1. Ann

      This is pure scam,use your money elsewhere

  6. Nyeti Godwin Hanson

    Owodaily is a very reliable platform.
    Have been wasting my money on many online business but end up not withdrawing but owodaily is 100% legit
    Is not scam have make alot from it
    U can register is real

  7. Abdulmalik Garba

    I love it so much I appreciate it so much I’m very interesting about it so how can I start it?


    Hello, I am a registered member in owodaily but I have a problem. The CHOOSE FILE option is not working and I can not send my screenshot to the job done. Please you people should check it thank.

  9. Dammy smart

    Please how do we promote social media account when we ourselves don’t have followers or as a biggineer?

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