Africgold Review: Legit or Scam? Read Before Joining

Africgold is a website that claims to help its users make money by mining Cryptocurrency. They’ll be paying you as you mine crypto daily.

But, just as you know that most of these websites are not worthwhile, you might be thinking the same about Africgold. This is quite normal as you wouldn’t want to waste your time or money on any scam platform.

For those that have been asking for a review, this is the review (what I have to say about the platform). After reading this article, you’ll know if the website (Africgold) is legit or another scam platform of its kind.

Let’s dive straight in.

What is Africgold

Africgold is a Cryptocurrency mining platform that allows its users to mine crypto in every range. In other words, the platform offers mining capacities that enable members to acquire crypto.

about the platform

According to them, they utilize virtual mining techniques for tracking mining revenue as well as the conversion of units to real money.

They claim to be on a mission to make acquiring Cryptocurrency easy and fast for everyone. Users can cash out their money when due.

How Does Africgold Work

The platform pays members as they mine per minute. They’ll add all your earnings to your account which you’ll be able to withdraw anytime.

You can join any plan of your choice. But, you should know that the higher the plan, the bigger the earnings. There is a plan of #3000, #5000, and #10,000.

See plans below

  1. Skyway
  2. Pentium
  3. Musk miners

You can start with any of the plans. But, as I’ve said, the bigger plan means more earnings. So you might want to join the biggest plan to earn more money on the Africgold. You can always upgrade your account, though.

how africgold withdrawal work

Also, members can earn more money by referring people to the platform. So, once you become one of the members, you can start inviting friends to increase your earnings.

So basically, you just have to purchase a pin, create an account, start mining and start earning.

Africgold Earning System

See how the platform claims to help you earn money with each package below.

Skyway Plan

Africgold skyway package gives you #110 per hour. The system uses auto mining, and the #110 per hour means #2640 per day. That sums up to more than ₦79,000 per month.

Pentium plan

This package requires you to pay #5000. You’ll be earning #50 per hour mining. That’s #1200 per day, and that sums up to #36000 per month.

Musk package

The registration fee for this plan is #3000. You’ll be earning #15 per hour, which is #360 per day. That means a total of #10,800 per month

But is the whole thing legit?

Is Africgold Legit or Scam?

As much as I wouldn’t want to label Africgold legit or scam, the high-earning scheme is one of the suspicious things about the platform.

However, this doesn’t mean that the website can’t pay its user’s such profit. Some users are already giving positive reviews about the platform.

But, when a platform promises high returns, there are reasons to doubt if it’s legit.

What you should know (Africgold Review)

Africgold is paying its members, but the whole thing about them is not transparent enough to regard it as an earning scheme that’s worthwhile.

The platform is not investing in any legit high investment. And they’re paying their members more than four times their initial investment.

As a result, they might just be here to play with their member’s money. Only time will tell.

Does this mean that Africgold is not legit?

They mentioned on the website that it’s easy to spot a legit platform if the website pays with or without a referral. But they forgot to mention that a website is likely a scam if it promises too much profit.

Also, africgold officials make a bold claim that they don’t set the platform up to make money off people. Whether or not some people will believe this statement still leaves me doubting.

They also boast that they generate revenue from different sources to pay their users. But, aside from adverts, there’s no other thing that’s clear about the website. So, all their claims are just to convince people to join.

However, I’m not saying you can’t make money if you join Africgold. But it’s just one kind of chaotic Ponzi scheme. And it will later turns out that most people will lose their money to the platform. So, you should invest only if you wouldn’t mind losing your money.

How to Register

If you’re aware of all the things I’ve said but still want to join. Then here’s how to join and become a member.

  • Firstly, visit the website and click on start mining.
  • Then you’ll have to purchase an activation code to join any plan of your choice.
  • After that, you can create an account by filling in all your details in the form.
  • Finally, you can start mining to make money on africgold.

See the details you have to fill below.

africgold registration

As I’ve said, you can join any package you like.

Africgold Referral Program

You would have noticed that most income programs always claim to reward customers that can invite people. After all, that’s one of the methods they use to grow their members. Africgold, on the other hand, claims that they’ll pay even without a single referral.

According to Africgold, both referral and non-referrals earnings will be paid. Also, they claim to be better than most platforms that reward only those that refer people to the system.

If all the claims are true, then africgold would have been a good earning platform. But most of their members are already commenting that they are favoring those with referral earnings. So, most of what they mentioned on their website is not true. It’s just to convince people to join.

FAQs about Africgold

Here are quick answers to some of the questions people are asking about the website.

Is Africgold legit?

Africgold is not a reliable earning platform. You should join only if you can bear the risk of joining. All they wrote on the website that it is 100% legit is just to hype the system.

Does Africgold Pay Without Referral?

The platform claims to pay with or without a referral. So you might not need to invite people to make money on Africgold. However, most of their customers are already commenting that they are paying only referral earners.

How does Africgold pay?

You can withdraw your earnings once you meet the threshold, referral earnings inclusive.

How Much Can I Earn Daily?

The amount you could be earning daily depend on the package. You could be earning up to #4,500 daily.

Is the Platform Regulated?

Africgold doesn’t have any legit license to operate as a mining company.


Africgold earning system does not look promising to remain in operation for a long time. As a result, I wouldn’t recommend you join if you can’t afford to lose the registration fee.

The claim about the website not crashing is not true. You should always be careful of this type of earning platform. And you shouldn’t fall for most of their false claims.

I hope you found this Africgold review helpful.

If you need to ask a question, make use of the comment box below.

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  1. Silver

    I never withdraw

    1. Sandra

      Scam everywhere Eliza nnem ooo

    2. Festu

      Bro thank you. Even a friend of mine who is woman want to scam me by telling me to invest in racksterli platform

    3. Jgyrl

      Honestly, the thing is tiring now and it looks africgold is a scam

  2. Samuel

    Bro you sure about this?

    1. Sleek NAIJA

      When can I withdraw my cash??

  3. Segun okebiyi

    Is Africgold legit or scam

    1. Esther

      Since I registered in November. They have only paid me refferal bonus but anytime the portal for non referrals is due. It is one story or the other. In December it was 165k. Now they are having maintenance issues so the site cannot open. This is another MMM

      1. Sunny King

        I’ve read through all comments both for and against. Well I joined them early this year. Paid 15k, and been mining ever since. Each time I went to withdrawal portal, what always appear to me is unqualified. It’s so annoying. Then I will share trending news, still won’t be credited. Above all, I’ve not lost hope.

  4. Promise

    Dey have not paid why

    1. Unstoppable temmy

      When did you join them?

      1. Bless

        Why will service too hard to access the platform when to be paid

    2. Jb

      Thanks for the enlightenment

    3. Jay

      They will pay soon. My friend was able to withdraw last month December

      1. David

        Africglod is 100%scam!!!
        Africglod is not a registered company
        They any only pay referrals and not miners, so please guys don’t invest your money 💰 in this platform.

  5. Anthony

    Don’t invest in the platform with your last card….. Africgold is still in the middle of legit or scam……. No one knows yet….. But the risk is worth taking

    1. Samson

      Me too never withdraw
      Second round to withdraw
      Most of 170 to 160k received there money .
      Am 120k amount of mine…

      1. Jgyrl

        Is it only 170 to 160k that can withdraw ?

  6. Unstoppable temmy

    Yeah the risk is worth taking, but yes!

    They are in the middle of legit and scam truly!

    1. Frank

      Do you mean that afrigold is mmm in disguise, but why is that this our generation is so wicked.may God have mercy on them . what ever you sow you reap it.

      1. Presh

        Yes oh… The wicked will never go unponished

  7. Unstoppable temmy

    Thank you for this post bro.
    It is a purely unbiased review.
    Kudos bro.
    Greater heights
    God bless you with your been sincere, plain, complacent, and honest.

    Please, drop your WhatsApp number, I need to follow you closely and not miss on any update.
    Thanks bro!

    1. Victor Odediran

      Thanks for your kind words..
      You’ll find the number in the about info.

  8. Etta odey

    I have sent money for my purchase code in this website an the vendor has refused to sent my purchase code Why??

  9. Queen

    I have been mining for long, withdrawal portal has refused to open

  10. Chijioke

    When do I get to the threshold. At which level or amount or days will o get to before making my withdraw

  11. Maryamm

    That’s good

    1. Mr P

      This is one thing we fail to know about Afrigold. This so call Afrigold is purely scam. I have joined. You will need to leave your data on 24/7 and you can’t do anything with the phone phone at that moment. Once you minimize it, the timing stop you won’t know. Example…It was 56:36 reading on my mining. I minimized it for good 4 minutes it showed 56:26 that means is only 10 sec that read. I minimized it again 3 minutes it ahows 56:18 Chai. It will count from 60minutes down. If that 60 exhausted which is 00:00 minutes it will stop until you press the power boton that kick start the mining again. If don’t press the boton forget you have not mined anything. So your phone most be with you, the page must be on, once you minimize it the mining stop. So is complete scam. I regretted.

      1. Red

        Mr p that’ll will be your phone’s problem

        1. grace

          is your phone. is a lie. u can login and mine then logout. you can do anything with your phone. i know nothing last forever. but for now africgold is ok

      2. Anthony

        That’s why it’s called work.

  12. Dansing

    I have taken time to go through your posts here and not in total agreement with everything being said.
    1. That the vendor refused to send your code means your bought from a wrong vendor. Always buy from vendor 1.
    2. That africgold has not paid is a big fat lie. Africgold has paid twice. The third payment has been slated for 23 Dec, 2021
    3. If you say it’s at the middle of either being termed legit or scam well, I agree. But, time will tell.
    4. Not been able to withdraw means you have not attained the threshold.

    Mining is #20k
    Trend post is #10k
    Referral is #7k.

    Note: you can’t withdraw from the three at a time. Withdrawal portal opens for one of the three not all at a time. That’s where the regulation comes in.
    4. That your mining engine stops when page is minimized is a blattant lie. If you refresh your page it takes you to the normal engine timing.
    5. But my doubt about them is that no visible or notable address in Lagos.

    1. JayShoice

      it is true that they want to increase their registration fees?

    2. Evelyn

      Dansing you are the bloody big fat lier here. You are part of the scam that’s why you are putting up a defense for a glaring criminal organization. All of you must pay for it. Shameless scammers.

    3. Stanley

      You Sabi joor

    4. Presh

      They keep on making promises they can’t fulfill. I joined since sep last yr. Everytime miners withdraw is slated, something comes up…They suddenly change plans. The last mining withdrawal was when it was in batches, and only the 1st batch cashed out, since then 2nd batch hvnt cashed out, before their story of daily withdrawal.
      Now they’re asking us to refer 2 skyway users (15k each) to withdraw #4800, and repeat in that same manner. That’s rubbish. It’s not even up to the capital some invested. Everyone should just stop all activities (mining, referring, sharing trendpost).

  13. Ezinwa chiedo

    I can’t withdraw

  14. Solomon

    Africgold is a criminal organization theyou are 100% scam don’t pay for anything because you will not receive anything from them
    My 10k package gone like that now the whole effort my data is worthless
    Any company that does not have an address or ceo please don’t invest there
    If not you will cry at last
    They are still looking for the people that are unaware to scam more
    The portal is now closed after my sleepless night

    1. Mohammed danjuma

      Please did anyone withdraw yesterday

      1. Ukoro Michael

        How can i take my money back now

    2. grace

      i was paid referal bonus only mining was not upto their threshold.
      there was so much rush on that 23rd night. i woke up around pass 3am and i applied for withdrawal i got paid 24th dec, in the morning. just keep mining and wait for this january

  15. Mohammed danjuma

    Have you withdraw yesterday

    1. Dhebby

      I started Africgold since October 30th and I do mine daily but up till this moment I haven’t withdraw a dine.
      I always check the withdraw portal but it is always closed.
      Pls, how can I withdraw. I started with #10000

  16. mandy

    I wonder the 500k people that withdraw yesterday…..I don’t want to bliv my money is gone

    1. Evelyn

      Mandy ask ooo. They’re scammers oo. They’re not real. They just fooled people on 23rd with fake Withdrawal. Their threshold of 20k was now hiked to 165k even the few that attained the 165k threshold were not paid. Pure December Scam!

  17. Praisegod12

    Nonsense, Africgold fail to know that, no one can care refer again after this their rubbish. They rubbed the plot at this time of the year.

  18. Ukoro Michael

    I paid 10k yesterday night but their refused to register me ,how can I take my money back now because am Afraid in this platform

  19. Saviour Udoma

    Invest what you can afford to lose. Africgold coin is not enlisted in the coin market cap (CMC). Africgold coin doesn’t have a contract address (CA). For those that have already invested money into Africgold platform should take it in good faith, what is already done cannot be undone & learn a good lesson from it.

    1. Graceline

      Afrigold is a big time scam, they are stealing from Paul to ay Peter that is why they always pay referral commissions, also they know people are mining and always increase the threshold so that people do not get paid. Imagine the a case where trend was released for payment i had 500 short to be paid ever since then i never missed a trend post they released another trend and increased the threshold so that only their cronies will claim to be paid. Miners who do not have downlines for months have not been paid. This is a red flag and a sign that these guys are bunch of criminals with false promises. This is the proper ponzi scheme.

  20. Evelyn

    Africgold is a ponzi scheme designed to scam people for this Christmas period that everyone is looking for money for Christmas celebration. They are not Legit. They are Scam. Beware! Be warned!



  22. Dami

    What I think about them is that when they open the mining withdrawal for the fourth time and I am still unable to withdraw definitely they are biggest scam

  23. Dami

    And please anyone with the ceo number or if you are in africgold group please let me know

    1. Presh

      It’s hard to contact the CEO… The best you can do is report to efcc

  24. Olanrewaju Richie

    You guys need follow up and a group to join for you to get updates about AfricGold payment and other updates…i was paid yesterday…I can’t say they’re scam yet but time tells because they’re still payment their members, am also a member and have been paid yesterday and will still continue I guess…Chat me up on my Whatsapp number +1 (984) 529 1072 for your Purchase pin to register or if you wanna just wanna register and I will keep u updating everyday…Good day

  25. Godwin Okoro

    Please I need africgold updates whatsapp group link

    1. Victor

      Inbox me 09029070741

  26. Victor

    I where I did not see anything I personally need your number or will chat me up please 07063839740 please when texting try remind me thanks for your good work


    Please I want to know when the withdrawal PORTAL will be opening again.Also I want to know if the new registration price had taken effect. Thanks

  28. Mik

    Africgold is a PURE SCAM. BE WARE.
    there are not paying anything as claimed.
    Their styles is rub peter and pay Paul on their referrals.
    There are using referee withdrawal to trick public
    Am one of the victim.
    Am mining with africgold for almost three months without withdrawing my mining and trend.
    There are tricking poor masses by posting withdraw and when the time come for withdraw, it will change to referrer withdraw where they fulfill the omission of the scandal tricks

    1. Eunice

      I think you just stated a fact.
      Rob Peter pay Paul.

  29. Samuel anele

    Currently How much is used to register africgold?

    1. Steve

      15k and Wii be 50k by sunday…my brother fly for yr dear life oooooo….

  30. Samuel Anele

    My bank account has an issue with the theft. So can I use someone’s bank account?

    1. chuks


  31. Eunice

    This is crazy,any time is withdrawal their server goes bad. I have only withdrawn my affiliate money but mine money keeps not reaching the threshold even when I have almost 200k there.

  32. Azuka chioma

    africgold is a pure scammer they are only robbing peter to pay paul.they use the registration fee to pay the referrals,that is why focuse only on those that refer.They don’t hv enough money to pay the miners,so my brothers and sisters run for your dear life

  33. Songday

    Afrigold is 101% scam. Total waste of money and time. Stupid people. All their news are false. No payment anywhere. It’s either they tell u you didn’t reach referrer’s threshold or mine threshold or shared news threshold or size server at time of withdrawal

  34. Olutola

    Please, whatever it is, stop referring people

  35. chuks

    I want to know if they have started making payments. I want to register now but am really afraid of the platform.

    1. Presh

      My dear, don’t bother… Save your money

  36. Steve

    Pls want do Africgold stand to gain for cheating people and how do I single out such Ponzi scheme platforms next time that comes as a wolf in sheep clothing????

    1. Presh

      The best thing is to give deaf ears to anyother platform.

  37. RohyGold

    exactly don’t mind him people just like to comment rubbish I’m not even moved about there delay but I sti believe they will pay

  38. Bolu

    Afrigold is scam everyone😔

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