WhatsApp Marketing: New Tips to increase Sales

WhatsApp marketing seems to be an interesting form of marketing to reach your customers effectively. Taking advantage of its simplicity, you can get in touch with your customers in an easier and faster way.

However, the usage of WhatsApp as marketing has its cons, but even at that, one can’t deny its effectiveness considering WhatsApp overwhelming number of active users.

If you’ve been looking for a way to increase your campaign strategy, then you really should give WhatsApp marketing a shot. In this post, you’ll find out everything you need to know and how to reach more customers with this method.

Let’s dive straight in.

What is WhatsApp Marketing?

We all know that marketing is the action of making a product or services known to people. And WhatsApp is a popular messenger app.

So we can say;

WhatsApp marketing is an instant messaging type of marketing which involves getting products or services to people’s sight via WhatsApp.

Getting your business to reach potential customers isn’t that easy. But you can do that by making use of all the interesting tools available in the WhatsApp business.

Why Should You Use WhatsApp Marketing for Your Business?

As a business owner, the obsession to get your business to more customers will keep rising.

Fortunately, you’re not obsessing over something that’s not necessary; it’s worth it and you have to keep obsessing over it. After all, customers are the key to any business.

You may have different marketing strategy like email, facebook and the likes of it. And if you’re considering adding WhatsApp marketing to that strategy, it’s a nice idea.

WhatsApp is the most popular messenger app. It has more than 1.2 billion users across the globe and actively increasing. Users are more active and responsive on the app than other messenger apps. It’s just the best overall.

more users is good for your whatsapp marketing

As a result, most business owners are already diving into WhatsApp marketing to expand their reach. To make things more effective for your business, there’s WA business with useful tools that can make your business stand out.

5 Benefits of Adding WhatsApp Marketing to Your Marketing Strategies

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of adding WhatsApp marketing to your strategy.

1. Large Number of Users

As I’ve said, large number of people are using the app. Although other messenger app has got large number of users as well, WhatsApp is still miles ahead. And that’s one of the reasons most businesses leverage on WhatsApp marketing.

Trying to get your services to the sight of many people as possible is good for your business. You’ll agree with me that the more people that know about your product, the more potential clients you’ll have.

So, since more customers mean more earnings, looking for a platform with a large fan base is a promising idea. And that’s one of the reasons businesses are considering whatsapp marketing.

You would’ve noticed most people are now into WhatsApp marketing, and you also should give it a shot because it’s worthwhile.

2. Higher Response Rate

WhatsApp marketing isn’t just good because it has a large fan base; it is also where users are most active.

Statistics has shown that more that 80% users attends to messages in less than a minute. You can’t deny this fact if you’re using the app. Even before now, you should know people are active on the app.

High response rate means that you and your team can interact with customers faster which are good for your marketing campaign.

3. Useful Business Tools

WhatsApp marketing strategy can get to any level with the useful tools on the WA business app. Regardless of your business level, there’re tools that will help you run your business efficiently.

So, it doesn’t matter if you have a small business, medium or large scale. You can set up catalogs that allow your customers to learn about your product or services easily.

Also, there’s short link feature that makes it easy for new customers to easily connect with your business. You just need to generate a short link for your WhatsApp Marketing and share to your customer to enable them get in touch with your business.

In addition, you can automate greeting messages to engage with new customers. For instance, you can set quick replies to popular greeting message like Hello, Hi, etc. to let customers know when you’ll be back.

4. Top-Notch Customer Experience

Since customers are the key to a business, you need to provide good customer support for your WhatsApp marketing campaign. This is compulsory especially if your kind of business require frequent support.

Of course, it can be challenging if you’re just starting up. But with the help of WA Business, you can responds to your customer’s messages fast.

It even makes more sense because you can assist your customers with different type of media, thanks to the app advance media support. You can attend to your clients with text, audio, video and calls.

Another nice thing, moreover, is that you can let your customers know how you’re doing and how you can improve your service by asking them to fill a survey. Their insights will give you heap on, and you know what you should focus on. This will help make your marketing strategy much more effective.

5. Whatsapp Payment Feature

The ability to enable WhatsApp payment is one of the unique things about WhatsApp marketing. You can easily enable the payment feature to send and receive money.

However, you should know that the payment feature is premium. So, you’ll need to pay to access it. The money you’ll pay isn’t a big deal though, it’s worth every penny.

To set up the payment, you just have to add your bank account once to send and receive money on the app from anyone who uses UPI apps.

The UPI pin is what you’ll use every time you send money. Your details are safe; the app does not store your card or UPI pin information.

How to Start WhatsApp Marketing

To start marketing via WhatsApp, you need to set up a business account.

Below are the basic steps to starting WhatsApp marketing.

On the business profile section, you’ll need to enter your whatsapp marketing business name and your business category. Also, you should describe your business, set your business address and select the business hours to let your customers know when you are open. In addition, you can enter your email and a website if you have one.

The labels tool allows you to organize your customers and chats.

Label your chats

You can just tap and hold any message or contact to label it.

The quick replies feature allows you to create shortcuts for frequent messages. These are the messages you send to your customers frequently.

How to Build a Successful Whatsapp Marketing Campaign

Yes, its true WhatsApp marketing is one of the best marketing strategies to drive customers to your business. But you can find it difficult to make the best out of it if you’re not doing it the right way.

So, while building a WhatsApp marketing is a nice idea, you need to know how to do it right.

Here’s how to do it the right way. See below points.

Develop a Strategy to Get WhatsApp Contacts

Unlike most marketing strategies, you’ll need people’s consent for this one.

Since you must have their WhatsApp number, you can either request for their number to add them, or give them your WA Business number to add you. As a result, you’ll need a strategy to get their contact.

While there’s a way you can easily get numbers to add to your contact list, it’s a bit tricky because you have to make sure those people you’re adding are interested in your products. So you don’t want to add numbers randomly, you want the ones that matter.

Giving them your number might be a nicer idea. But, it’s not easy going around saying “Hey, here’s my number, add me up on WhatsApp”. It’s not that easy. However, you can ask people to add you up, there’s just a way to do it.

Some of the best approach to getting contacts is running adverts and reaching out to brand for help.

Also, if you have a facebook page for marketing already, you can include your WhatsApp marketing link button for people to join. You can even do that on the app directly.

You can also create ads that lead to your account from WA business tools.

Post Contents Solely for WhatsApp Marketing

Once you have a good numbers of contacts, you should start creating contents solely for WhatsApp marketing.

Besides bombarding you status and groups with your products, you need to develop a good content marketing plan that’ll help drive sales.

Although it depends on the products or services you’re rendering, you’ll need to set your goals, know your audience, and decide on the type of content. In addition to that, you can even set a mark by creating a content calendar for your WhatsApp marketing campaign.

If you’re posting unique contents about your products, you’ll be amazed with the results.

Provide Good Customer support

You should know that customers are a top priority; they’re the key to any business. Good customer support is one of the things that give customers the impression that a business is reliable.

So, your customer support will also help your WhatsApp marketing strategy. You just have to create a plan on how to attend to them. Giving support on WhatsApp is even easier because it’s a messenger app.

If you noticed your customers are asking some question frequently, you can create a FAQ section to save you the stress.

Whatever the idea, you just have to make sure you’re satisfying your customers.

Let Your Customers Know How you are doing

Knowing what your customers want contributes to the success of a business. For instance, they might be willing to let you know some things they need you to add to your business.

An approach to this is asking them to fill a quick survey. You can include “what would you like us to know” section to the survey.

Their feedback will let you know how you’re doing and some of the things you attend to.

These are the things that contribute to effective WhatsApp marketing. Almost anyone can be doing WhatsApp marketing, but not many of them are doing it right.

How WhatsApp Marketing Compares to Email and SMS Marketing

Email and SMS marketing are the popular marketing strategy before WhatsApp. Email has lower open rate than both SMS and WhatsApp marketing.

People are getting bored of email nowadays because it has lots of people spamming it. You could receive more than 10 junk messages a day. This is what make email less effective for marketing, it has less than 20% open rate.

Most people prefer SMS for marketing because it’s very much effective, it has about 90% open rate. And WhatsApp is not far behind, it also has around 90% open rate.

What makes WhatsApp marketing special is that, you have to get the permission before people can add your number. This ensures that you’re dealing with those that are interested in your services.

So, instead of sending bulk messages at random, you can connect with promising customers via WhatsApp marketing.

Although you may need to put in some efforts to get people’s contacts, it’s worth the time and effort.

WhatsApp Marketing Drawback

Some people do claim that this strategy isn’t completely worth it because building an audience is not easy.

Of course, it’s not easy to get lots of contacts, but it’s not impossible, you’ll just have to invest time doing it. That’s the special thing about WhatsApp marketing anyway.

It’s not a considerable drawback at all but at least, we can’t deny the fact that one has to develop a strategy to build audience.

You can use the app at the same time on different devices by linking devices.

Link your whatsapp marketing

WhatsApp marketing is just like running a WhatsApp TV; it’s just that you can decide to use the later to promote other people’s product.

Frequently Asked Questions

People are sometimes curious to know the answers to some questions about WhatsApp marketing. Here are answers to those questions below.

Is building WhatsApp Marketing worth the Effort?

Of course, whatsapp marketing is effective for getting your product and services to people.

Can I use WhatsApp Marketing for My Business?

Regardless of your kind of business, building WhatsApp marketing should be a great fit if you’re doing it the right way.


The use of messenger app nowadays is more than just using it as a platform to communicate with friends and family.

There’re lots of things you can do with it. And if it can help get your business to the next level, you’ll want to use WhatsApp marketing for your business. You just have to do it the right way.

I hope this post have given you an insights on how WhatsApp marketing works.

You can always make use of the comment section if you need to ask a question.

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