Breathinvestment Review: Is the 2% Daily ROI Legit or Scam?

In the dynamic world of online investment, new platforms like Breathinvestment is now up and running. This plaform offers promises of financial gains through trading using a robot.

However, as savvy investors, it’s essential to approach such opportunities with caution and conduct thorough research before diving in. As a result, we will delve deep into Breathinvestment, examining its claims, business model, and potential risks to determine whether it is a legit investment platform or merely a Ponzi scheme in disguise.

Now, lets dive straight in.

What is Breathinvestment

Breathinvestment is an online platform that claims to offer an automated robot trading system, which is equipped with algorithms designed to capitalize on financial market fluctuations.

According to their website, this trading bot boasts impressive success rates and guarantees fixed returns on investment for its users. The promise of passive income through automated trading has drawn the attention of many eager investors seeking to capitalize on the lucrative world of finance.

About breathinvestment

This investment platform doesn’t have enough reviews from users since it’s fairly new. You won’t find many opinion from users right now but what you’re reading now will give you all the insights you need about Breathinvestment.

How Breathinvestment Works

Breathinvestment offer an innovative platform that leverages AI to unlock the potential of the financial markets. The platform allow you to earn profits daily regardless of your investment.

What you need to do as an investor is join the platform, fund your account, and select your investment plan. You’ll will need to know the plan that will work for you, then you will have to fund your account with the exact sum.

How breathinvestment works

After you have successfully fund your account, you can then choose an investment plan and you’re good to go. The robot will be doing the rest, you just need to sit and watch your investment grow.

Investment Proposals

In this section, we’ll take you through the simple and transparent process of how Breathinvestment works. The platform offer four distinct AI investment tiers tailored to suit your financial goals and preference.

1. Narrow AI (1% Daily Profit):

For those starting their investment journey or looking for a lower-risk option, Breathinvestment offers Narrow AI plan which is the perfect entry point. With a deposit between $30 and $4999, you can enjoy a steady 1% daily profit on your investment. Narrow AI uses algorithms to identify and capitalize on market opportunities, providing a consistent stream of passive income.

2. Robotic AI (1.25% Daily Profit):

Ready to level up your investment game? The Robotic AI plan is designed for those seeking higher returns with a deposit ranging from $5000 to $29999. Experience the power of the platform’s AI, it analyzes market trends, enabling you to earn 1.25% daily profit.

3. General Intelligence AI (1.5% Daily Profit):

For those with a more substantial investment appetite and a deposit between $30000 and $70000, this plan offers an enticing 1.5% daily profit. Harnessing the power of intelligent algorithms, this plan ensures optimal investment performance, taking your financial goals closer to reality.

4. Expert System AI (1.75% Daily Profit):

For investors seeking highest returns, Expert System AI plan caters to deposits ranging from $70000 to $150000. You can unlock the full potential of Breathinvestment AI as this plan generates a remarkable 1.75% daily profit, allowing you to watch your wealth grow rapidly.

5. Super Intelligent AI (2% Daily Profit):

This is the biggest plan on breathinvestment. With deposits ranging from $100k to $1m, you’ll be earning 2% daily ROI. This means that this plan will earn you 60% of you capital within 1 month.

But is the whole thing legit? Lets find out.

Is Breathinvestment Legit or Scam?

Distinguishing between legit and scam investment platforms is of utmost importance to protect investors’ hard-earned money. Breathinvestment, a platform claiming to offer AI trading with lucrative daily profit rates, has been the subject of scrutiny.

Too much ROI, lack of transparency, unregulated operations, and pressure to recruit new investors are red flags to watch for. In the case of Breathinvestment, It gives too much fixed ROI (up to 1.75% daily) which far exceed what a reputable financial platform can consistently delivers.

This claims is usually found in Ponzi schemes, where high returns are used to attract new investors, while existing investors are paid from the contributions of new members, rather than real profits from trading activities.

Similarly, trasnparency is a crucial element of any reputable investment platform. Unfortunately, Breathinvestment doesn’t give enough information about its trading strategies, team behind the platform and its process of operation. Investors are just aware of their investments and the amount they’ll be earning.

So, Breathinvestment isn’t a platform you should consider as a serious investor. In other words, its not a legit investment platform but you might not take our words for your decision.

Breathinvestment Red Flags

Below are some of the reasons why you should not invest your money in Breathinvestment.

Too Much ROI

A significant red flag that catches the eye is the platform’s promise of high ROI. While some legit investments may offer high profits, those that guarantee unrealistically high ROI, far beyond the norm in the financial markets, raise suspicions.

Such promises often echo the impression of Ponzi schemes, where returns are paid using new investor’s funds rather than generating genuine profits through legitimate investment activities.

Lack of Transparency

Transparency is a hallmark of a reputable investment platform. However, scam platforms often lack transparency in their operations. They may provide limited information about their trading strategies, the team behind the platform, or the mechanisms used to generate returns. Investors should exercise caution when dealing with platforms that don’t offer clear info.

No Real Regulation

Legit investment platforms typically operate under the purview of relevant financial regulatory bodies. However, scam platforms may not have any regulatory oversight, leaving investors vulnerable to potential fraudulent practices. The absence of sufficient regulatory information raises concerns about the platform’s legitimacy and investor protection measures.

The regulation the platform displays on the site is not enough for a legit investment platfom.

Pressure to Recruit New Investors

Scam platforms may prioritize recruitment of new investors over genuine investment activities. They may employ aggressive marketing tactics, encourage users to recruit others, or offer lucrative referral programs to lure new members. This focus on recruitment rather than generating profits from actual investments is a classic characteristic of pyramid schemes.

Breathinvestment FAQs

Below are answers to some of the question most people are asking about Breathinvestment.

Is Breathinvestment Legit?

Breathinvestment is not a legit investment platform, its a scam. The ROI is not possible in any legit investment, its just a Ponzi scheme in disguise.

What are the Different Investment Plans?

Breathinvestment offers four distinct investment plans based on deposit amounts: Narrow AI (1% daily profit for $30 – $4999), Robotic AI (1.25% daily profit for $5000 – $29999), General Intelligence AI (1.5% daily profit for $30000 – $70000), and Expert System AI (1.75% daily profit for $70000 – $150000). The biggest is super intelligent which gives 2% daily profit.

Is Breathinvestment regulated?

Breathinvestment displays a certificate of incorporation of a private limited company and operates as an independent online platform. However, such regulations is not enough to operate as a trading platform. Its just a way of convincing thier users of its legitimacy.


It is vital for investors to approach any investment opportunity, especially those promising unusually high returns, with utmost caution. Breathinvestment in this case promises too much ROI which is not possible in any legit investment

Scam platforms often lure unsuspecting individuals with unrealistic promises and a lack of transparency. What they do is come up with a story to lower users anxiety. Likewise, the absence of regulatory oversight and pressure to recruit new investors should raise red flags.

Hope you found this Breathinvestment review helpful.

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