Opaybinary Review: Legit or Scam? Find Out Here

Opaybinary is now scam, FRAUDULENT ACT NOTICED, UPDATED.

Opaybinary review is what I’ll be discussing about in this article. The platform is an online community of binary option traders and investors in Nigeria. This review will let you know how the program works or perhaps, to know if it’s legit or a scam website.

We all know that trading is one of the ways to profit in the financial market. And, opaybinary claims to be an expert binary option traders that can help you trade and manage your funds.

The website requires you to invest before you can become a member. And of course, you would want to know if opaybinary is legit or scam before joining. As a result, I’ve discussed some certain things about the platform. Perhaps to let you know if opaybinary is a legit company to entrust your money in.

Whatever it is you’ll like to know about the platform, this post has got you covered. It’s a complete opaybinary review. So, all your questions as regard the website is likely to be answered in this post.

Now let’s get started.

About Opaybinary

Opaybinary is an online community of expert binary option traders and investors who pulls its members monies together to trade in the financial market. It’s a platform where anyone can join and start earning interest daily on their investment.

about opaybinary

The website is working with binomo, binary, and BDSWISS. According to the website, they are representatives of the leading investment companies that provide reliable service to its users. Members can always bank on stable investment amount, operating revenue growth and reliable customer services.

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Is Opaybinary Legit or Scam?

I know it’s not easy to join this type of website. We’ve heard about many online investment platforms that have denied its users of their hard earned money. Therefore, it’s certain you would want to know if opaybinary is a legit company or one that’s worth joining if you’re planning to become a member.

As a result, I’ve done a thorough research about opaybinary even though it’s still a new platform and I noticed many suspicious thing about them. Though, opaybinary is legit because they are paying at the moment. However, you shouldn’t trust them. So, if you’ve been contemplating if you should join or not, I would advise you to invest the money you can afford to lose.

If you don’t want to lose your money, bail yourself now when you can.

What You Should Know (Opaybinary Review)

Although opaybinary is an online community of expert binary traders, you should know that clients are not to trade themselves. The website is working with binomo, binary trading platform and BDSWISS. And, what they do is gather their client’s monies together to trade in the financial market.

If you’re familiar with trading, I guess you would agree with me that trading is technical and requires experience. And of course, you may doubt if opaybinary is worth joining which is quite understandable since you would want to stay away from any platform that is not reliable.

But not to worry, opaybinary assures its members that their experts are very skillful and have many years of experience.

There’s a section on their website where they claims they are ready to cope with different market variations and predictable market performance. This helps lessons their member’s anxiety about their investment.

How Does Opaybinary Works?

Now that you’ve known some certain things about opaybinary, let’s discuss how it works.

Here’s how you can earn on the website.

  • Daily interest
  • Referral bonus

opaybinary earning methods

As you can see, you will be earning interest from your investment and through referral.

How interest works

You’ll have to fund your opaybinary account with a minimum of #10,000 or maximum of #100,000. The platform expert traders then gather its entire client’s investment to trade for 24 hours. In the end, they will share the profit among all members.

They guarantee each members a minimum of 2.2 per cent daily of their investment. For instance, if you have #20,000 in your opaybinary account, you would have earned around #40,000 in the next 30 days. You should know that they’ll charge you 30% each time you make a deposit.

So, let’s assume you make a deposit of #20000; you will be charged 30% which is #6000. Now, you will be left with #14000, the 2.2% interest will then be calculated based on the amount you have in your opaybinary account.

How Referral Works

Apart from interest earning, you can increase your earning by referring people to the platform. Each person you refer earns you 20% of their investment. For instance, if the person you refer makes a deposit of #50,000, you’ll get 20% referral bonus which is #10,000.

Just like the interest you earn on your investment, you’ll also be earning interest on your referral bonus. Though, you can withdraw it if you want; it’s your choice to make.

How to Register

You can register and become a member within few minutes. One of the things you need to sign up is an opay account. If you don’t have an opay account, you can download it from Google play store or App store.

Once you have the app on your phone, you can open an opay account with your email address and your phone number. Note that after you’ve created an opay account, your phone number is your opay account number.

Now that you’ve created your opay account, you can follow the guide below to register for an opaybinary account.

Visit the website registration page.

Click on the “sign up” button and fill in all the required details which include your username, email address, password and opay account number (your phone number excluding the first zero).

opaybinary registration

After that, click on the “sign up” button.

Once you click on the “sign up” button, your account will be created and you should be able to login to your opaybinary account. Note that you have to fund your account within 48 hours after joining else, the account will be cancelled.

How to Deposit Into Opaybinary Account

To deposit into your opaybinary account, you’ll have to log into your account and click on deposit fund. Then you’ll have to enter the amount you want to deposit, preview the payment and click on “Deposit”. You will then be given an opay account to fund.

account dashboard

Just login to your opay app and click on transfer. Then select “transfer to opay” and input the opay acc into the recipient phone field. Next, enter the amount you want to transfer and click “done”. After that, your account should be funded within 30 minutes.

What You Should Know Before Making Deposit

The things you need to know before making a deposit are discussed below.

  • Note that the minimum amount you can deposit is #10,000 and the maximum is #100,000. You must send the money within 24 hours or the transaction will be cancelled.
  • Your opay binary account will be credited with 70% of the amount you deposit. According to the website, 30% is used for account maintenance.
  • You must not send any amount different from the amount filled.
  • The money should be transferred from the opay account number you used when you registered on the website.

How to Withdraw Your Earnings

To withdraw your earnings, just login to your opaybinary account, click on withdraw funds and follow the instructions. Your withdrawal request will be processed within 30 minutes without any charges.
You can always withdraw your earnings anytime (both capital and profit).

Opaybinary FAQ

The answers to some of the question people ask most about opaybinary are discussed below.

Is Opaybinary Legit?

Yes, the website is paying at the moment. However, they can’t be trusted. You’re advised to invest what you can afford to lose.

Do I Need Referral before I Can Withdraw?

You don’t need referral to withdraw your earnings from the website. However, you can refer people to the platform to increase your earnings, referral is not necessary.

Is Opay Account Necessary?

You will need an opay account to become a member. Opaybinary claims the account is necessary to minimize transaction charges from local banks and to automate payment process.

How Much Can I Earn?

Opaybinary gives 2.2% interest per day. The amount you can be earning depends on how much you deposit and how long you allow the money to stay in your account. In short, the more money you have on the website, the more you allow the money to stay on the site, the more you earn.

However, you should know that you can always increase your earnings by referring people to the platform with your referral link. And, one of the good things about opaybinary is that you can always withdraw your money anytime.

Opaybinary customer service

The platform provides a reliable customer service to its users. If you’ve got any question, you can reach out to them through their email address [email protected] and they’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


Opaybinary is actually one of the websites that allow its users to make money online. However, I’ll still advise you to invest carefully.

Hope you found this opaybinary review helpful.

If you need to ask a question, make use of the comment box below.

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  1. Pepa

    Hmmm,,here we have another one..Different names the same modus operandi…Why don’t they have a physical location and phone numbers through which people can reach and vet.them?..

    1. Victor Odediran

      Even a physical location and reachable phone number doesn’t make them completely reliable

      1. Pepa

        You re right.

  2. Glory

    Please how can one reach out to u guys for guidelines

  3. Cammy

    Supposing I want to invest, do I transfer d pledged amount from my local bank to fund my opaybinary account or how?

    1. Victor Odediran

      @cammy, you’ll have to fund your opay account. After that, you can then transfer the money you want to invest into your opaybinary account from your opay account.

    2. Cammy

      Good day Mr Victor, how do I find my opaybinary account after registration, do I need to fund it through my local bank account transaction? Tnx

  4. Gloreya

    I just tried to fund my opaybinary account and another opay account number was given to me to fund..pls is that right??

    1. Victor Odediran

      @Gloreya, yes, just copy the opay account number and login to your opay app. Click on transfer, select transfer to opay and input the opay acc you copied into the recipient phone field. Next, enter the amount you want to fund your opaybinary account and click done. Your acc should be funded within 30 mins.

    2. AdebayoEsther

      Will your earning start from the day you register and make payment?

  5. Nick

    Hmmm…. My question is, why do they prefer using different people numbers as means of making deposit…. Why don’t they have one official number to make deposit with?
    and another question is why don’t they use the opay app platform directly fund the opay binary account instead of using phone numbers?

  6. Webwealth

    1. If I deposit 20K, What will be my returns in 3mths.
    2. If I deposit 100K, What will be my returns in 3mth.

  7. Jude

    My question is, where do they originate?..
    There’s no record of their country of origin.

  8. Easy

    These are crafty scammers, Great Nigerians wise up! What kind of investment do they trade on to give 2.2% daily. They are corporate THIEVES. Don’t try it just stop now or else you will regret your descision

  9. Nwammadu mercy

    Pls has anyone tried it and it’s successful… I need feedback?

    1. Ezeh Paul

      Yes, dey are paying. I hav tried it.

    2. Emmanuel

      Yes, its paying

  10. Gloria

    i MADE a mistake and paid direct through bank. My account was not funded but they refunded the money. Will give them another trial when I fully recover from the first shock.

  11. Maazị

    Going by 2.2% daily interest minimum:
    20k – 30% of 20k = 20k – 6k = 14k
    14k x 0.022 = ₦308 daily
    308 x 30 = ₦9240/month
    9240 x 3 = ₦27720 (1.386% quarterly ROI)
    If you decide to withdraw both capital and ROI after 3 moons:
    14000+27720 = ₦41720

    For 100k:
    100k – 30k (30% charge) = 70k
    70k x 0.022 =
    ₦1540 daily
    ₦46200 monthly
    ₦138600 quarterly
    Total: 70k + 138.6k = 208.6k

    Sounds too good to be true, to me.

    1. Mohammed Kaltuma

      Don’t confuse people with your wrong calculation. U don’t know how it works.

      1. Maazị

        @Mohammed, you should have answered the guy that asked the question with a better clarification instead of jumping to reply with a riposte

  12. Ezeh Paul

    Tank u for the recommendation. I joined last 2 weeks with 10k. I have made made 70k (interest + referral bonus). I placed withdrawal for 50k today and I was paid. I don’t kno how dey are making the money but dey truly working on what dey said.

    1. Abokie Baratuwapre

      You invested 10k and was paid 70k?
      How possible is that please?

  13. Abdulrahim

    Admin provide a space for screenshot. I want to add my alert. This people have blown mind

    1. Oroke Donatus

      The problem now is withdrawal via etherum,, the calculation is very wrong,, if one want to withdraw 2000naira,the gas fee will be 0.006 while amount to receive is 0.00600,,the issue now is the amount to receive is not up to 1k,,while charges is around 741naira,so what’s the problem??

  14. Aliyu Abdullahi

    Nice review. I saw the advert today. If dem wan scam us, dey no go allow us to withdraw both capital and interest when we want. I have never seen such before.

    1. Jimi

      Please i want to know when they started operation in nigeria.

    2. Ilo

      1. Their site is no more loading here.. ?

      2. I thought they said compound interest – where your daily interest are rolled-over to the next day as capital.?

  15. Emmanuel

    I’m interested in the investment but in need a valid prove that it is legit

  16. Tony

    Opay binary is it the same with the Opay we use to know?

      1. Chika Tobi

        with regards to the current issue of those who registered with their opay accounts and not ethereum wallets not being able to deposit or withdraw, what’s our fate?.. is our money just gone like that??

  17. ogbuinya festus

    pls mr, vicotor odediran, i wish to invest but am totally afrid. because of what mmm did to me seriously i have not recoverd from the shock up till date. so should i trust this opaybinray or not? is it legit? because i don’t want heart attarck

    1. Victor Odediran

      @festus, Opaybinary is paying currently. It’s up to you to decide if it’s worth joining.


        Is Sacrosanct that what said is true but for now I’ll not join till I see the true picture of it. That for your support. I appreciate it. Well done

  18. Drilzy

    Thanks Admin for the info.
    Now, if one invests say 20k in July, and capital and ROI is #41720 after 3months (September), in the next month (october), does the new principal starts from the #41720? Or it continues with the 20k originally invested?
    Thank you

    1. Victor Odediran

      @Drilzy, your interest will be calculated based on the amount you have in your account.

    2. Maazị

      I believe @Victor answered your question.

      And also, I am no admin. I am just a guest as you are. You’re welcome by the way

  19. Kachimoney

    MMM did the same thing. During MMM, you can withdraw everything if you wish yet they were scammers and people lost their money.

  20. Stephen

    Is opaybinary an affiliate of the opay that is into POS business

  21. Bayo

    1 what is your product
    2. How do I verify that you are trading
    3. Who are the brain behind the trade
    4 since it’s trading why is ur daily interest fixed
    5.where is ur head office

  22. Abokie Baratuwapre

    So if one invests 10k how much is To be expected?
    How much do they charge for each withdrawal?

  23. Prequeorhymes

    I heard they can reinvest ur earnings is it true? because nobody is talking about it.

  24. Chick

    If I invest 10k, how much will I make in a month?

  25. Uche

    How can I fund my opay account?

  26. Elka

    Its not worth it. To start with you give them 30% of your hard earned cash legit hand over omo that’s interesting, second if they truly are trading what’s the turnover of my monies you traded? If you get 30% or more you give me a flat 2.2% omo? this is a carefully crafted ponzi scheme, cool job. Robbing peter to pay Paul. O e guy said he invested 20k to withdraw 70k HOW? JOgbe

  27. Cimfort

    please is anything happening here my account is not moving to 3days now

    Can someone notify me on what is going on

    1. Mpe

      Another Scam story I guess..

  28. Okechukwu

    Am Okechukwu, where is this guys office to start with, I need to see structures in place, this is money we^re talking about, don’t you think so? Since they ^re not affiliated with Opay that we all know.

    1. Dapo

      Don’t bother. Opaybinary is another scam! The site is no more working.

      I’m never writing about any income program in Nigeria.

  29. Ade

    Opaybinary is scam, the site is not opening any more. Shine your eyes

  30. Kay

    Please and please don’t invest with opaybinary, they are scam, and presently we the members can’t access the site to view our investment or make withdrawal.

    1. mtu

      if you really want to get these thieves you can…That OPAY ACCOUNT number they provide is a phone number( just add a zero before the other numbers)…With the names on that account and the phone number ,I THINK those criminals can be traced

  31. Victor Odediran

    The site is having issues . Members are not able to withdraw their earnings. Another FRAUDULENT ACT HITTING UP.

    1. Sam

      Dear Victor Odediran,

      You made us believe that Opaybinary is Legit, now you are singing another song. Can you permit us to arrest you since you vouched for them in your review?

      Their phone number is no longer going through. Are you keeping quiet? We may come after you.

      1. Victor Odediran

        If you read the review carefully, I mentioned many times that you should only invest what you can afford to lose.

        There’s hardly any risk-free investment platform in Nigeria. You should only join if you can bear the risk behind it

  32. Enyi

    Your site is no longer opening since 12 pm and its 24hours to deactivate non funded Account, how do I cope.

  33. Sutain

    I can log in to my account hope am safe

  34. Crab

    Biggest scam ever. Well I try sites like this for living sometimes u get lucky sometime it’s too late to get ur money out before it shuts down. They are crooks period

  35. ED TUOL


  36. Uchenna Achonu I.

    What’s the present situation with the site? Is it up and running? Want to know ‘cos I ‘d wish to invest.

  37. Suliyat

    Please do a review on sephther rock solutions.

  38. Eze Amaka

    Is it still working or still close

  39. Maaz!

    @Mohammed Kaltuma, remember when I said this sounded too good to be true and you tried to shout me down. Guess who doesn’t know how the system works after all.

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