ARM Investment: Discover the Investment Options and Risks

ARM investment emerges as a dynamic platform, offering a wealth of opportunity for both novice and seasoned investors.

In a world marked by constant change and uncertainty, the idea of investing may seem daunting to many. However, it remains one of the most powerful tools for achieving financial growth.

So, whether you’re looking to spread out your investments, save for retirement, or enhance your financial knowledge, ARM Investment is here to give you what you need to reach your financial goals.

Of course, you might be wondering how Arm investment compares to other platforms. In other words, you might want to know if its an investment platform you should consider. As a result, we’ll explore the features of Arm investment, so you’ll be able to decide if its the right one to manage your money.

About ARM Investment

Arm investment is an asset management firm in Nigeria that allows investors of all kind to manage their finance. It has carved its niche in the industry, earning the trust of investors seeking a reliable partner in their journey towards financial freedom.

The platform boast about the AA rating from Agusto & Co. This is the highest rating awarded to an asset management firm in Nigeria. In addition, Best Fund Manager in Nigeria honored them. Also, Capital Finance International and Investor Magazine named it Investment Company of the year.

ARM Investment Center is a distinguished trademark affiliated with ARM Financial Advisers, a subsidiary of ARM Company.

So far, ARM Investment’s comprehensive approach to financial success is sure to capture your attention. As a matter of fact, its already a noteworthy player in the world of investment platforms in Nigeria.

ARM Investment Options

When it comes to Arm investment options, you have a variety of choices to consider. Whether you’re a novice investor or a seasoned pro, understanding these investment avenues is essential.

Here are the four key investment options offered by Arm:

  1. Mutual funds
  2. Pensions
  3. Trustees
  4. Securties
  5. Real estate

Each of these options has its unique features and advantages, helping you tailor your investment strategy to your specific financial goals.

We’ll explore the different options offered by Arm investment.

ARM Investment (Mutual Funds)

Mutual funds are a popular choice among investors looking for diversification without the hassle of managing individual stocks or bonds.

Arm investment mutual fund

When you invest in a mutual fund, your money is pooled together with other investors, and a professional fund manager makes investment decisions on your behalf. This approach spreads risk across a variety of assets, making mutual funds a relatively safer option.

This options have different categories which we’ll explore below.

Aggresive Growth Fund

The ARM Investment Aggressive Growth Fund is designed for investors with a high risk appetite who seek superior long-term protection against inflation. This fund primarily invests in equities while also spreading into fixed income securities.

By combining these asset classes, the fund aims to provide both growth potential and a fairly predictable income stream.

If you’re looking to maximize your returns over the long term and can tolerate the volatility associated with equities, this fund may be a suitable choice.

Discovery Balance Fund

The ARM Investment Discovery Balanced Fund is an ideal option for investors seeking high capital growth over the long term.

This fund caters to a wide range of objectives, including saving for education, purchasing a property, or leaving a legacy for loved ones.

With a balanced approach to investing, this fund combines equities and fixed income securities to achieve your financial goals while managing risk.

Ethical Fund

For Islamic investors who prioritize long-term capital growth while adhering strictly to the principles of Islamic finance and ethical values, the ARM Investment Ethical Fund is a perfect fit.

This open-ended mutual fund ensures that your investments comply with some guidelines, offering a responsible and ethical approach to wealth accumulation.

Eurobond Fund

The ARM Investment Eurobond Fund is an open-ended investment opportunity that focuses on US Dollar denominated Eurobonds.

This fund is authorized and registered in Nigeria, providing investors with competitive returns on their US Dollar investments.

If you are seeking medium to long-term capital growth with exposure to international markets, the Eurobond Fund may align with your financial objectives.

Fixed Income Fund

The ARM Investment Fixed Income Fund is for risk-averse investors looking for a low-risk mutual fund to achieve medium to long-term financial goals.

This fund primarily invests in high-quality fixed income securities, including Treasury Bills, Commercial Paper, FGN and Corporate Bonds.

With acceptable credit ratings and a diverse portfolio, the Fixed Income Fund offers stability and reliable returns.

Money Market Fund

The ARM Investment Money Market Fund offers a secure and convenient alternative to traditional savings accounts.

This fund provides a higher interest rate on your savings while allowing quick access to your money.

With competitive interest rates, regular tax-free returns, and expert fund management, the Money Market Fund is an excellent choice for those looking to grow their savings without committing to long-term investments.

ARM Investment (Pensions)

Pensions are a reliable way to save for retirement. Arm investment offers various pension plans, allowing you to contribute a portion of your income towards your retirement fund.

Employers often match contributions, which can accelerate your savings. Additionally, pension contributions are typically tax-deductible, making them a tax-efficient way to save for your golden years.

Additional Voluntary Contribution

The Additional Voluntary Contribution (AVC) is an excellent option for individuals looking to increase their retirement savings beyond the mandatory contributions.

With AVC, you have the flexibility to set aside extra funds for your retirement. These contributions are in addition to the regular pension deductions from your monthly salary.

Your employer will deduct the AVC amount from your monthly salary and remit it directly into your ARM Pensions Retirement Savings Account (RSA). This ensures a seamless and disciplined approach to saving for retirement.

By opting for AVC, you can enhance your financial security during retirement. The additional contributions have the potential to grow significantly over time, providing you with a more comfortable retirement lifestyle.

Retirement Savings Account

The Retirement Savings Account (RSA) is a fundamental part of pension planning as mandated by the Pension Reform Act of 2014. According to the Pension Reform Act of 2014, your employer is needs to make contributions to your RSA starting from July 2014.

These contributions are deducted from your salary and play a vital role in building your retirement nest egg. The Act specifies the proportions in which your employer should contribute to your RSA.

This mandatory savings scheme ensures that you are actively saving for your retirement years. Your RSA serves as a long-term savings account dedicated to your retirement.

As you consistently contribute, your retirement fund grows, providing you with financial security during your retirement years.

Arm Investment (Trustees)

Arm’s trustee services are for high-net-worth individuals and families seeking expert guidance for their wealth management needs.

Trustees act as fiduciaries, managing assets, investments, and estate planning on behalf of their clients.

With Arm’s experienced trustees, you can ensure your wealth is protected, growing, and passed on to the next generation as per your wishes.

Easy Will

An essential part of any financial plan is safeguarding your assets and ensuring they are passed on to your chosen beneficiaries smoothly. Arm Investment Trustees offers the Easy Will category to help you achieve this.

Education Trust

Arm investment offer continuous education for your children or dependents through Education Trust. The annual recurrent fee covers the yearly service charge associated with managing the Trust.

Arm Investment (Online Stock Trading)

Stock trading is a fundamental pillar of the global financial system, facilitating the flow of capital and providing companies with access to funding.

Arm investment stock trading

It is a dynamic and complex undertaking, driven by a multitude of factors, including economic conditions, market sentiment, company performance, and geopolitical events.

Arm investment Stocktrade is a mobile friendly trading platform so it’s perfect for trading anywhere and anytime.

With as little as N50,000, you can join Arm investment online stock trading. You can always track your investment anytime.

Arm Investment (Real Estate)

Arm Investment opens the door to exciting real estate investment possibilities. Real estate investment is a strategy where individuals or organizations purchase properties like houses, apartments, or commercial spaces with the expectation that their value will increase over time.

Invest in real estate

One significant advantage of investing in real estate is its potential for generating regular rental income. Additionally, properties often appreciate in value, offering a chance to build wealth over the long term.

Arm Investment’s real estate investment options provide a path to diversify your portfolio and secure your financial future. With Arm Investment, you can explore the world of real estate investment, backed by their expertise and commitment to helping you achieve your financial goals.

Start your real estate investment journey with Arm Investment and take a step towards a more secure and prosperous future.

A Closer Look at the Risks of ARM Investment

One of the primary risks investors should be aware of when considering ARM investments is market volatility. Just like any other investment, the value of assets in mutual funds or real estate can fluctuate over time.

Economic factors, global events, and industry-specific issues can all impact the performance of your investments. Therefore, it’s crucial to have a long-term perspective and a diversified portfolio to mitigate the effects of market volatility.

Also, pension plans are another popular ARM investment option, offering long-term financial security. However, investors should understand that pension plans may be subject to regulatory changes. Governments can alter pension regulations, affecting contribution limits, withdrawal rules, and tax benefits.

Staying informed about such changes and adjusting your retirement plans accordingly is essential to avoid unexpected setbacks.

In addition, Real estate investments, although potentially lucrative, come with their own set of risks. Market downturns, property maintenance costs, and fluctuating rental income are all factors that can impact the return on your real estate investments.

Conduct thorough research, assess your risk tolerance, and consider diversifying your real estate portfolio to minimize these risks.

ARM Investment FAQs

Below are short answers to some of the questions curious investors ask about

What is ARM investment?

ARM Investment is an asset management firm based in Nigeria. It offers a range of investment opportunities and services to help individuals and organizations grow their wealth.

Is ARM investment legit?

Yes, ARM investment is a legit investment platform. However, there’re risks associated with investment platforms and its important to understand and manage these risks.

Can I trade stocks online with the platform?

The platform offers an online stock trading platform called Stocktrade. It allows you to trade stocks conveniently, with a minimum investment requirement of as little as N50,000.


ARM Investment center provides a range of investment options suitable for new investors, but the choice depends on an individual’s financial situation and objectives.

New investors should assess their risk tolerance, investment horizon, and financial goals before deciding which ARM Investment option aligns best with their needs. In addition, seeking advice from a financial advisor can help new investors make informed decisions about their investments.

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