Rise Vest Review: Is Rise Investment Legit or Scam

Rise vest is an online investment platform that allows users to invest in US stock. It’s an online financial service that you can use to invest your money. If you’ve been wanting to invest in dollar from Nigeria, then you really should consider rise vest.

Investing your money is one of the things you should do if you want to be wealthy. However, investing can be tricky as you may lose part of (if not all) the money you invest. Therefore, you have to be careful each time you want to invest.

If you want to be financially stable, you have to put your money to work. As a result, you have to invest your money in platforms like rise vest.

Although you may lose money if you invest, the potential to make money is higher than if you don’t invest. So you just have to let your money to work by investing. If not, you’re missing out on increasing your financial status.

In this article, I’ll be discussing about rise vest to let you know how this platform investment works. After reading this piece, you’ll be able to decide if rise vest is the right investment platform for you.

Now let’s dive in.

About Rise Vest

Rise vest is a global dollar investment plans that allows users to invest in US stock, real estate and Eurobonds.

about rise vest dollar investment

According to them, they are a tech-driven finance company connecting Africans with the best dollar investment around the world.

The platform was launched in February 2020. And since then, they’ve been providing investment opportunity for Africans.
You can now invest your money in dollar from Nigeria using rise vest.

Rise Vest Owner

The brain behind rise vest is Eleanya Eke. According to him, he studied accounting and finance at South Carolina state university. And he has spent most of his career in financial services, investing and consulting for banks.

In addition, report claims that he was previously a co-founder of buycoins, a crypto exchange. Also, he claims that he was a consultant at price water house cooper LLP.

Bosun, Mayowa Lawal and Anthony Odiba were involved in the creation of the platform. The three co-founders worked with Eke to create rise vest. And now, rise vest has been helping people to invest their money in dollar.

Is Rise Vest Safe?

While rise vest let you invest your money in dollar, it’s important to know if it’s safe. To be honest, investment, in most cases, involves risks. As a result, you have to always choose the right investment platform.

Investing in dollar can be hard to deal with. Rise vest, however, have experts that have experience in finance to help you invest your money safely.

You don’t have to worry about the money you invest in rise vest because they handles it carefully. They have a good security measures to ensure that your money is safe.

Rise vest was registered under SEC as investment advisers in the United States. And member’s funds are overseen by their partners who are also registered with the Nigerian securities and Exchange Commissions. This means that your money is safe with them.

Why You Should Invest in Rise Vest

It is obvious most people don’t want to invest because investment is risky. As a result, most people prefer to save their money in their bank account. This is not advisable because the money will just remain in your account earning little or no interest.

You might be wise to invest the money in shares or bank. This is a good decision because you’ll be earning a decent amount of ROI. However, you might want to make your investment more effective by using rise vest dollar investment platform. See the reason you should consider investing in rise vest below.

Why You Should Invest in Dollar

One of the reasons you should consider investing you money in dollar is because it is stable. You have to invest in a place where it can keep up with inflation. As we all know, naira is not a stable currency especially when we compare it to dollar.

If you don’t know, naira loses more than 10% of its value each year. So this means that your money will still loses its value if you invest in Nigerian naira. To avoid this, you have to invest in a stable currency.

Dollar is, without any doubt, one of the most stable currencies. Therefore, you should consider investing your money in dollar to avoid losing its value.

However, choosing the right platform to invest your money in dollar can be challenging. As a result, rise vest was created to help Nigerians to invest their money in US stock, real estate and Eurobonds.

Why Choose Rise Vest

We all know there’re lots of investment platforms. But not many of them are reliable to invest your money.

Some of the reasons why you should consider investing in rise vest are discussed below.


One of the most important things you should consider before joining an investment platform is security. You need to know if it’s a platform you can entrust your money in.

The platform protect its member’s account with the same encryption technology bank use and stock investments are insured.

In addition the platform uses state of the art PCIDSS compliant and bank grade security to protect your account. Also, it uses two factor authentications to make sure your investment is safe.

Good Customer Service

Risevest offers good customer support to its users. If you’ve got any question, you can reach out to them via email at [email protected].

Also, you can contact them through phone at +2348187147405. And they’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Rise vest is a Dollar Investment Platform

This is one of the main reasons I’ll like to invest in rise vest. You should know that investment makes more sense in dollars. Not many currencies are as stable as dollar.

If you invest in dollars, you’ll be able to keep up with inflation. This means that the value of your money doesn’t decrease.

Rise Vest Offer Free Educational Training

The platform’s users have access to free training. They makes it easy for you to learn how to invest wisely. Also, you’ll be able to meet other investors through its free investment club.

There are finance experts who are willing to give you advice on how you can invest your money wisely. They will advice you on how you can invest your money and get the best ROI.

Low Start up Cost

Investing in dollar in Nigeria should require high amount of money due to dollar rate to naira. But with rise vest, you can start investing with as low as $10.

How Rise Vest Works

Investing in rise vest doesn’t require much experience. The platform has expert teams that can help you manage your money wisely.

You can start investing with a minimum of $10. Basically, you just have to create an account, choose a plan, set duration and watch your investment grow.

how rise vest works

The different investment plans are discussed below.

US Real Estate

You can invest in a portfolio of rented building across the US. Hereby, getting returns in dollars through rents and capital appreciation.

The minimum amount you can invest is $10. And the ROI you’ll get is between 13 – 15% per annum.

US Stock Index

With as little as $10, you can invest in a portfolio of 30 high growth US stocks. You’ll own stakes in popular companies like Google, Alibaba and Facebook. The ROI is 10 – 12 per annum.


You can invest in income security with stable returns. If you invest in Eurobonds, you don’t have to worry about inflation that can negatively affect your income.

With just $10, you can invest in Eurobonds and earn between 10 – 20 ROI per annum.

global dollar investment plans

How to Invest in Rise Vest

You can start investing in rise within few minutes. Follow the guide below to invest.

  • Download rise vest global dollar investment.
  • Launch the app and create and account.
  • Select an asset class which includes US stock, US real estate and euro bonds. You can also select a mixture of them if you want.
  • Set duration and invest. You can select 3, 6 or 12 months.

Once it’s successful, you’ll start seeing returns within 3 days for euro bonds and stocks. However, returns on real estate are reported monthly.

Rise Vest FAQs

The answer to some of the questions people asks most about the platform are discussed below.

Is Rise Vest Legit?

Yes, rise vest is real, legit and not scam. You can join and start investing your money in dollars.

Is the Platform Regulated?

The platform is registered with cooperate affairs commission (CAC) with a valid RC number. Also, they’re registered with the united state SEC as rise wealth advisor with a valid CRD number.

How Much Do I Need to Start Investing?

The minimum amount you can invest is $10. There is no limit to how much you can invest.

How Do I Withdraw From Rise Vest?

To withdraw, open the app and click on the three dots at the top right corner of your plan screen. After that, choose the “withdraw fund” option to withdraw.

You should know that the investment duration you choose must be due before you can withdraw.

If you choose to withdraw before the duration is due, it will attract 5% penalty fee. However, you can withdraw anytime for stocks. The platform usually process withdrawal between 3 – 5 days.


The platform is one of the best investment platforms you can choose to start investing your money. If you’ve been wanting to invest your money in dollars, you should consider rise vest.

With any investments, there’re chances you get back less than what you invest. But rise select only the highest quality assets to make sure your money is safe.

I hope you found this rise vest review helpful.

If you need to ask a question, make use of the comment box below.

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