Freebitco Review: Is it Legit or scam? Read this first

Freebitco review, is it legit or scam? here in this post, you will know if the platform is legit, how it works and some other things about the program. It’s an honest review of So, all your questions as regard the website is likely to be answered here.

There are many websites that claims to give you free bitcoin and is one of them. If you want to earn free bitcoin, you can join the platform and start taking part in some of the tasks the website offers to its users.

There are as many positive as negative review from users. So in this post, you’ll find out the things you should know about the platform.

What is Freebitco is an online bitcoin faucet that allows its users to earn bitcoin. The platform was created in 2003 and since then, they’ve grown their operation into one of the most popular bitcoin destination. The platform is handling over 10 million users and is one of the top ranking lottery sites.

You should know that freebitco is not an investment platform and not a place where you can mine bitcoin. The platform is just like a gambling site where you can earn bitcoin by taking part in filling captcha, playing lottery game and placing bets.

But, is freebitco legit? Find out below.

Is Freebitco Legit or Scam?

Millions of people who wants to earn extra satoshi and bitcoin are using the website. While the number of their users does not directly means it is legit, I would like to let you know that freebitco is legit and can be trusted.

But, being legit is not the only thing we’ll be discussing because some people may not be interested. This is because the amount of free bitcoin earnings is very low. Considering this fact, we would take a look at how the platform works. So you can decide if the platform is one that is worth your time or not.

How Does Works?

Freebitco allows registered users to solve captchas in order to earn satoshi which they can turn into bitcoin. Also, you can earn on the platform is by playing their lottery games and placing bets.

freebitco features

Here’s how it works

You’ll be earning 0.00000025 to 0.02477547 BTC every hour filling captcha.

Bet Hi Lo games to multiply your earnings.

Participate in free weekly lottery to earn big prices.

You also stand a chance to earn 50% referral commission.

That’s how you will be earning on the platform. The amount you’ll be earning is very low, so it’s up to you if the way it works is worth your time.

Here’s the platform Sign Up Page. You can register for freebitco and start earning free bitcoin if it interests you.


Freebitco is a legit platform and I can recommend it to anyone that wants to earn free bitcoin. But, you should know that the only sure way to earn free satoshi is by filling captcha every hour.

Playing games and placing bets to multiply your earning is at your own risk. uses bot to control their Hi Lo lottery game and I can assure you that you have a very less chances of winning.

So, if you have extra time to spare, your earnings will be accumulating overtime just by filling the captcha once per hour.

If you need to ask a question, you can make use of the comment box below.


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