Racksterly Review: The Platform Just CRASHED, Here’s Why

Racksterly Review: The Platform Just CRASHED, Here’s Why

Racksterly review, is it legit or scam? If I guessed right, this is one of the questions you would want to ask before you join the program. In this article, I’ve discussed how the program works, how to register and some other things you should know about the program.

I understood that this program requires you to pay before you can register. As a result, you would want to know if racksterly is really worth joining. So, the question “is racksterly real?” comes up to your mind.

If you want to know if racksterly is legit or how you can register for the platform, then this post has got you covered. It’s an honest Racksterly review. So, all your questions about this program are likely to be answered in this post.

What is Racksterly

Just like most website that pay you for promoting products, Racksterly is just a website that helps companies promote their products and services across the internet. In other words, racksterly is an advertising platform that serves as an intermediary between you (the promoter) and advertisers.

The website was created on May, 2019. According to them, racksterly is an advertising platform and was created by madaecon limited (RC 756703).

Is Racksterly Scam or Legit?

Racksterly has some issues for now. The website is no more paying it’s users due to payment gateway issues. The website has been paying its users for sharing adverts on their facebook time line until recently when they had an issue with their payment gateway. So, I’ll advise you stay away from it.

Now I believe your question “is racksterly legit?” is answered.

I guess you would have seen some screenshot as payment proof online. But, we all know that not all screenshots are real. So, I think posting one here is not necessary but if you think it is, then here is it below.

What You Should Know About the platform

You should know that Racksterly is different from most of the earning websites that claims to pay you for reading news, commenting and the likes. Racksterly is not nnu, it’s not giftalworld. Racksterly has a completely different earning system. Unlike those websites that pay you for reading news, racksterly pay you for posting advert on your facebook timeline.

Most of the earning website also requires you to refer people before they can pay you. However, racksterly is not one of them; you don’t need referral to before they pay you. Though, you can refer people to increase your earnings.

So, if you decide to get referrals, you should know you’re doing it to increase your earnings because it’s not necessary.

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How Does Racksterly Works

The objective of Racksterly is to help companies promote their product. You earn money just by sharing a business of your choice on your facebook timeline, which means more earning from advertiser which in turn means more earning for racksterly users and the platform.

You can also increase your earning by referring people to the platform using your referral link. But, you should know that you can only share advert on your fb timeline just once a day.

There’s a feature called “Achievements” on the platform. With this feature, hitting certain referral targets earns you large bonuses.

See features below

  • You will earn $2.5 for your first referral.
  • If you refer 3 friends in a month, you earn $10.
  • You’ll earn $3 if you refer someone on the same day you subscribe.
  • If you refer 2 people on the day your subscription ends, you’ll earn $9.
  • You’ll earn $80 if you refer 20 people and $150 for 50 people within a month.
  • Referring 100 people within a month earns you $150.
  • You can also get the next month of subscription free if you refer 6 friends within 30 days.

Racksterly Subscription Plans

Racksterly has four different plans which include dew, drizzle, storm and typhoon. All the plans are discussed below.

1. Dew

This plan is the smallest of all the plans in the platform. For this plan, you need $18 to become a member. You’ll be earning $1.2 dollar daily.

2. Drizzle

For drizzle, you will be earning $1.8 per day for 30 days. You need $25 to become a member of this plan.

3. Storm
To become a member of this plan, you need $45. The amount you’ll be earning on this plan is bigger that the plans above. Unlike dew and drizzle, you will be earning $3.8 daily in a month if you are a member of storm plan.

4. Typhoon
This is racksterly biggest plan. You will have to pay $75 to become a member. This plan gives you $5.6 daily for 30 days.

Subscribing to any of the plans grants you 30 days access to the platform. You should know that you can get a bigger plan if you can refer 6 friends to your current plan before it expires.

Also, your subscription period will be extended another 30 days at no extra cost.

How to Register For Racksterly

The process to register for racksterly is easy. You can sign up and activate you account within some minutes. Before I dive into the registration procedures, I assume you have at least $18 in your bank account.

To register for Racksterly without any glitch, follow the simple guide below

Visit Racksterly registration page to sign up.

At the top right corner, click on the icon and select “Account > Sign Up” from the drop down menu.

Then fill the registration form which include your name, email, phone number and password. Then click on “create account” (see below).

racksterly registration form


On the next page, you’ll have to fill in your bank account details which include your bank name, account number, and account name. Your name should show up immediately you enter the last digit of your acc number. Click on “continue”.

racksterly bank details

After that, a message will appear that you are a few step to becoming a member. The next thing you need to do is select a subscription plan of your choice and click on “pay” to continue.

If you clicked on the “Pay” button, the next page you see is where you can complete your payment. You can then select “Pay with Card”. Just enter your debit card details and complete your payment.

Once your registration is successful, you’ll be asked to add Racksterly profile to your friends on facebook. After that, you will be provided with a form where you need to enter your facebook name and submit.

Now, you can start sharing any product of your choice on your facebook timeline. But how do you share product? Find out below.

How to Share Product on Your Facebook Timeline

Now that you’ve subscribed and have completed your profile, you’ll be able to access your account dashboard where you can start sharing.

You can choose a business of your choice and share to your FB timeline. According to them, the link you will be sharing must be clicked at least once before you can be paid. This is just to discourage spamming.

You can start sharing once your subscription is successful. The amount the website will pay you daily depends on your membership plan and you should know that you can share an advert only once a day.

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Racksterly FAQ

The questions most people asked about racksterly and their answers are discussed below.

Is Racksterly Legit?

No, the website had some issues. They are no more paying their users.

Does Racksterly Pay Without Referral?

You don’t need referral before the website pays you. However, you can refer people to increase your earnings.

How Does Racksterly Pay?

The website pays its users before the expiry period of subscription. The website processes and clears payments within 24 hours. But now, they no more paying

How much is Registration Fee?

The amount to register for the program depends on the plan you want. The minimum amount to subscribe for the smallest plan is $18.

How much Can You Earn?

The amount you’ll be earning is fixed as it depends solely on the type of subscription you choose. However, you can refer people to earn more money. So, the amount you’ll be earning on the platform is best known to you.

If you need to ask a question, you can use the comment box below.

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