Boxvalue Review: Legit or Scam? Find Out Here

Boxvalue review is what I’ll be talking about in this article. It’s been a while since the platform started operating has a binary trading company in Nigeria.

But, is it legit to invest in boxvalue? Well, some things you should know if you’re a member or planning to be one is what I’ll be discussing in this article.

Trading has been a widely known method to profit in the financial market. And, the website claims to be Nigeria no 1 forex and binary option trading, helping people to trade and manage their funds. This sounds great, right? But some things are just too good to be true.

This article will let you know some certain things about the platform, perhaps to let you know if boxvalue is a legit company to entrust your money in.

About Boxvalue Trading Platform

According to, they are a registered private trading platform which focuses on studying and using the current forex and binary market trends to generate a good amount of profit for client.

They to have professional brokers that have many years of experience in the forex market.

Who Owns Boxvalue?

There are no details regarding the ownership of the company. We don’t really know who is behind boxvalue which is one of the suspicious things about the company. However, the company have a physical office in some cities such as Port Harcourt, Ibadan and Kaduna and head quarter was located in Abuja.

The addresses of the offices are written at the bottom of the website. So, you can go to any of their offices to see what they look like and get in touch with them. This is the good things about boxvalue but they should have done well by providing other necessary information.

Is Boxvalue Legit or Scam?

There have been many positive reviews from their clients since they started off early in 2019. It seems Boxvalue have succeeded in trying to convince most people they are legit even though there are some things that seems suspicious about them.

On their homepage, there is an RC number displayed clearly at the top of the website.

box value RC number

It might not be necessary you check the number on CAC site because this is the first thing they want you to do. It’s obvious it was displayed clearly to clear your doubt.

When I checked the number on CAC, I confirmed they are registered which is what they really want you to know.

Now, to answer the question “is boxvalue legit?” I would say they can’t be trusted. Although, they are paying at the moment but that doesn’t mean they are legit and can be trusted.

What You Should Know (Boxvalue Review)

Boxvalue claims to be a private trading platform which is focused on studying and using the current forex and trading market to generate profit for client. You should know that clients are not to trade themselves.

If you should trust them to some extent, at least you should know the type of trading platform they are using. They didn’t reveal this to anyone. It seems they are using investor’s money for some other things other than trading.

Forex trading is not a get rich quick business; it’s technical and requires training and experience. Although, boxvalue claims their brokers are well trained and have many years of experience in forex market.

They claim to give 20% or 50% of your investment within some days depending on the type of investment platform you choose on the website. This seems too good to be true, although it doesn’t necessarily mean it can’t work that way. But, you really need to be careful with this type of programs.

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How Does Boxvalue Works

Boxvalue have two investment plans. One give you 20% profit in 10 working days, while the other gives you 50% profit in 20 working days.

Here’s how it works

  • 20% in 10 working days

You’ll be earning 10% every 5 working days for the next 10 days. Here, the minimum amount you can invest is $50 (#18000).

  • 50% in 20 working days

You earn 20% in the first 5 working days and 10% each 5 days for the remaining 15 days. The minimum amount you can invest is $100 (#36000).

boxvalue plans

That’s the two investment plans available on the website. You can also be earning 2% as referral bonus on any plan. You can register for the platform here.

The good things about Boxvalue

Boxvalue made it clear on their homepage that they do not charge for deposit and withdrawal. This seems good as you won’t have to worry about charges each time you deposit or withdraw.

They also mention that they’ll refund clients their full capital in any case of bad trade. Since company claims they trade with client’s money, there may be cases of bad trade. If this happens, they assure their investors their full capital. It is displayed on their website’s “Why Trade With Us”.

Boxvalue Deposit and Withdrawal

Unlike most brokers that allows transactions via visa, master card, wire transfer and so on, Boxvalue make things a bit difficult as you can only make a deposit by visiting bank (UBA, FCMB and Sterling). the company should have done better by offering different deposit methods instead of through bank alone.

Clients can make deposit anytime of the day from Mondays to Fridays. Withdrawal is also between every 5 working days.

Boxvalue Support

You can contact them by dialing +2348039418590 or visit any of their offices. You can also send your message to them via mail ([email protected]).

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Most Asked Questions

Here are answers to the Questions people ask most about this company.

Is Boxvalue Legit?

No, the platform has crashed.

What if There is a  Loss Trade?

In case of bad trade, client’s full capital will be refunded.


Boxvalue seems to be doing well in paying their client. However, they can’t be trusted. This means that you money is not save with them even though they are paying.

They may be waiting to accrue more victims before they turn out to be scam. So, we’ll advise you to be careful about this type of website.

Hope you found this Boxvalue review helpful.

If you need to ask a question, leave a comment in the comment box below.


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  1. Nnenna02


  2. Chidi Odogwu

    BoxValue is an advanced Ponzi scheme. This scam site has scammed so many people of their hard earned money. They have restarted like two times now. Please be wise and don’t invest.

  3. Klington

    Boxvaluebtcbiz during Corona issue boxvalue short down the site with million of dollar deposited by their clients given excuses of Api Issue I deposited 500$ and there are clients that deposited 3000$ , when he resume on April 2020 he cancelled all the million of dollars that was deposited by their clients and asked them to reinvest with fresh dollars without releasing the previous capital and not even profit of the previous investment . This is stealing by tricks 419 site . These is prove that boxvaluebtcbiz isn’t a trading company Ponzi scheme

    1. Chidi Odogwu

      Jonah Udogo is a big scammer.
      BoxValue is a big scam site.
      You that’s reading this, be warned now. We were scammer twice. Don’t invest your money there.

  4. Destiny1

    Boxvaluebtcbiz is a scammer don’t try to deposit on the platform or else you will regret sooner. Thanks

  5. blessing

    I think the best way to stop this criminal act from boxvalue is to report them to efcc because I believe that the so called Jonah information is with the Nigeria authority
    And also they should be reported to various Nigeria media in other to spread it across

  6. Inno

    Boxvalue is a scam site runned by a wicked , demonic and satanic Young man called Jonah Udogo. He defrauded me and my friends and relatives a total sum of $17,000 dollars(6.4million naira). Jonah Udogo, your days are numbered!!! God Almighty will hand you to us, you shall know no peace! Beware and flee from the rogues called Boxvalue and Jonah Udogo!!

  7. Power

    Well, it’s just horrible, but I got a question to ask, what’s the measure that the Nigerian authorities have taken so far towards making sure that the said Jonah is apprehended, coupling with the the fact that some people were asked to make 1% of their investment on the site by some organizers of the victims to be used as a support levy to fight the battle in the apprehension of Jonah Udogo.

    1. Great Ide

      What effort have you made to join this so called group you talked about? Well, allow them to make the sacrifice and get their money back. L

      1. Pepa

        Pls which group is that? I don’t mind joining in their moves to get the criminal.

        1. Great Ide

          It’s already late because we have gone far.

  8. Peps

    Can’t they get him through those bitcoin dealers the admins in the group usually recommend as ‘trusted exhangers’ ? I feel the exchangers are part of the scam and with their bank account details ,they can be traced….

  9. Chuddy

    Pls he scamed me of my 3000$ and I’m looking for people that would join hands with me to track this Mr Jonah guy before he travels out of the country,

    1. Pepa

      You think he isn’t out of the country already? I’m in the same boat with you..

  10. Chinaza

    Box value investment is a full scam site. Am a victim, as they swindled my #20,000. I pray they will be caught

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