Racksterli Review – SCAM or Legit 3.9% ROI Daily

Racksterli review is what I’ll be discussing in this article. This review will let you know some certain things about the program. Perhaps, to let you know if it’s legit or scam just like many other income programs.

Recently, I just noticed I’m receiving too many message about racksterli platform. And the summary of what most people are asking is if racksterli is a legit platform.

At first glance, I thought it was rack sterly (the former one that crashed). So, I was wondering why people are asking the same question. Then I noticed it was racksterli, not rack sterly. It’s just a confusion of letters.

I understand the fact that you have to pay before joining most of this income programs. Therefore, you’ll want to know if it’s real or another scam. As a result, I’ll be walking you through on what you need to know about racksterli in this post.

If you want to know how the program works, this post has got you covered. And whether you want to know if the platform is legit or scam, you’re not alone. Everything you need to know about the program is discussed in this racksterli review.

Now let’s dive in.

What is Racksterli

Racksterli is a website that claims to pay you for promoting products with your social media account. They help different companies promote their products and services online. In other words, racksterli is an advertising platform that serves as an intermediary between you and advertisers.

about racksterli

This makes them an investment company that gives high ROI.

According to them, they reward users for delivering on certain tasks the company allots. They claim to use the power of the net to help you make money online. The company was created in July 2020.

Who Owns Racksterli

After thorough check, I noticed that the owner of the platform appears to be Micheal Chidiebere.

They claims to have a physical location in Lekki which I’ve not confirmed yet.

This means that you can get in touch with them physically if you ever need to do so. That’s if the claim of the address is true, though.

Is Racksterli Scam or Legit?

Before you join any income program, it’s important to know if it’s worth joining. As a result, this is one of the questions you’ll be asking.

Well, you should know that a website is likely scam if they promise to give too much ROI. In the case of racksterli, they promise to give 1.9% or 3.9% ROI daily, depending on the package you choose. That’s around 57% or 117% per month.

You need to know if they can be giving such return without crashing anytime soon.

But before accusing them of their claims, I’ll like to give them the benefit of doubt. Just make sure to read what you should know about racksterli before you consider joining them.

What You Need to Know About Racksterli

Racksterli is not different from most of the website that claims to give you high return of what you invest. There’s nothing new about the platform.

I guess you’ve heard about the previous rack sterly before. You might even be one of its members before it crashed. They don’t last long. What they do is pay for a short while and then turn out to be scam.

If those behind the previous one are not the one that creates racksteli, it’s obvious they have the same earning system.

The platform is new. And as a matter of fact, they’ll likely start paying their members soon. However, you should know that racksterli is not safe just like the previous one.

The fact that racksterli have a physical office doesn’t mean that you can depend on them. There’re lots of platforms that have an office and yet, they turns out to be scam.

You may be asking,

Are you saying racksterli is a scam?

Well, I wouldn’t say it’s a scam neither legit. But I’m sure they are not reliable. Your money is not safe with them.

There’s a section on their website where they said that racksterli is one of the best affiliate sites. Also, they said they will try their best to make sure that everybody is happy at the end of the day. And that it’s sure everyone will be paid.

All this claims, however, is just to convince you to join the platform.

You shouldn’t fall for their tricks. The truth is, racksterli is not a legit investment company. Also, they mention that everybody will be happy at the end of the day. But honestly, it’s just the opposite of what they should say because the program will likely end in tears.

Reasons Why Racksterli is not Reliable

Some of the reason why racksterli is not reliable is listed below.

  • They don’t have a real certification. They claim to be a marketing company with no qualification.
  • Too much return on investment.
  • High ROI but not into high yield investment program.

The previous one ended in tears. And racksterli will likely follow the same fate. The intentions of those that create this type of sites are to scam.

The money taken from new members is what they use to pay earlier investors. As a result, the platform eventually crashes when the rates at which people join drops or stop. This means that racksterli is not sustainable. It’s just like a ponzi scheme.

So, you shouldn’t just consider joining because they’re paying investors at the moment. You might be lucky to get paid and most times, you won’t.

How Does Racksterli Work?

Racksterli pay you for sharing business advert on your facebook timeline. The advert you’ll be sharing will generate more customers for the company. This also means more earning for racksterli and its members.

According to them, people, companies and corporate business partner with racksterli for advert placement. And what you just have to do is share the ads to your FB page daily. As a result, you’ll be earning interest daily.

racksterli subscription packages

Racksterli Subscription Packages

There’re two packages on racksterli.com.

  • Standard Package
  • Premium Package

The standard package cost #14000 and the premium package cost #28000. You’ll be earning 1.9% or 3.9% depending on the package you choose. They’ll credit your interest on your racksterli account daily.

What You Get If You Refer

Racksterli also mention that they reward their users when they invite people to the platform. Here’s how they claim to pay you for referrals.

  • You’ll earn $3 for each person you refer to standard package.
  • If you invite someone to the premium package, you’ll earn $8.

On the premium package, you’ll earn the following referral bonus.

  • You’ll earn $25 if you refer 10 persons.
  • If you refer 25 people, you’ll earn $100.
  • You’ll earn $400 if you refer 100 people.

You should know that the referral bonus above is available only if you’re on the premium package.

Racksterli also promises to give you one month free subscription if you can refer 50 persons. This is available to you regardless of your package. And you’ll be getting the regular referral bonus.

What you need to start earning is Just a phone and an internet connection.

what you need to join racksterli

How to Invite Friends

To refer friends, you’ll have to contact one of the coupon code distributors at racksterli to get registration code. After that, go to your dashboard, click on your referral link and register your prospect.

You just have to input the correct details of your prospect and click on register.

How to Share Advert on Your Facebook Timeline

Once you’ve subscribed, you’ll be able to access your account dashboard and start sharing adverts. On you dashboard, you can choose any business of your choice and share on you fb timeline.

You’ll see the sponsored post for that day, click on the share button. After that, a facebook icon will pop up, just click on share to your facebook page.

The link you’ll be sharing must be clicked at least once before you can be paid. They claim that this is necessary to discourage spamming.

Racksterli FAQ

The answers to some of the questions most people ask about the platform are discussed below.

Is Racksterli Legit?

No, racksterli is not a legit investment company, it’s a scam. They just want to play with your money.

You may be convinced to believe that it’s not a scam. But trust me; it will likely end in tears anytime soon. I’ll advise you to join only if you can bear the risk behind it.

Does Racksterli Pay Without Referral?

Well, you don’t need referrals to receive your payment. However, you can invite people to increase your earning.

How Does Racksterli Pay?

According to the website, you’ll be paid before your subscription expires. The website claims to clear payments within 24 hours.

How Much Do I Need to Register?

You need to pay #14000 or #24000 depending on the package you want to join.

In addition, you should know that your subscription is valid for one month. You can always subscribe again once your subscription expires.


I won’t recommend you join racksterli because they are not reliable. Your money is not safe with them. The moment they hit their target, they’ll surely turns out to be scam.

I’ll advise you to be careful with this type of earning websites. It’s up to you to decide, though. You can always put your money wherever you think it’s safe. Perhaps you can join racksterli if you wouldn’t mind losing your money.

I would like to draw your attention to the fact that this advice is strictly my own opinion.

But remember, if it looks like a duck, swims like a duck and quack like a duck, it probably is a duck. Well, I’m just trying to say that if it looks like a scam, then it’s probably a scam.

I hope you found this rackserli review helpful.

If you need to ask a question, make use of the comment box below.

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  1. Sami

    Okay Okay
    Read throughout your review and all. It’s amazing.

    Nevertheless, here is my take. If you’ve not tested and tried something, you wouldn’t know how real it is. So it doesn’t make sense to just totally destroy the image of sth you’ve not even really tried out and see for yourself.

    2. I know about Racksterli. Basically everything about it. I’m a member. I have been paid and still gonna be paid. The site is just a 2months old site trying to help Nigerians and prove to them that not Everything online is Fake.

    3. The owner or CEO is a public well known WhatsApp TV owner. His name is Michael Oti Chidi (BlackGold). The site has a physical location right now in Lekki and standby 24/7 staffs and customer care so as to help make things better and smooth.

    4. The site is not perfect and it’s every day trying it’s best to be better and serve us well as we get first-hand info about the platform on his status.

    So please before angrily blackmailing something, do your findings well enough and be sure of everything. Thanks

    1. Victor Odediran

      ~I have been paid and still going to be paid.

      Well, I hope you don’t regret joining soon.

      Thanks for your time.

      1. Waltz Enemz

        Racksterli is legit and im really happy to be a member, this is one of the rare opportunities many of us need to make this year a memorable one after the pandemic saga. RACKSTERLI TO THE WORLD!!!!

        1. Loveable

          I’m still wondering if this is a review or your own opinion, first of all you don’t even have any proof but you’ll tell people not to join, you’ve not had anyone complain about not getting paid or being scammed but yet you’ll tell ppl not to join🤦so awkward😒 any site that has an intention of scamming ppl will never allow you to know much details about the owner of the site talk more of having an office where you can meet them or contact, but racksterli is way too transparent sef…only a genuine person can do that… I’m not saying it will be here till forever but I’m sure it’ll change alot of lives before it closes down…let positive thinking rule your life so that positive things will come to you….anyways thanks for explaining how it works in details🤗 racksterli is here to make everyone smile

          1. Willi

            But that was sort of how giftal world started and also crashed, it looks like a Ponzi scheme once it’s needs referral to earn more.

    2. Faith

      I have not been paid ooh I have complained ooh it going to 48 hours

      1. Rodah

        What about now, have you been paid?

    3. Mpho

      Go and sit down😡😡You bloody scammer, obviously you are one of them… Criminal

  2. Uzor ifeanyi

    This review like you said is your opinion, but telling people not to join is bad, I personally have not been paid, but I have friends who have. Not all that glitters is gold doesn’t mean golds don’t glitter.. Racksterli is here to stay.. Thank you.. Someone might even say I was paid to say this 😂😂😂😂.. Ure entitled to ur thoughts

    1. Princecharles

      Well, I’m not a Member but was a member of the previous RACKSTELY… The Fact that Rack has Physical Office and 24/7 Staff Doesn’t really make it Dependent.. In other words Anything Could mysteriously Happen..The way It could happen might get you Thinking or imaging… RACK claims they Advertise for Brands Companies of various Varieties of which is Anonymous.

      Perhaps There isn’t any Tangible Ads of Claimed Companies and Brands…

      Now Talking About The ROI, I want to Assure you that any Company Especially Online that Offers A very Huge ROI for Doing just little or no Task could probably Turn to be a Scam later on(85%)…Have you Ever asked how The Rack Online Company make their own Huge money to Sustain their Platform ,Pay Such a Huge FUNDS to their Investors without proper Engagements and Maintain site Stability??😃

      Don’t just join because you saw they’re paying investors or There’s Huge funds to make without Much work.., Take time to make your findings and also Consider the Cons of the in the game.. Early Investors Enjoys the Most… While late Investors Suffers the Most….

      This is just a Game to play 💪♥️

      Mind you the Owner of this platform Had Physical Business where He sales Apple Products and GYM house and makes lots of money from it .I can actually Acknowledge you that he’s just Giving out Investor’s Capital with Extra Cash From His Pocket…. Don’t get it Twisted… This is nothing but the Concentrated Truth….
      Don’t be Decieved or Discouraged oo😂
      I only Said the Truth…
      Let me nail it here.

      PS: Invest What You can Afford to lose..


  3. Uzor ifeanyi

    Why are u deleting my review???
    U said ur opinion why not let others say theirs… U know the owner of RACKSTERLI is Micheal oti chidiebere, they have a location in lekki and yet, u still think a scammer would leave such a loophole and expose himself so much… Watch RACKSTERLI grow bro… It won’t crash u hear… And don’t delete my review again, or else, ull suffer for 600years 😂😂😂😂

    1. VictorHills

      Come oo so u seat down construct all dis English to discourage ppl from joining….😂 chaiii ….

    2. Willi

      But giftalworld also revealed themselves

    3. Rodah

      Please is racksterli still paying or it has crashed?

  4. VictorHills

    Thats why Dis country won’t grow ….somebody has developed an idea to help Geez on d era of dis covid19 ,,who u epp nigga ?
    ,stop the blackmail !!

  5. OkakaJr

    Racksterli is definitely one of the best thing that has happened to many in this year 2020

  6. Uko Sunday Robert

    Well I know about RACkSTERLI and I have been paid, I even got paid today, your findings are correct as well, about their office I know exactly where it is in lekki, never the less their customer care services is nothing compared to our popular MTN,GLO & AIRTEL, they are Swift to response and dispense cash in minutes. RACkSTERLI itself is a remodel or should I say a reincarnation of the former ‘RACKSTERLY’ and it has followed in the footsteps of the former RACKSTERLY, in breif was the only system that paid it’s members after it was shutdown dew to the payment system they were using. But however RACkSTERLI has been able to counter this problem and create a reliable payment system which is not only fast but extremely Swift. I am proud to say that this platform is the best Soo far, https://racksterli.com/affiliate?id=2731

  7. Nnamdi

    Loool 😂😂😂
    Thank God you said it’s your opinion
    To clear the air, racksterli is as legit as it can possibly be
    In it’s 2 months of existence, over 2 thousand people has trusted and invested in the platform, which i am one of them and I’m happy to defend the platform because they have delivered on their mandate to me and so many others
    I’ve been paid already and i expect another payment this week, all without referring a single soul
    This is one investment platform that delivers with minimal effort from their members
    I can’t say much, but I’ll love to see the look on your face when the platform remains in existence by this time next year
    Hope you’ll be ready to change the review then 😉

  8. Mr. Desh

    Certainly s scam… Because you know his identity and location doesn’t make it a scam. Any nonsense not approved by Security and Exchange Commission/NDIC in Nigeria will not stand and is classify as scam and fake.

    An organized cyber crime it is. Nothing changed with the concept of Racksertly of blessed memory. Your money will be gone and all the customer care agents you call will not be there. His business model will never be accepted by CBN and her agents. Can’t he fight government? All he needs is time to hit his target.

    Please don’t invest small invest heavily since you want to be a million in 6 months😫

    1. Mmtcheew

      Fonaxtrades revealed themselves and are also registered under the nigerian government, but they still scammed many and ran away with their money. Same thing with Giftalworld, so get your findings straight before capping okoto meow meow next time. Being registered under the government means absolutely nothing. If they want to run, they will run. They can decide to leave the country like Giftalworld’s founder did and no one will catch them. No dey cap.

    2. Saviour john

      Really wondered how the company earns enough to support the large funds paid investors for so minimal an effort…
      I’ll invest for a limited time though to be on the safe side

  9. Innoson

    If all u commented is true, then I gonna join. Perhaps my friend have told about that countless times.

    I think is working. May God help us to succeed.

  10. Uzor ifeanyi

    I left a comment here before my first cashout, and I’m here to proudly say I’ve been paid twice on RACKSTERLI… 79k, 45k.. And tomorrow being the 4th of October I’ll be cashing out over 150k again… U want Proof of all… Send a dm 09066310974
    God bless RACKSTERLI… God bless blackgold… Now my financial story has changed and yrs too can, if u give it a try

  11. Femzy

    The poster is just trying to let people know the fact.

    All of you guys supporting racksterli are either trying to promote it or want people to join so that you will paid.

    Racksterli is not reliable because it can’t continue paying more than 3.5% ROI. No platform does that. Even platforms that are into trading like MBA does not pay up to 1%. Racksterli claims to be an advertising platform, but the question is can they afford paying such returns.

    Some of my friends want to join knowing that they might not be paid. If they are paid, that’s fine. If they are not paid, that’s not the end of the world just like what the writer is trying to insinuate.

    The writer is trying to let you know that joining is at your own risk.

  12. Felix

    Racksterli is a pyramid scheme but this pyramid scheme I love!

    1. sharon

      please are they still paying??? honest replies please

      1. Dora

        Yes. They are

  13. Zinah

    My question is, hope it will never crash and if it will, please can we be notified please, may your happiness never turn to sadness😒😒

    1. Emmanuel

      Lol you’re funny

      1. Courage Augustine

        We nigerians easily adapt to any situation we find ourselves and close our eyes toward opportunites to make it better..why some say its a scam others are enjoying it,its not MMM that doubles your money on no work been done. Its only people with poor minset thats sees every opportunites as scam,,while others see it an opportunity..making money is all about taking risk.take the risk and achieve it..☺️
        Am also into Racksterli and its here to stay.while it stays enjoy it

      2. Olumide

        All I have is to pray that the raksertli platform never crashed before I achieve my aims

  14. Wale Adoh

    Has it crashed ? Are they still paying?

  15. Nykerstein

    Everyday is a pay day on racksterli, people get paid every day. The platform disburses nothing less then 30M payout every day, so what are you saying Mr blogger? The owner is very well known, he’s into real estate, advertisement, forex and so on…all these are just to make sure every single subscriber gets paid. Yunno what, the CEO and his team confirms that if racksterli crashes( which it won’t as the CEO said and we subscribers know that it wouldn’t) the platform, has enough funds to pay all members for another good 7 months, so what are we saying here??? Infact the ROI is not that much, it’s just enough, the highest returns on racksterli is 55% in a month, tell me is that much??? It’s just enough and moderate for the time frame. Lemme burst your bubble someone invested over 16M at a go in this racksterli and he’s going to get paid by the end of the month, 16M!!! If the platform is not this legit or trusted I bet no sensible human would take such a risk. Racksterli is legitimate, racksterli pays!

  16. Israel

    Please let’s be sincere with ourselves for moment. First, for those who claims that the owner of racksterli shows himself, this doesn’t make it’s legit at all coz there are other platforms that the owner shows himself yet crashes, the question is, is recksterli a registered company with the government? If No, then you shouldn’t hope on it. Just invest what you can lost.

    And secondly, the return on investments (ROL), 58.8% and 170% is too much in a month to be true. Even professional traders don’t make up to that percentage in a month. Don’t just focus on the fact that they are still paying well or you’ve been paid, think on what is truly normal because you may escape loses but your downline may not and suffer it and it may turn out to be a close friend or relative.

    True online platform or business can never give you a profit more than your capital…..na fact I dey tell you so

    1. Ebenezer

      Oga who told you it gives 170% in a month. Naso una go use fake news spoil person business

    2. Dora

      They give just 58% ROI.. and they never gave more than that.. stop with the bad and untrue words

  17. Dora

    It hasn’t crashed dear

  18. Shawn

    Certain risk

  19. uncleSam

    Well I am investor,I’ve been scammed so many times but I’m not sure i will quit online investment,as for Rackstali I just joined them last month with about 80k and I’m expecting my returns by 24th of this month…let’s see how long they last it I pray they last

  20. Sir prince

    E go soon shock who na…. I love this I hear people saying he is well known when it crashed go to his house okay or go to his office nonsense it a scam it final that is how Wazobia start did it crash yes or no? It will surely end in tears for does that have it in mind to join use sense it will soon crash they just want more users… .. they will soon start site upgrade now I laugh haaahaaaahaaaaaaa

  21. Uzoka precious

    Thanks this article. The truth is bitter. It just a pronzi scheme. Money isn’t easy to make. Whether you are an advertiser or not

  22. Dinho

    Although no one can tell how long it will stay but the return is not much like what we are thinking… you subscribe with 14k and get $57 at the end of the month. Do the calculation 14k minus $57 based on exchanging rate na small money remain now

  23. Olumide

    But the platform have help a lot who are jobless but if they but if the ceo later crash the platform it will like devil that gives 50% to receive 100% and it will kill a lot of Nigerians

  24. Abdull

    For it’s too late to join, bcuz the early members are the ones to benefit.

    Remember how ….
    2.oil and gas
    3. Kenenza
    4. Mmm
    5. Rack steely
    6.prozi e.t.c

    This is how they started , they have offices and staffs, some of them are even going around advertising the things.

    So bros get Sense , it’s too late.

    1. Aurora Nakamura

      Lmao Mr. Too late I guess you really don’t know anything about Racksterli.

      Be there waiting for your ancestors’ platform to crash while we’re making money.

  25. pestalozzi

    The reviews here have shown an insight for one to weigh his or her option. I heard about Racksterli briefly last December and fully just yesterday and I thought of sighting some reviews on net. There is something called calculated risk, from time immemorial; it’s even a risk not to take risk!

  26. Nnamdi

    I no know wetin Una dey talk ooo…. Good or no good… If you want put money here, use money wey u no get plan for anytime soon…. As much as all of us need money, make we also use our head so that even when they eventually crashed which they are definitely going to, we will not feeling too disappointed and depressed. All of them are good today but eventually turned scammers tomorrow. Trade wisely. Take calculated risk. Una well-done ooo.

  27. Sir Kings

    Racksterli pays… Invest with what you can lose
    It’s as simple as that.
    I was paid few days back

    We move

  28. BiggieSmallz

    It won’t last till December for sure.
    Ponzi will always crash no matter how they disguise whether as Forex trading or Advertisement. Both don’t yield so much money like they want you to believe,they are just using peters money to pay Paul.
    Let’s wait and see.

  29. Kizzyvibex

    Racksterli is legit oo
    ive been paid 44k twice

  30. Emrys

    Pls is it still safe to join this feb 2021

  31. Ajayi Mensah

    Nigerians too like Ponzi scheme.
    Las las it will end in tears for people that risk more than they are willing to lose. 🤣🤣

  32. Anonymous

    I’ve finally join the team, let’s see how it goes 😊

  33. Innocent

    😔😔😔 My head don full set

  34. Folashade

    Ranksterli is a scam!!! They fraud me yesterday,people should beware of this investment using Davido to advertise
    Is not legit,This is frm association of fraudsters,God will soon expose them EFCC should investigate ,i have evidence ooo

    1. Amu

      How were you scammed just the day u mentioned, tell us?

    2. Daniel

      Oga did register in there site or u paid somebody you did not know????

    3. anonymous

      Please what happened and how were you scammed?
      honest reply please

    4. anonymous

      Please Folashade, how were you scammed??????????

    5. Eddie

      Who scam u…..u went to do 10k get 20k rackstreli investment within 1day now posting rubbish here

    6. Kingston

      Exactly!!!… That was what got me interested too, I mean someone like Davido advertising for a company, man it must have been legit (at least that’s what I thought) but the deal was too good to he true, nahhh IT IS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE… lol I even made some calculations yk… (since “investment” is a doubles game) I get twice my capital in 2 hours, and I’m like ok if I start with a 100 and I keep reinvesting the returns, I’ll be 102,400,000 richer in 20hrs!?!… like yo!!! How can that be possible man if not a SCAM🤷‍♂️

  35. Daniel


    1. Ogbonda Favour

      DM me if interested 09066388463

  36. Bitriz

    I dey read comments Sha, but I go still join, all loss na loss

  37. Ann

    Pls…..is it late to join now, and how long do u think it will last b4 it finally crashes. Plsss… someone should answer me oo

    1. anonymous

      Hi Ann I just registered yesterday, so it’s still open, I’m really hoping to make something, honestly I don’t want any negative thoughts in my mind and head

  38. abigail

    I am confuse because i want to join. its really risky but it also gives hope?

  39. Godswill

    Well don’t have much to say the only thing I have to ask is, that Davido advert wey I watch was is edited or it was real? Because nah that one give me hope to Join

  40. Efe

    Thank you for this write up, I was invited to join,this is purely ponzi, it will definitely crash only a matter of time. I have had previous bad experiences there is even one I reported to efcc and is currently being investigated. The fact they have a physical office and the owner is known is no guarantee, its all part of the scam. And its always the late entrants with large investments that lose more. This will end in tears .

  41. Happiness

    Lol 🤣😂😂🤣
    Seriously I was abt to invest too ooo but with these replies so far I definitely know that this platform or would I say this racsterli is indeed a scam.Thank y’all for your info

  42. Preshy

    Please let’s just stop saying it will crash😩🙏and make money with dis opportunity, before the owner changes his mind and turn dis to scam please ma own never even reach a week i invested please… let’s just stop cos dis it will crash is really scaring me😭😭😩let’s just blv it’s nor crashing anytime soon….

  43. Ezeh

    How far with the ponzi scheme called Racksterli.?

  44. Chizzy

    Why make us leave a reply if you know you would remove it??? What are you promoting?

    1. Victor Odediran

      @Chizzy. I’m sorry about that, some of the comments were auto marked as spam and are deleted. Seems your comment is part of it.

      It was a mistake on my part. Sorry again

  45. Osakwe Nelson Uchenna

    Thanks so much for these content you just dropped here……

    But sir,
    There a currently tending right now in the web about racksterli that the platform is not paying anymore and the URL has been changed to something else.

    Pls sir, how true is this tending?

    Meanwhile, if you want to make over N150k+ every single month, i’ve actually drafted a free eBook report on how to make money with affiliate marketing in Nigeria, to anyone that need this, just click here to download via https:// promakingmoney.gr8.com


    I’ll be happy if you can answer my question.


  46. Austin ewemade

    Fuck racksterli 🖕

  47. IZIDOR

    I paid #112,00 since Feb 24 till now I have not received my money talk more of interest how true is this business?

    1. Julie Ngoe

      I like. Racksterli and will like to Join it because people are talking good abt the business

  48. TAye joshua

    Iam just joining de platform an I HV invested in it but it’s look like scam because after dey have collected my money day didn’t peak my cal again. So to me it’s look like scame

  49. Collins

    God Don catch all the mumu investor that doesn’t think of of the future , than too just get carried away by friends influence .
    Investment take strategies and idea and finding don’t you ever get being deceived, but sometimes I do wonder how most people think now adays should we say the present problem they are facing of I should say greediness, when you see such kind of online business claiming to pay Such kind of money in return of your invinvestment shouldn’t you have know it rather to be a scam.
    Firstly did you ever ask what the gain of the company you are investing to how their afflaite business are being run and how your money is being processed to such kind of profit all you just know is to invest due to your greedily such kind let me nail it here, happily to you all racksteli investor it later came to the end didn’t it later crashed 😂😂😂😂😂😋 let me be going 🚶🚶🚶 a word is enough for the wise

  50. dat girl

    Guys this is a scam please don’t put your money in it, they scammed us since February

  51. adewale ayobami

    I love this review, have you heard about Adscrier, I would like you to write review on them too before I subscribe, http://www.adscrier. com

  52. Kingston

    RACKSTERLI is clearly NOT legit!… and you see all those ones condemning anyone who tries to open people’s eyes to make ’em see things for what it really is… well, a social platform like that can’t be managed by one or two person now, can it??.. Be wise people!!!…

    Funny thing is I saw this Racksterli ads on FB and I decided to give it a trial, there’s a link to a WhatsApp account attached to the ads so you can have a chat with the officials (whoever that is thou) which I did, but what I find very interesting about the whole thing is what the person I chatted with (one Mr. ABRAHAM SEUN claiming to be the “…Administrator of this wonderful investment platform”… those were his words, and I really wish I could attach a screenshot of our conversation to this comment) told me the platform is all about… you see, this mo’fucker NEVER SAID ANYTHING TO ME ABOUT PROMOTING SOME PRODUCTS ON MY SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS, he never did!… All he told me the was…

    “*How it works*

    1. Its a platform where you invest a certain amount and you get it back in double within 2 hour, take for instance you invest the sum of 50,000 naira. In 2 hours time you are receiving the sum of 100,000 naira back into your account……

    2. We mine and trade with Bitcoin which is hard currency and we get triple of our investments from them within 60mins to 2 hour, then take one part as the companies gain and send the remaining two part to the investors account in 2 hour, take for example you invest the sum of 50,000 naira once we trade with it in 60mins – 2 hour, we are getting our returns in triple which is 150,000 naira then we the company is going to take 50,000 naira out of it as our gain and send the remaining 100,000 to the investors account,which is you…

    3. We are also registered with the CAC which is the *cooperate affairs commission* and we have our approved certificate with them.

    4. *Take note*

    NO SCAM ❌


    So be rest assured in 2 hour time you are getting your alert………”

    That was 3 days ago

    Can you imagine that 🤷‍♂️… How dumb does he “thinks” I am😅 and i’mma be honest with ya’ll he almost got me man…, he was this close 👌🏽 to pulling that stunt on me but I ain’t that stupid, I was starting to consider it; oh I was; at the same time very skeptical ’bout the whole thing, so I decided to look it up on Google today and boom!!! Look what I found 💁‍♂️

    1. Ice ❄

      I don’t why Nigerians 🇳🇬 are like wicked to this level. Government sitters are enslaving citizen from good hope and citizens are serious ending citizen confident by frauding their trust,,,, with all this I fear Nigerians ponzi

    2. GoldMatrix

      Leave blinded Nigerians . A man who will get drown will get drown even in a cup of water

  53. GoldMatrix

    MBA had offices and staffs all over the place, did that make them legit? Do Nigerian learn NO. When finally your money disappears , you joined arm robbery. I am here waiting for your premium tears. It might not come today or tomorrow but surely it will come on your monies.

  54. Mr Chris

    They’re fucking fake I just tried them with 5k later the idiot said he would confirm payment and later text me that the dashboard no longer have the amount of funds I paid that I should upgrade with another funds I quickly recall that this is scam because I told him the amount I’m paying before making payment be warned. They even own account with Wemabank CBN

  55. Bimbo

    Mr Chris exactly what happened to me. Am so pained only that I used 20k. She called that the system upgraded me to 50k so I should add up. One Balogun Khadija Victoria 070824076465

  56. @@NasS

    Am just here to read comments o

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