Recharge And Get Paid Review: Is it Legit or Scam

Recharge And Get Paid (RAGP) is a platform that allows its users to make money online. In this article, I’ll be discussing some certain things about the recharge and get paid platform to let you know how it works, if it’s legit or scam and some other things before joining.

There’s no doubt recharge card is one of the most used product. And, one of the good things about the recharge and get paid platform is that you’ll be getting paid whenever you purchase some of the products you use daily.

If you’ve ever thought of making money while you purchase airtime or data, then you may consider joining recharge and get paid platform. The website gives you the opportunity to earn while you purchase airtime, internet data, different types of bills and some other services you buy online.

Many people are continually searching for ways to earn extra income online. And, it’s apparent most people will want to opt in into any available platform that can help them earn money online. RAGP seems to be one of the best platforms that reward its users for buying products and services online.

About Recharge And Get Paid (RAPG)

Recharge and get paid is a website that provides an avenue for anyone in Nigeria to buy airtime, internet data, different types of bills and other services online. The platform has partnered with all telecom companies in Nigeria and has been rewarding its users for buying their products or services.

about recharge and get paid website

They are on a mission to provide employment opportunities for people with their products and compensation plan. Recharge and get paid platform has partnership with most of the biggest companies which include MTN, GLO, Airtel, 9mobile, DSTV, GOTV, Startimes and PHCN.

Is Recharge and Get Paid Legit?

Before I dive deeper into this review, let’s discuss the legitimacy of the recharge and get paid platform since you would want to know if it’s legit before any other thing.

There are more of scam websites than legit ones in Nigeria. And, if we should consider the fact that most of the earning websites are not reliable, I understood its normal to doubt if ragp is legit. Well, RAPG is legit and not a scam, they are paying their members for buying their products and services. Now, I believe your question “is Recharge and Get Paid legit?” is answered.

Recharge and get paid is registered under Cooperate affairs Commission (CAC) and it’s also licensed by Nigerian communication commission (NCC). Their office address is located at Suit C16 and C17, Danziyal Plaza, Central Business District Abuja.

Recharge And Get Paid Review

The most common type of websites in Nigeria are those that pays you for reading news online or ponzi scheme that usually rob peter to pay Paul just like MMM. Most of the website doesn’t pay its members. Some of them pay for some time and later crashes after a short while.

However, Recharge and get paid is not one of them. It has a completely different earning system. While most of the website pays you for reading news and the likes, RAGP allows you to earn commissions whenever you buy their product and services.

It is obvious many people are not even earning pennies for recharging airtime or loading data online. If you’re one of them, it’s time to start earning just by assessing some of the services you need frequently on recharge and get paid website. And, the only thing you need to do is join to get started.

What You Should Know About RAGP

All that said, you should know that recharge and get paid is an MLM business. Before writing this review, many people asked me if ragp is a legit MLM business. This is one of the reasons I decided to review the Recharge and get paid platform.

One of them asked a question which goes thus “isn’t Recharge and Get Paid an MLM pyramid business where only those at the top make money and those at the bottom struggles to earn any reasonable amount?” I replied yes. Although, most of the MLM businesses we’ve seen so far are scam, some of them are legit. It is true that those at the top earn much more than those at the bottom which is one of the reasons you need to join early.

The Good Things about Recharge and Get Paid

There are many reasons why ragp is a platform that’s worth joining. One of the reasons is that it’s reliable. Even though recharge and get paid is an MLM business, it’s a platform that can be trusted. Another good thing about recharge and get paid is that they have a good customer service.

recharge and get paid contact numbers

Unlike most of the earning websites that doesn’t provide a good customer support, Recharge and get paid makes thing much easier for its members by providing a reliable customer support.

How Does Recharge and Get Paid Works?

Now that you’ve known some certain things about recharge and get paid, let’s discuss how it works.

Recharge and get paid is a telecom company that employs the tool of multi levels marketing business, reaping all the monies in airtime usage by Nigerians. If you don’t know, Banks are always paid some percent each time you buy recharge card or any cable subscription from them.

Most banks claims to help you recharge your phone or pay any type of bills at the comfort of your home. While it’s easy for everyone to purchase airtime through bank, you should know that banks get paid some percent of your recharge card or bill payment worth. But, you don’t earn a dime from what you purchase through banks and other companies that carry out VTU services.

As a result, Recharge and get paid platform was created to help Nigerians to earn some percent from the recharge card they usually purchase online.

How to Make Money on Recharge and Get Paid

The two ways you can make money on ragp platform are listed below.

  • As a Distributor
  • Referral Marketing

You will be earning money on recharge and get paid as a distributor or referring people to the platform. The distributing aspect involves buying and selling of recharge card and payment of bills. On the other hand, referral marketing involves inviting people to the platform.

How to Earn as a Distributor

Below are the ways you’ll be earning as a distributor.

  • Each time you recharge or sell airtime, you’ll get paid 2% of the airtime worth.
  • Whenever you buy or sell data, you’ll be paid 10%.
  • You stand a chance to receive a leadership bonus of #100,000 monthly if your point value (PV) is not less than #10,000.
  • If your cumulative PV is not less than #25000, you’ll be qualified for an international trip fund of #500,000.
  • You also stand a chance to qualify for a house fund of #3 million when your cumulative PV is not less than #100,000.
  • If your cumulative PV is not less than #500,000, you will be qualified for a house fund of 6 million naira.

That’s how you can be earning on recharge and get paid as a distributor. Once you’re a member, you’ll receive a welcome bonus of 20% of your registration fee.

How Referral Works

Here’s how you’ll be making money by referring people to ragp website.

  • Whenever you refer someone recharge and get paid platform, you’ll get 20% with point value.
  • If your referrals recharge or buy airtime, you’ll be paid 0.35%.
  • Each time your referrals refer people to join the website; you’ll get paid 10% with PV.
  • Whenever your referrals subscribe to cable TV, you’ll be paid 10% of their subscription worth.

That’s how referral marketing works. You should know that you’ll also be earning commissions from the referrals of those people you’ve referred. This means that if your referrals (those people that join the platform under you) refer people to join the platform or perform any other activities, you’ll earn commission from them. In short, a referral of a referral is a referral.

Recharge and Get Paid Packages

RAGP offers different packages for its users. The different types of packages on recharge and get paid and their benefits are discussed below.

recharge and get paid registration fees

Basic Member

This is the smallest package available on the platform. You’ll have to register with #5000. After registration, you’ll get a bonus of 20% which is #1000 and 20 PV. You will be earning up to 5th level referral deep.

Bronze Member

To become a member of this package, you’re required to pay #10000. You’ll earn 20% bonus which is #2000 and 40 PV. You will be earning up to 6 levels deep.

Silver Member

This package requires you to join with #20,000 and you will earn 20% of the registration fee which is #4000. You’ll be given 80 PV and up to 7th level referrals deep.

Gold Member

To become a member of this package, you’ll have to pay #30,000 and earn back 20% bonus of the registration fee which is #6000. With gold package, you’ll get 120 PV and up to 8th level referrals downlines.

Diamond Member

This package requires you to pay #40,000. Once you’ve registered, recharge and get paid will give you 20% of the registration fee and 160 PV. You’ll be earning up to 8th level downlines.

Platinum Member

You’ll have to pay #50,000 to join platinum. With this package, you’ll earn an instant 20% of the registration fee which is #10,000. You’ll get 200 PV and 10 levels downlines.

Executive Platinum Member

This is the biggest package available on recharge and get paid website. To become a member, you’ll have to pay #100,000. Once you’ve registered, you’ll earn 20% of the registration fee. The package comes with 400 PV and 10 levels referrals deep.

RAGP benefits

As you can see, the higher package gives you a higher bonus and more referral downlines to earn commission.

How to register

You can register and become a recharge and get paid member within few minutes. You can register for an account yourself or let a registered member register you. The later is much easier and faster.

What you need to do is pay into the account of the person that introduce recharge and get paid to you. The person will then fund his E-wallet with the money you paid and get you registered. However, if you want to register yourself, follow the guide below.

Visit Recharge and get paid Registration page here.

Fill in the required details which include your name, username, email, phone number, password and purchase pin details correctly.

Select one of the recharge and get paid membership packages and payment method. Note that you’ll have to choose paystack if you decides to register yourself.

Enter your bank details which include your bank name, account number and account name and click on “next”.

Click on “pay via paystack” on the next page.

payment via paystack

Payment Methods

After that, choose one of the paystack payment methods.

  • Pay with card
  • Bank payment
  • USSD payment
  • Pay with Visa QR

You can choose any of the above paystack payment options and follow the steps. Card payment is much easier; you just have to enter your card details and pay.

Once the payment was successful, your recharge and get paid account will be created. You’ll be placed in a 3 x 10 matrix which means that you need to refer 3 people who in turn refer 3 people and on and on it goes.

However, you should know that payment via e-wallet on recharge and get paid is much easier and faster, your account will be activated instantly. You’ll need to wait for some days if you pay via paystack because of payment verification.

Also, you should know that payment via paystack attract more charges than via E-wallet. Unlike e-wallet that has a fixed charge of #70, paystack payment attract #100 and a fixed 1.5% of the amount you pay.

Recharge and Get Paid FAQ

The answers to some of the questions people ask most about RAGP are discussed below.

Is Recharge and Get Paid Legit?

Yes, the platform is legit and not a scam. Recharge and Get Paid is a Nigerian owned telecom company which is registered with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) and licensed by the Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC).

Recharge and Get Paid Customer Services

RAGP has a reliable customer services for its users. If you’ve got a question to ask, you can contact them via email at info@ In addition, you can call any of their contact numbers +234 818 209 8378, +234 803 722 1858, +234 811 689 8208.

Do I Need to Refer Before I Can Earn?

You don’t need to refer people to earn on the platform. However, you’ll need to invite people to earn a decent amount of money. Recharge and get paid pay high referral commission and you will also be earning from your direct and indirect referral activities.

How Much Can I Earn?

There is no limit to what you can be earning on recharge and get paid It depends on how much recharge cards or data you purchase and the more people you refer to the platform. So, the more products you purchase, the more you earn. In addition, the more people you refer, the more your referrals refer, the more you earn.


Recharge and get paid is one of the best VTU business in Nigeria. I would recommend the platform to anyone who wants to start earning money online. However, you’ll need a good marketing skill to market products once you joined.

Everyone recharge their phone as well as subscribe to their various cable subscriptions and if you could be earning for doing so, why not try it.

Hope you found this recharge and get paid review helpful.

If you need to ask a question, make use of the comment box below.


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