Dataway Review: Want to Make 4K Daily? See How

Dataway is a payment platform that rewards its users for making use of their services. They offer mobile top up and different types of bill payment services.

There’re lots of ways to make money these days. Most platforms offer different earning systems for their users to earn decent amount of money online. And dataway is also one of them.

But while, some websites are legit, most of them are not reliable, even if they’re not scam. As a result, I’ve discussed certain things you need to know about the website in this article. So, you just have to read this dataway review and decide if the earning system is worth joining.

Let’s dive straight in.

What is Dataway

Dataway is a payment platform that offers mobile top up and bill payments (cable TV, electricity, and other payments). You can always make use of the platform to make payment and purchase airtime or data.

Also, the interesting part is that you can make money with the reseller services and affiliate systems. This means that you’ll be making money on dataway by reselling products and also earn commission for inviting new users.

what dataway is all about

So, you can become a personal user and start using dataway personally for buying data and payment of bills. And if your aim is for commercial use, you can easily subscribe, it’s for everyone.

The next lines explain how the platform works and what you need to do to start making money on dataway.

How Dataway Business Works

Making money on dataway through their reseller and affiliate marketing services is easy. You can easily join the platform and start reselling products to make money online.

However, you’ll need to subscribe before you will be able to resell products to make money. Dataway offers two different type of membership plan. You just need to join the plan you want, depending on your need.

See the two plans below.

  1. Basic Membership (one-time payment)
  2. Advance Membership (renews each month)

You can subscribe to one-time payment or renew your subscription each month.

Dataway Subscription Types

What you need to know about both plans are explained below.

Basic Membership Plan

Dataway basic membership plan will give you 2GB worth of data. Also, this plan allows you to make money by referring people to the website.

You can start promoting dataway by referring new subscribers and start earning money by doing so. Each time you refer a person, you will earn #1000 as referral bonus. In the same vein, they will credit you with 1GB data for each person you invite.

So, with just #2000 you can join the basic plan and start making money. The more users you invite, the more money and data you’ll make.

Advance Membership Plan

This plan gives all the benefits of basic feature and other interesting bonuses. This means that you’ll receive the 2GB data the basic plan gives and more bonuses.

You also need #2000 to become a member of this plan. However, unlike the basic plan, you’ll have to be renewing with #2000 every month.

Once you renew, dataway will give you 5GB worth of data. This is much more than the 2GB data basic plan gives you.
The referral bonus for this plan is also #1000, just like the basic feature. Each time you refer a subscriber who renew his or her subscription, dataway will give you 1GB extra data bonus.

Benefits of Renewing Your Plan

Although both plans give you data bonuses and the opportunity to make money, you should consider joining dataway advance plan.

As I’ve said, the basic plan gives you 2GB while the advance plan gives 5GB on renewal. You might feel it’s unnecessary to join dataway advance plan since you’ll have to be renewing every month.

You should know that the data bonus also increases with third month subscription.

how dataway referral works

Your first renewal gives you 5GB while the renewal for third month and beyond gives you 7GB data. That’s much more than what dataway basic plan gives you.

Also, if you refer someone who renews his or her subscription, you’ll earn extra 1GB data bonus.

So, you might want to consider joining the advance plan instead of basic plan. After all, you’ll have to be purchasing data almost every month.

Why You Should Join Dataway

There’s no doubt that internet data is one of the things people consume on a daily basis. And any product people consume daily will fetch its partner’s lots of money.

Glo mobile network claims data is life. Personally, i don’t think that’s an overstatement. Well, maybe it is, as it is possible, even though it’s almost impossible to live without data.

But it’s true that you can’t gain access to the internet without data. It’s also true that lots of people consume the internet on a daily basis.

So, you really can’t do anything online without data. If you’re not connected to the internet right now, I’m sure you won’t have access to this article.

This is what makes data services one of the things people needs most. And you should consider joining dataway to participate in reselling of data to make money.

Not just that, dataway affiliate marketing program will let you make even more money by referring people to subscribe.

Benefits of Joining Dataway

Besides making money from the platform by reselling and inviting users, there’re other benefits of joining dataway.
Some of the benefits of joining the platform are discussed below.

Access to POS Machine

POS business is one of the fastest growing businesses. You would have seen many people doing the business already. If the business is not profitable, there wouldn’t be so many people doing it.

Dataway provides POS machines to eligible users. And you could also get one and become an agent.

If you’re eligible, you can start rendering pos services to customers and you’ll be making while doing so.

Some people make up to 6 figures running the business because it’s in high demand. And if you have interest, you can get dataway pos and you’re good to go.

Printing Recharge Card

Dataway gives its subscribers the opportunity to learn how to recharge voucher and how to sell them to earn profits.
Recharge card is one of the most used products people use every day. And reselling it will surely earn you decent amount of money.

So once you’re a subscriber, you’ll have access to recharge card printing portal where you can print recharge cards.

How to Subscribe

You can easily register and become a dataway subscriber within few minutes. There is a fixed subscription fee of #2000 for both plans.

However, as I’ve said, you’ll have to be renewing you plan every month if you’re an advanced user. Renewal cost the same fee.

Follow the steps below to register and become a member.

  • Visit dataway registration page and click on “register”.
  • Then input some details which include your name, email address, username and password.
  • After that, select the payment method you prefer (coupon code or online payment). You can select “online payment” to pay with your card.
  • The next thing is to input your card details and confirm your payment.

See the details you need to input below.

registration page

Once your payment was successful, your account will be created and you’ll be able to start using the platform.

FAQS about Dataway

Let’s take a look at answers to some of the questions most people ask about dataway.

Is Dataway Legit?

Yes, dataway is a legit, real and not a scam. You can easily join the platform and start enjoying its benefits.

It’s not a Ponzi investment scheme like some income programs. They have license to operate as a payment platform with a valid registration number under CAC.

How much is the Minimum Affiliate Earnings Withdrawal?

The minimum withdrawal for dataway affiliate earning is #1000. So you can easily withdraw your earnings when you have at least 1K in your account.

Can I resell my Data?

You can resell your data or request to transfer it to anyone. What you have to do is input the number you want to transfer the data to and the number will be credited within few minutes.

If you want, you can resell your data on dataway to buy any network you want.

How Much Can I Make on Dataway?

There isn’t any limit to the amount you can be earning on the platform.

If you’re serious with it, you can find your way up to 6 figures monthly.

The amount you could be earning on dataway might depends on how much data you sell. In the same vein, it might depend on how much users you invite to the platform.

So, you might want to treat it as a business to earn high amount of money. The more data you sell, the more people you refer, the more you earn.


Dataway has a transparent working system. And anyone can subscribe to start enjoying all the benefits the platform offer.

Everyone needs data to surf the internet. And if you could be making money by selling one of the things people needs most, why not leverage the opportunity.

It doesn’t cost too much to join and if you should consider the benefits, it’s probably worth joining.

I hope you found this dataway review helpful.

If you need to ask a question, make use of the comment box below.

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