Moniepoint | How to Get POS (Complete Guide)

Moniepoint mobile money platform is what we’ll be discussing in this article. We’ll be talking about moniepoint pos, how to make money as an agent and other things you need to know.

There’re lots of mobile money operators that offers banking services to people. And moniepoint is one of them. In fact, it’s growing fast as one of the most reliable agency banking.

If you’re here to know how to get the moniepoint pos and start offering financial services, then you’re just at the right place. I’ll show you how everything about how it works including how to get the pos and become an agent.

Now let’s get started.

About Moniepoint

Moniepoint is one of the mobile money operators that are providing access to financial services. It’s one of the fastest-growing mobile money platforms that offer banking services.

Just like other mobile operators, moniepoint uses POS (point of sale) device to make transactions. Services includes, cash transfer, cash withdrawals, bill payments, airtime recharge and the likes.

about moniepoint pos agent banking services

It has a transparent working system. After all, this is what makes it one of the best platforms that offer financial services. The platform has been around for a while. And as it stands, there are lots of positive reviews from their users.

Moniepoint Agent Registration (How to Become an Agent)

Becoming an agent is what you can leverage on to start making money. As you should know, bank agents are making a lot of money.

Actually, becoming an agent for banks is some people’s source of income. In other words, some people are making a living as bank agents. You too can, if you also feel it’s worth becoming an agent.

Anyone can easily become an agent; it’s not a hard task at all. What you need to do is visit moniepoint agent registration page. After that, fill the agent registration form and then submit.

Here is what you need to fill in the form below.

  • Your name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Your gender
  • Date of birth

You’ll also need to indicate if you’re an existing mobile money agent.

agent registration

It will only take you few minutes to fill the form. Once you have submitted, they will get back to you via the email address you provided.

However, you’ll need to provide some documents before they can approve you as an agent. See the document you need to tender below.

Required Documents to Complete the Registration

Here are the documents you need to complete moniepoint agency banking registration.

  • Identification Card
  • BVN
  • Utility Bill
  • CAC documents (if you have a registered business only)
  • Bank Account Number

The identity card can be voter’s card, NIN, driver’s license or international passport. For the bill, you can easily provide electricity bill or water bill. You can only provide CAC documents only if you have a registered business.

Also, you’ll have to provide your bank account number and BVN. You should know that BVN is one of the necessary things required to carry out financial transaction in Nigeria.

Moniepoint POS (How to Obtain the POS Machine)

The POS machine is what serves as mini-bank for financial transactions. And you need to get the POS as an agent. After all, you can’t perform any transaction without the POS machine.

Getting the POS machine is easy. In fact, it seems to be the easiest to get in Nigeria.

To get moniepoint POS machine, you just have to sign up on their website. After that, they’ll attend to you within few days. Alternatively, you can visit any of their offices to request for it.

moniepoint pos

They will guide you through all the necessary things you need to do to get the POS machine. And you’ll get it within few days.

However, you must meet some requirements. For instance, you might have to prove that you can perform withdrawals of up to N80,000 daily. So, you might have to meet up with their requirements before they can give you the POS.

Moniepoint POS Charges and Commission

There’s always a fixed charges and commission structure for all mobile money transactions. Moniepoint, however, seems to offer better rate.

See moniepoint charges and commission structure below.

  • Transfer charges

The platform charges N20 for transfers.

  • Withdrawal charges

Moniepoint charges 0.5% of the amount. However, they’ll charge N100 for withdrawals above N20,000.

  • Mobile network data top up

There’s also a fixed commission for data top up. But the commission varies for each network. MTN (3%), Glo (4%), Airtel (4%), 9Mobile (4.5%)

  • Cable TV Subscription

Commission is 2% for all cable TVs.

Why Choose Moniepoint

While there’re lots of mobile money platforms, there’re some reasons why you would want to consider choosing moniepoint.

Some of the reasons why you might want to become a moniepoint agent are discussed below.

Good Pricing and Low Commission

They gives their agent a very good price and take low commission. This allows their agents compete among other agents and still makes decent amount of money.

Also, this is one of the reasons why customers prefer to perform transactions with this banking agency.

Instant Payment

They settle their agents instantly. According to them, “we give instant settlements on our platform because we know that you would need access to your money the moment you make it”.

Reliable Network

A reliable network is one of the things that make some bank agents stand out among others. If the network is reliable, you won’t lose business to other agents because of network issues. And moniepoint seems to offer a reliable network which is what makes them one of the best.

Different Transaction Channels

Moniepoint gives you access to different channels for transactions. You can choose to run the business with mobile app, smartPOS or POS machine. Just use any of it and you’re good to go.

Moniepoint Offer Good Customer Support

Any business should have a good customer support for seamless operation. Moniepoint have competent support staffs that can resolve any issue you might have.

So, anytime you have an issue or perhaps, you need to make a complaint, their support staffs have got you covered. You just need to contact them via whatsapp or email and they’ll attend to you as soon as possible.

Moniepoint App

Agents can also use moniepoint app to perform trasnsaction. Although, as at the time of writing this article, the app is still in development mode, it will be launched fully within a short while.

So you just have to download the app on google playstore and login to your account to start performing transactions. However, the app is not yet available for Apple devices. Therefore, Apple device owners will have to wait till they create an app for the device.

Why You Should Become an Agent

POS business is one of the lucrative businesses you should consider to start making money. The business has provided job to most people. And as I’ve said, it’s some people major source of income.

You can also consider diving into the business even if you have an existing business. If you have a business already, you can use pos business to support your weekly or monthly income.

Moniepoint POS is one of the best I would recommend out of the different bank pos devices. This is because the cost to get it is not much. In addition, transaction fees on moniepoint POS is better that most POS devices.

Moniepoint FAQs

Here are quick answers to some of the question most people ask about moniepoint below.

How Do I Become an Agent?

To register and become an agent, fill in the registration form and submit. They will get back to you within few days.

How Do I Get Moniepoint POS?

You can get the POS machine by visiting their office. Once you get to any of their offices, they guide you through the steps you need to take to get the POS machine. You’ll get the POS within few days, around 48 hours.

How much is Moniepoint POS Machine?

If you want to get POS machine, you’ll have to pay N25,000 which is less than other POS devices.

What is Moniepoint POS Charges?

Moniepoint charges 0.5% of transaction amount for withdrawals of N20,000 and below. Withdrawals of more than N20,000 will attract N100 withdrawal fee. Also, they charges N100 for transfers.

How Do I Contact Moniepoint Customer Services?

They offer reliable customer services that you can contact if you have any complaint. You can contact them via whatsapp on +2348141500017 or email at [email protected].


Moniepoint is one of the best mobile money platforms I’ll recommed you want to start POS business. They have a transparent working system which is what makes them stand out.

In addition, they offer better rate to their agents compared to what most banks offer their agents. And if there’s any issue as regard your transactions, you don’t have to worry because moniepoint will settle it that same day.

There’s a whatsapp group created for agents to help each other. So you can also join the group as an agent.

I hope you found this post about moniepoint helpful.

If you need to ask a question, make use of the comment box below.

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