Ostmine Review: Legit or Scam? Find out Here

Ostmine is a platform that claims to help you make money by mining Cryptocurrency.

There are lots of Bitcoin mining sites, and most of them are not worthwhile. As a result, I’ve discussed certain things you need to know before joining.

After reading this Ostmine review, you’ll know if it’s legit or a scam. Also, you’ll know how the whole thing about the website works.

Let’s dive in.

About Ostmine

Ostmine is one of the blockchain computing power cloud platforms that allows you to mine Cryptocurrency.

According to them, they provide global users with Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), FIL, and other crypto mining services.

about ostmine mining

They claim that it was founded by the top investment institution in the United States and Canada CIBC. The platform was created in 2019.

How Does Ostmine Work?

Ostmine focuses on cloud computing power and provides low-threshold digital currency mining services.

At the moment, it provides mainly mining machine leasing, sales, and services for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and FIL coins.

There are many plans on the platform. You just have to choose the plan that you want and invest in.

Depending on the plan you choose, the purchasing price (the amount you would like to invest) and the validity period vary.

The minimum amount you can invest is $12 which gives $30 ROI for 30 days. You’ll receive the interest of $1 daily which sums up to $30 for a month.

Is Ostmine Legit or Scam?

After thorough research, I noticed many red flags about ostmine.

They give a very high ROI that’s not possible in any legit investment. And that’s one of the red flags about the platform.

However, Ostmine users are sharing stuff about the platform paying them, thus giving positive reviews.

So, to most of their members, it does not matter if Ostmine is a scam. They don’t have to care since the platform is paying them. And you might also be thinking giving it a try is worth it.

But, before you involve yourself in the risk, here are certain things you need to know about the platform below.

What You Should Know (Ostmine Review)

The site looks unoriginal and has a low trust rating. Most of the stories on the website’s page are not true.

There’s a section on the website where they claim that they provide users with professional and high-value management services.

Also, they mentioned that its product far exceeds the industry average, it’s just a false statement anyway.

All of these claims, however, are just to convince you to join the platform.

They claim that ostmine was created in 2019, but the domain creation date proved otherwise when I checked it.

Ostmine is a pyramid scheme, and you should only join if you won’t mind losing your money.

How to Register

You can easily register and start investing on Ostmine within a few minutes.

Follow the steps below.

  • Visit the Ostmine website and click on “join” to display the registration page
  • Then input all the required details which include your email and password and click on create account
  • The next thing you need to do is request to receive a code to your phone number or your email
  • After that, click on “create an account” to register
  • In case it displays an IP restriction, you don’t need to worry, just turn on your VPN
  • Once you turn on your VPN, you should be able to create your account.

Note that you’ll have to verify with code or number. See below.

how to verify code

Just request for the code and type it in the space.

How Referral Bonus work

It’s no more news that earning platforms reward users for inviting people. And ostmine is not an exception. It helps them to grow their members and help users make more money in turn.

You’ll be earning 10% on each direct referral. Your referral earnings will be credited to your account. You’ll see it on your dashboard, and you can withdraw it with your earnings.

Also, there are 2nd and 3rd-tier referral earnings. You’ll receive 5% for the second level invitee and 2% for the third level. That helps you make even more money.

FAQs About Ostmine

Below are quick answers to some of the questions people ask most about ostmine.

Is Ostmine Legit?

No, Ostmine is not a reliable mining platform. It’s operating as a pyramid scheme. So, while you can make money on the platform, you’ve got a higher chance of losing your money.

How Can I Make Money on the Platform?

You can make money on Ostmine by purchasing mining machines, renting cloud computing power, or investing. Your daily output will be converted to cash.

How much Can I Earn?

The amount you’ll be earning on the platform will depend on your kind of investment. The more money you invest, the more you earn.

However, you can always increase your earnings by inviting people with your referral link.

How Can I Withdraw my Earning?

To withdraw your earnings, click on “withdraw” on your dashboard and follow the withdrawal steps.

You can either withdraw your funds to your USDT wallet or Bank. It depends on the one you prefer.

ostmine withdrawal options

I’ll recommend you withdraw your earnings into your crypto wallet because it is easier and faster.


Ostmine might have a transparent earning system that helps you make money. But it’s not a reliable investment platform.

If it’s too good to be true, it probably is.

However, you might want to consider giving it a try. But you should know that things might go the wrong way. And one can’t consider such loss as unforeseen.

I hope you found this Ostmine review helpful.

If you need to ask a question, make use of the comment box below.

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  1. Kaffy

    They are not paying anymore, they have scammed people ooo

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    ostmine is a scam. big one

  3. mercy

    nobody should just oooo. they have nothing to offer. they just dupe people now. pls be warn

  4. Suleiman

    Original scammer,may God Almighty deal with them as they deal with us

  5. Zahraddeen Bala Rabiu

    Well!!! I’ve always known this is how it’s gonna end. Ostmine has finally vanished within thin air with thousands, if not millions of $ dollars worth of investors funds.

    They put a lot of people into unimaginable misery, pain and heartbreak similar to one experienced by Terra Luna investors.

    I somewhat feel sorry for the less informed and those with limited knowledge regarding crypto space and such platforms as they were being misled. But those with an ample amount of knowledge in the industry were just suckers and greedy. They should have seen it coming.

  6. Samuel Omotu

    They scammed me my hard earned money. I didn’t get a dime out of it. They Will never experience peace except calamities.

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