Purenetwork Review: Check if it’s Legit or Scam

Purenetwork has been making waves about being a platform that helps users to be making money and promoting their business.

As always, if a platform hits a considerable number of requests to make a review from our followers, we’ll do it. We’ve noticed many people have been asking about purenetwork intel and its time we give our opinion.

Most of the earning websites are not worth joining. And you’ll want to know if a platform is legit or another scam. As a result, we’ve reviewed purenetwork to let you know some certain things before joining.

Whether you want to know if it is legit or how it works, this post has got you covered. This post is a complete purenetwork review.

Let’s dive straight in.

About Purenetwork

Purenetwork tech allows businesses to advertise products by displaying ads to the users of the platform whilst making users make money by interacting with the ads.

Business owners at times, struggles to make their products gets to the sight of many people. One of the ways to deal with this is display ads online. And that is what purenetwork does.

About purenetwork platform

The platform allows business owners to display ads on the platform and also allows users to make money on the platform.

According to them, “we ensure all users seeking to make more sales gets their services to the sight of many users. Also, we ensure that promoters of such products and services through networking receive rewards”.

Now let’s dive in to how purenetwork works.

How Does Purenetwork Works?

Ads Vendors partners with partners with purenetwork to display their business ads on the platform.

Business owners can register as an ads vendor to display their products to the users of the platform. On the other hand, members can make money on the websites by interacting with the ads.

Networkers will be earning monetary values for their networking skills and skill subscribers learn the current skills purenetwork offers.

How to make money on purenetwork

See the 3 main earning structures

  1. Ultimate Cycler
  2. Multi-Level Marketing Model
  3. Purepost Marketing Model

The duty of purenetwork is to link up ads vendors and customers willing to make money on the platform. So, while vendors aim is to boost their business sales, customers that’s wants to make money also benefit from the earning models.

If you want join solely to make money, then you can get started with any of the earning structures.

Purenetwork Earning Structures

Let’s take a look at how the 3 different earning structure works.

Here’s how the 3 structures works below.

Ultimate Cycler

This is a package in the growth model that ensures that all the users benefit.

According to purenetwork intel, it is neither a team or individual effort, it’s a cycle effort. You just have to register with a group or create your own group and wait for your turn to withdraw.

To become a member of this package, you’ll need to register with N3000. Once you’re a member, the system will add you to a cycle and keep cycling till everyone withdraw. Daily withdrawal is N7000 per person.

Multi-Level Marketing Model

This is networking model that requires team effort. Unlike the cycler package, it requires group effort.

Once you register, they’ll add N10,000 into your dashboard and they’ll be paying you N500 continuous spill overs from your direct downlines.

You can apply daily once your 10,000 is active. And the more stages you break, the more your chances of winning amazing prices.

Purepost Marketing Model

This is a package that deals with vendors and customers willing to make money on purenetwork.

As I’ve said earlier, vendors post their products on the website while customers interact with the products.

Vendors will need to register on the website with N5000 for a product to be displayed few times in a month.

If you want to make money on purenetwork with this package, you’ll have to register with N2500. Once you register, you’ll receive 1000 PNI, and each product impressions you give will earn you 450 PNI.

In addition, you will earn 1700 for each person you refer and 200 for indirect referrals. You can always convert all PNI to earnings you can withdraw.

Is Purenetwork Scam or Legit?

Purenetwork program seems transparent but it doesn’t guarantee a promising earning system. In other words, while you can make money on the platform, there’s no guarantee that you won’t lose your money.

Besides a platform being registered, there’re lots of things to consider before one can finally decides if a platform is worth joining or not.

Although Purenetwork have being able to convince their users of being a legit platform even though some claims are not probable. I won’t want to label it otherwise, but I don’t agree with some of their claims either.

But before accusing them for making claims that are not probable, here is what you need to know below.

What You Need to Know (Purenetwork Review)

The brains behind earning platforms should be taking steps to head off the collapse of earning systems. But it seems they are yet to figure out a way to make a platform worthwhile. And if that’s the case, they should not be making false promises.

Although purenetwork might have a transparent earning system, its still not worthwhile. For instance, their cycler earning system allow you to make money for doing nothing. No legit platform will pay you for not doing anything.

There should be enough vendors as customers willing to make money on the platform. And unless it looks promising, there might not be enough ads for customers to interact with. This means there’s no guarantee you won’t lose your money.

The website top earners

Purenetwork might just be another modus operandi that’s not worthwhile. No one is trying to let you make money, they are just trying to use you to make money. But if you’re also benefitting while they’re making money, that’s a different thing.

FAQs About Purenetwork

Below are quick answers to some of the questions people are asking about purenetwork.

Is Purenetwork Legit?

You can make money on Purenetwork earning platform. But you should join only if you wouldn’t mind if you lose your money.

Does Purenetwork pay without referral?

The platform claims you don’t need to refer people to the platform before you can withdraw. So, once you meet the minimum withdrawal amount, you can cash out your earnings.

How Much can I Earn?

This might depend on the earning system you join. The more you interact with the products, the more you earn. And since you can refer people to increase your earnings, the more people you refer to purenetwork means more earning.


Purenetwork earning platform isn’t the first of its type. There’s been lots of it with the same system before. And instead of trying to make it work following the collapse of others, its always the same.

There’re lots of earning proofs already, but you don’t have to opt in because of proofs. You should join only if you can afford to lose the money you’ll use to register.

I hope you found this purenetwork review helpful.

If you need to ask a question, make use of the comment box below.

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