Xtraincome Review: Legit or Scam? Find Out Now

Xtraincome review

Xtraincome is an earning website with the aim of helping you make money online by performing some tasks.

Most earning platforms are not usually what they claim to be. And we can’t deny the fact that xtraincome might be one of them considering its earning system.

This type of website is getting too much, and most people are bored of their fake promises already. As a result, you would want to know if xtraincome is legit or scam just like most website.

In this post, you’ll find out if xtraincome is legit or scam and how it works. So, you’ll be able to decide if you should join the platform or rescue yourself from another scam.

Let’s dive straight in

About Xtraincome Earning Platform

Xtraincome is a website that allows you to make money online just by performing some tasks.

It’s just like it sound; you can earn extra income to your bank account anytime. You just have to be doing the tasks the website offers to its members. in addition, you can be an affiliate to earn more money.

About xtraincome earning platform

They claim to be a trusted company with the goal of helping people earn extra income to your account with your phone.

According to them “Our goal is to give access to thousands of people to learn more digitally and earn extra income regardless of their status”.

How Does Xtraincome Works?

You’ll be making money on xtraincome by taking part in some activities it offers. Beside tasks, you can also make money by referring people to the platform.

There’s a one-time registration fee of N3000 which you need to pay before you can become a member. After registration, you can start doing tasks to make money.

See the tasks below.

1. Logging in to your account daily

2. Sharing sponsored post

3. Inviting users

4. Taking part in contests

According to them, you’ll also get N1000 charge back in your affiliate earnings immediately after registration which you can withdraw anytime.

Basically, you just have to create an account to become a member and start performing tasks to make money on xtraincome. You can as well increase your earnings by inviting people to the platform.

The minimum amount of money you can withdraw as an affiliate earner is N6000. For tasks earners, you must have 15000 tasks earnings before you can withdraw.

Xtraincome claims affiliate earners can withdraw their earnings everyday if they have at least, the minimum withdrawal amount. But withdrawal opens for tasks earners once in a month.

How to Earn on Xtraincome

See the different ways to make money on xtraincome below.

Daily login

Logging in daily, as they claim is one of the tasks that can earn you money on the platform. You’ll be earning N200 just by logging in to your account daily.

However, you won’t get paid each time you log in to xtraincome, it’s only once in a day.

Sharing Sponsored Posts

Just like some earning websites, you’ll need to be sharing sponsored posts to earn. The posts are available daily, and you will have to share it as required to earn the bonus.

Xtraincome pays N300 for sharing the post daily. This means that you’ll be earning a fixed amount of #300 each time you share the post.

Inviting Users

All earning platforms will want to invite people to earn money because they’ll want you to help let the platform reach more audience. So, while they’re paying you for helping them promote the website, you will also receive reward in turn.

You’ll receive N2200 as commission for each person you invite to xtraincome. Also, you will earn rewards for your referral’s invitees.

Taking part in contest

Besides logging in daily, sharing posts and inviting users, you can also make money on xtraincome by taking part in contest.

If you take part in a contest and win, they can compensate you with cash. In addition, you can also receive amazing items as rewards.

Is Xtraincome Scam or Legit?

I know you’re curious about knowing if xtraincome is legit or scam. Most especially, since you’ll have to pay a registration fee.

You would have heard about many earning platforms that have denied users of their money. And of course, you would want to know if xtraincome is worth joining.

Of course, the platform is paying its members presently. You even might have seen some payment proofs.
But, while you might want to become a member, there are some things you need to know before joining.

Here are certain things you need to know about xtraincome before joining below.

What You Need to Know (Xtraincome Review)

While xtraincome is paying its users, you should know that it’s not a reliable earning platform.

They need to be transparent about how they generate funds to pay their members. But, it’s only all about how you can be making money on the platform.

After thorough check, I noticed they’re making money through adverts and probably affiliate. This sound positive though but the revenue won’t be enough to pay all their members.

See the top earners according to them below. True or not, just believe what your mind tells you.

Xtraincome top earners

Probably, they’re Ponzi paying their users. So, the platform can only stay alive if people keep joining.

This means that you can, of course, make money on xtraincome. But it is also true that you may not be able to withdraw a dime from the platform.

The decision to join or not is up to you. However, you should join only if you can afford to lose the registration fee. Well, N3000 can’t change your life but at least, it can get you a Pizza.

How to Join the Platform

If you decide to join, then you can do that within few minutes.

Follow the steps below if you want to become xtraincome member.

  • Visit the site and purchase a coupon code from any of the coupon vendor.
  • After purchasing the code, click on “create an account”.
  • Fill all the required details which include your name, email and password.
  • Finally, input your coupon code, agree with their terms and tap “register” to create your account.

Once you’re a member, you can start making money on xtraincome.

See some of the coupon code vendors in the image below.

How to get xtraincome coupon code

Note that you can only use a coupon code to register one account. So, once you use it to register an account, it’ll expire.

How Xtraincome Referral Works

Xtraincome rewards its users for direct and indirect referral earnings. This means that the platform will pay you each time you invite someone. Also, you’ll receive an indirect referral earning each time your referral’s invitees invites someone to the platform.

The platform also gives welcome data bonus to new users. You’ll receive 1GB worth of data welcome gift from xtraincome once you register.

In addition, you’ll receive N1000 cashback once you become a member. That’s about 28% of your registration fee.

According to them, you’ll receive the cashback into your affiliate account which you can withdraw anytime once you are eligible for affiliate withdrawal. You’ll have to meet the threshold before you can withdraw.

FAQs about Xtraincome

Let’s take a look at quick answers to some of the question people asks most about xtraincome.

Is Xtraincome Legit?

Xtraincome is not a reliable earning platform. While you can make money on xtraincome, you should join only if you can afford to lose the registration fee.

Does Xtraincome Pay Without Referral?

The platform will pay you with or without referral. They claim users will receive tasks earnings every month from top activity earners to least earners till the revenue finishes.

How Do I Get Coupon Code?

On the website’s home page, you can select coupon code from the menu options. After that, you can then choose any of the coupon code vendors to get your registration code.

How Do I Withdraw My Earnings?

Affiliate earners can withdraw their earnings every day, and they’ll receive the payment within 24 hours. But withdrawal opens for tasks earners once in a month on the 27th. However, you will have to meet the minimum withdrawal amount before you can withdraw. The minimum withdrawal amount is N6000 for affiliate earners and 15000 tasks earnings for tasks earners.

How Much Can I Earn on Xtraincome?

The amount you earn as a task’s earner is limited to the tasks amount. However, you can be inviting people to the platform to boost your earnings. So, the amount you’ll be earning might depend on how you can be inviting people to xtraincome.


Xtraincome is just like most of the websites that pays you for performing tasks. There isn’t anything different about the platform.

It’s a Ponzi scheme that pays existing users from the money collected from new users. So, while it’s true you can make money on the platform, most people will definitely lose.

The website can only be active if people keep joining. And if the rate at which people join drops, it will eventually crash. One certain thing though, is that the platform was created to scam people, so it’s certain they’ll run away with their member’s money.

I hope you found this xtraincome review helpful.

If you need to ask a question, make use of the comment box below.

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