Canva Affiliate Program: Earn 25% Commission

Canva affiliate program review is what I’ll be discussing in this article. I guess you’ve probably heard the word “canva”. It’s a graphic design app that can help anyone create cool graphics, logo, images, and the likes. Many people have been using the app to create their designs.

There’s no doubt canva is one of the tools most bloggers or youtubers use to create graphics for their blog or channel. And, if you think you haven’t heard about the app before, you’re most likely not doing any graphic related stuff.

One of the good things about canva is that it’s free to use. However, you’ll have to purchase the premium version to enjoy the full benefit the app offers. Apart from the fact that you can use the app to create designs, you can also make money off it with canva affiliate program.

Here in this post, I’ll be talking about how to make money with canva affiliate program. Also, you’ll know how to promote canva pro effectively.

Now let’s dive in.

About Canva

Canva is a graphic design application that allows users to create graphics, logo, images and fonts. It has different templates which you can customize to your taste. Also, the app comes with tools which can be used to create and edit videos.

The app has over 50 million users in 190 countries with lots of positive reviews. It was founded by Melanie Perkins in 2012 and has its headquarters in Sydney, Australia.

What is Canva affiliate Program?

As we all know, Affiliate marketing is the process of earning commission by promoting other people’s product. Therefore, canva affiliate program is a program offered by canva that allows people make money online by promoting canva pro.

about canva affiliate program

Canva offers different options to advertise and promote canvaa pro. As an affiliate, you stand to earn $36 for each new canva pro subscriber that signs up with your referral link. And, one of the good things is that they offer regular payment options.

You just have to share your link online. So each time an interested customer click on your link and purchase canva pro plan, you make money.

Why Choose Canva Affiliate Program

There are reasons you would want to join canva affiliate program. Some of the reasons are discussed below.

Endless Choice

Canva has millions of photos. It has thousands of templates, logos, illustration and different fonts. This gives users the ability to design almost anything. The app comes with powerful tools which makes the design process very easy and fast.

You Can Track Your Sales

If you’re an affiliate of the program, you can always track your performance. It makes use of impact radius affiliate platform. Impact radius is an affiliate marketing platform that uses the latest technology to track and credit your sales. So, you’re given the opportunity to keep track of your performance in real time.

Easy Payment Options

They offer easy payment options. You can make the payment through paypal and bank transfer. Though, options for withdrawal may change depending on which country you reside.

How Canva Affiliate Program Works

The objective of most companies is to generate more sales. As a result, they offer an affiliate program so customers can promote their product everywhere on the internet. This makes their product more visible to more people. And, in the process, generate more sales.

how canva affiliate program works

This is how canva affiliate program works

  • Sign Up

You have to sign up with the impact radius affiliate platform.

  • Get your affiliate link

Once you’ve registered, you can start using your unique affiliate link to refer customers.

  • Watch your commission grow

You’ll start earning commission whenever you refer someone with your canva affiliate link to subscribe to canva pro.

What is the commission rate?

The commission rates are discussed below.

  • If the people you refer go with trial, you’ll get 50% monthly price which is $6.5 for each trial.
  • You’ll earn 100% of the monthly subscription renewals for 2 months which is $26.
  • Annual subscription earns you 25% of the yearly price which is $30.

How much can you earn from canva affiliate program?

There’s no limit to what you can earn if you join canva affiliate program. There are fixed commissions for canva pro plan. The amount you can earn depends on how much sale you make. If you have a good marketing strategy, you could be banking a lot of money.

How to Join Canva Affiliate Program

You can join and become canva affiliate within few minutes. You should know that canva affiliate is managed by impact radius affiliate platform. As a result, you’ll have to open an impact radius account before you can sign up.

However, if you have an impact radius account already, you can continue to join.

Go to canva affiliate program registration page here.

Fill in all the required details and submit.

canva affiliate program registration

After that, their team will review your account. This usually takes some hours or maximum of 3 days.

Once they approve you, you can start promoting canva pro. So each time someone uses your affiliate link to subscribe, you earn commission.

How to Promote Your Canva Affiliate Link

You can promote your canva affiliate link the way you like. Here are Some tips that can help you make quick sales.

Make use of social media

Social platforms are great platforms that allow everyone to create and share contents. If you’ve got a good stand on social media, you can share your link online to make sales. What you need to do is write good content about what you want to promote and put your canva affiliate link in the content. Interested customers can then click on the link to buy the product.

Use your blog or YouTube channel

If you own a blog or a YouTube channel, you can write a blog post or create a short video about Canva Pro with your affiliate link. Each time someone clicks on the link and purchase the pro plan, you’ll earn commission.


Canva affiliate program is one of the best if you want to promote third party product. However, you need to generate enough traffic to your blog or channel to get approved. If you’re going to use social platform, you must have enough followers on your social media before the canva affiliate team approves you.

If you have a question, make use of the comment box below.


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