Lunofund Review: SCAM or Legit 2.3% ROI Daily

Lunofund is another earning website with the aim of helping people to make money through investment.

I’ve received a considerable number of messages about the platform. People have been asking if lunofund is legit or scam. As a result, it seems it’s worth reviewing the website.

Whether you want to know if the platform is legit or scam, this post has got you covered. Or perhaps, you want to know how lunofund investment works, you’re at the right place.

After reading this post, you’ll be able to decide if the website is worth investing your money. This post is a complete lunofund review, you’ll find out everything you need to know about the platform here.

Let’s dive straight in.

About Lunofund Mining Platform

According to the website, lunofund is a bitcoin mining farm offering investment services and other earning opportunities to users.

The platform is suitable for all investors. So, whether you’re just a beginner or large investor, you can opt in to investing in lunofund. Their goal, as they claim, is to create a self-sufficient platform that provides financial solutions for their members.

about lunofund mining platform

They claim to be paying their members high return on investment (ROI). So, this means that if you join and invest on the platform, you’ll be earning high ROI.

Let’s take a look at how it works below.

How Does Lunofund Work?

Lunofund allows you to invest a minimum of one thousand naira up to one million. And you’ll be earning a fixed amount of ROI on your investment.

You will be earning fixed daily compound interest on your deposits. The ROI will be accruing on your balance daily which you can withdraw anytime through P2P system.

Lunofund will charge 25% on each amount you deposit. However, there are no charges for withdrawal.

how lunofund works

So, you just have to join, invest and start earning a decent ROI. Also, you can invite people to the platform to increase your earning.

1. Return on Investment

2. Referral Earning

You should, however, know that referring people to the platform is not compulsory; it’s just to make more money.

How to Make Money with Lunofund

These are the two ways to earn on the platform below.

Return on Investment

Investing on the platform is the main thing you’ll be doing to make money on lunofund. The 2.3% daily ROI is a very high profit, you’ll be earning around 70% in a month. And that’s almost double of the money you invest.

So, you should be expecting a decent amount of ROI, 70% of your investment. However, lunofund will charge 25% of the money you deposit. As a result, your deposits will always be 25% less. And your ROI is based on the amount in your account, not before the charges.

For instance, #20,000 deposits after the charges means that #15,000 is what will be available in your account. So, the 2.3% daily ROI for #20,000 deposit means that you will be earning #345 profits every day. And that sums up to #10,350 ROI in a month.

Referral Earning

Beside ROI, you can as well refer people to lunofund to increase your earnings. Your referral link is what you’ll be using to refer people to the platform.

You can copy your referral link and share to people to invite them. Using social media platforms and groups, you can make sure people register through your link.

Each time someone join lunofund with your referral link, you’ll receive 20% of the amount. You can also withdraw your referral earnings anytime you want.

But is the whole thing legit? Find out below.

Is Lunofund Legit or Scam?

It’s important to confirm if an earning website is legit before joining, especially investment platforms like lunofund.

You must have heard about different investment platform that have denied investors their money. As a result, you’ll want to know if it is legit or scam before investing your money.

Well, an investment platform is always at a point of suspicion if it promises a very high ROI. And in the case of lunofund, they promises to give 2.3% ROI daily. That’s 70% ROI in a month which is very high. The profit is high enough to suspect them.

But before accusing them of their bogus cases, I’d like to be fair with their claims. Here are certain things you need to know below.

What You Need to Know (Lunofund Review)

Investment platforms need to be transparent about how money flow in the platform before one can label them legit. After all, there’s a way to they’re paying their members profit.

But they claims lunofund is a bitcoin mining platform where investors can invest their money and earn a decent amount of profit daily.

The 2.3% daily ROI is too much for a reliable investment. It’s just certain that they can’t be paying such returns for a long time. Of course, it will eventually fold up; it’s just a matter of time.

There’s nothing different about lunofund, it’s just like most investment platforms that claims to give you high ROI.

Also, you should know that lunofund is not in any way an affiliate to LUNO. This platform has got nothing to do with LUNO because I’ve seen some people asking if they’re an affiliate. They have their reason for naming the platform lunofund and I don’t think it’s to convince their members. But if you think it is, then you already know what matters.

You may be asking,

Do You Mean Lunofund is a Scam?

As much as I wouldn’t want to label lunofund a scam, it’s not reliable. There isn’t guarantee that your money is safe with them.

There is a section on the website where they claim that they can’t fail like most some investment platforms. According to them, “lunofund have come to tackle different challenges by positioning itself as a decentralized organization run completely by the community which remains sufficiently self-sustianable.”

All this claims, however, are just to convince you to earn their trust. And since most people are wary of scam platforms nowadays, they have to put up some words to lesson your anxiety.

Should I risk joining Lunofund?

If you want to risk joining lunofund, then it’s really up to you.

Some people are saying it’s in the middle of legit and scam because they’re paying presently. That makes no sense anyway; it can only be either way. And in this case of lunofund, it’s not legit.

A paying site doesn’t mean a legit site. They can decide to stop working anytime which will eventually happen.
But, in the end, everything depends on you. You have the right to put your money where you think deem fit. One advice though, is to make sure you invest what you can afford to lose. So, when it eventually folds up, it won’t be a shock.

How to Register

If you’re aware of everything I’ve said but still want to join, follow the guide below to register and become a member.

  • Go to lunofund website and tap “create account”.
  • Then fill all the required details which include your account number, email and password.
  • After that, tap on “register” to create an account.
  • Finally, you’ll receive a confirmation message in your email, just confirm you email and your account will be created.

Here’s the image in the imagae below.

how to register an account

Once you create an account, you can start investing and referring people to make money on lunofund.

How Lunofund Referral Works

As I’ve said, the platform also allows you to make money by inviting people to the platform. You should know that referring people is optional. If you’re inviting users, you’re only doing it to increase your earnings.

Each referral will earn you 20% of the amount invested. For example, you’ll earn #10,000 if the person you invite is going to invest #50,000.

The referral earnings will be added to your balance and your ROI will be based on the total amount you have in your account.

FAQs about Lunofund

Here are the questions people ask most about lunofund and their answers below.

Is Lunofund Legit?

Lunofund is operating as a Ponzi scheme. You should join only if you wouldn’t mind losing your money.

Is the Platform an Affiliate to LUNO?

The website is not in any way an affiliate to LUNO.

How Do I Fund My Account?

You can deposit into your account by tapping the “deposit” button from your dashboard. Once you tap deposit, you’ll see a list of active orders, you can then make a deposit. The minimum amount you can deposit is N1000.

How Do I Withdraw?

You can withdraw money from your account anytime. To withdraw, just click on the withdraw button right from your dashboard, enter the amount you want to withdraw and submit. You’ll receive the payment in the bank account linked to your lunofund account.

How Much Money Can I Make on Lunonfund?

Your earnings might depend on your investment. The 2.3% daily ROI means that the more the money in your account, the more you earn. However, you can make more money by inviting people to the platform.

Does Lunofund Pay Without Referral?

You don’t need to refer anyone to make money on the platform. Referral is optional, but you can be inviting people to increase your earnings.


Lunofund is paying investors presently but the 2.3% ROI is too much. They can’t be paying such returns for a long time. The platform is operating as Ponzi and will definitely fold up soon.

If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

But if you’re going to invest in the platform, make sure you invest with what you can afford to lose.

Hope you found this lunofund review helpful.

If you need to ask a question, make use of the comment box below.

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  1. Mohamed

    Lunofund and Xqtraders are same company created by Nigerian scammers. The platform was shut down on October 2022 and claimed they have issue with original host but in reality they ran away with money. Both are Ponzi scheme and no real investment is made. They claimed the company Xqtraders are founded by Kevin Russ and Nicholas Spurlock with Florida registration number and fake address to appear more legit. I believe these names are stolen by Nigerian scammers and they have nothing to do with Xqtraders.

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