Chinmark Review: Don’t Invest in this Scam

Chinmark is a multi national company with the aim of lightning up the burden of living within the nation. It has emerged to be one of the fastest growing innovative in Africa.

The platform provides lots of quality services that will indeed caters for the needs of every African.

On the off chance that you’re curious about how it works, this article will do justice to that. In fact, many people have been asking how chinmark investment and loan services works. As a result, I decided to put this up.

This article will surely answer most of your questions regarding chinmark group. It’s a complete review about how it works and the services it offers.

Now let’s dive straight in to the reason you’re here.

What is Chinmark?

Chinmark is an innovative organization that provides variety of services which include investment, loans and other services.

The company started as a construction brand before extending their services.

about chinmark group investment and recruitment

According to them, they’ll do their best in delivering quality and speedy services for customers.

Likewise, they’ll help in providing the most important needs of every African. And all this claims, as it stands, is not an overstatement.

They really seem to be doing well on what they claim they do. Therefore, knowing how to benefit from the services the company offers is probably worthwhile.

Chinmark Investment

Investing your money is, without any doubt, one of the ways to increase your financial status.

If you don’t invest, your desire to become financially stable may continue to be a mirage.

Until you find a way to make your money work for you, you’ll work until you die.

Warren Buffett

FinAfrica Partnership (chinmark investment) is an arm of the company that offers individuals and businesses an investment opportunity.

chinmark investment

Chinmark investment of FinAfrica is an investment company that promises prospective and existing partners a profit between 3% and 4% interest on their capital monthly.

You can easily invest in chinmark and start earning between 3% and 4% interest on your capital monthly.

The minimum duration of the investment is 6 months to a maximum of 5 years. Similarly, the minimum amount you can invest is N500,000 which will earn you 3% each month.

You’ll get your capital back at the end of your investment. So, investing your money in chinmark is just as easy as it should. No stress.

Having said that, while its easy to invest your money in any platform, the safety of your investment is what should be your utmost priority.

Above all, you wouldn’t want to invest your money in a platform that’s not reliable.

Now you may be asking,

Is it Safe to Invest in Chinmark?

Chinmark group seems to be unreliable based on my research about them. It’s a ponzi investment.

The platform is registered under CAC (Corporate Affairs Commission). While this does not really guarantee the safety of your money, they’ve made things less risky with insurance.

Axa Mansard and AIICO claim to be the insurance company backing chinmark customer’s investment.

This means that the FinAfrica partnership might be reliable to a considerable extent. As a result, investing your money in chinmark shouldn’t be scary. But our research confirms that it is not reliable and you should not invest your money in the platform.

How Chinmark Loans Works

The company gives loans to individuals and businesses with valid bankable collateral.

At some point, you may need to get loans to attend to some urgent situations. Or perhaps you want to start your business but needs money to finance it, chinmark loan always got you covered.

about the company loan services

The loans finances business with a monthly interest rate which is paid into the lenders account.

When the loan period expires, the lender will have to pay back to retrieve the collateral. However, small business owners can access funds between 50K and 100K without collateral.

To get the loan, you just need to;

  • Apply and submit your application. You’ll have to input all the details you need to access the loan. This helps the company gathers some basic information about you.
  • Wait for approval. Once you provide all the necessary details, the next thing is to wait for chinmark to verify your collateral.
  • After the verification is approved, the loan will be available within 24 hours.

What are the Services Chinmark Offer?

The company also offers different services such as medicals, investment, loans and other services. See the services the platform offers and how it works below.

Home and Shelters

As I said earlier, chinmark started as a construction company. They claim to be one of the leading construction brand in Nigeria.

The company helps in constructing and maintaining buildings for individuals who pay the project sum. And they erect the structure in good quality.

Likewise, they offers interior designs, property management, estate development, real estate consultancy services and the likes.

Chinmark Farm

They provide healthy food supplies at affordable prices.

Products such as crop, diaries and protein supplements are available for teeming populace at an accessible venue.


The aim of this arm is to provide quality Medicare. They claim to cater for all ages and categories of medical services. And also help reduce the rate of mortality in the nation.


This arm of chinmark group offers transportation services. You can order for any of their ride services such as airport pickups, drop offs, trips and the likes.


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