Nesteinvestment Review: Scam or Legit 30% ROI

Nesteinvestment provides investors with high winning chances on their trades, and you might want to partner with the platform for investment if you’re not an expert trader.

Trading is one of the sweetest ways to make money in the financial market. But you have to do it right because, as much as investment can make you become financially buoyant, it can also wreck you.

So, you have to invest but instead of opting in to any investment platform that comes your way, carefully choosing the legit ones is what you should be doing. And Nesteinvestment might be the investment platform to invest your money.

In this post, we’ll take a look at some certain things about nesteinvestment. The main aim is to give you an insight so you can decide if it’s worth investing in the platform.

Now let’s dive straight in.

What is Nesteinvestment?

Nesteinvestment is a trading platform that provides you with a bot that has a good winning rate. The AIA bot will be doing technical analysis and executing trades on your behalf.

The company offer trades for investors on forex, gold, and commodities.

About nesteinvestment

They have some licenses for operating as a trading company. We’ve discussed what you should know about their regulations in this article.

But let’s first take a look at how this trading platform works.

How Does Nesteinvestment Works?

Investing in Nesteinvestment is as simple as it should.

You just have to join one of the investment packages, register an account on the website, join an investment package and after that, the bot will analyze the trade, select currency pairs, start the trade, and take out profits.

While the robot does the trading, all you have to do is watch the results.

Nesteinvestment Packages

Nesteinvestment has 5 packages for investors. The smallest you can join is the basic plan.

See the 5 packages below.

  1. Basic
  2. Standard
  3. Classic
  4. Premium
  5. Expert

The basic plan is the smallest package you can join between $30 and $5000. For the standard, you’ll need to invest between $5001 and $30,000, the classic and premium requires $30,001 – $70,000 and $70,001 – $100,000 respectively. Expert package is the biggest, and you’ll need to invest $100,000 to a maximum of $1,000,000.

Different nesteinvestment packages

Investors should expert returns in 7 days for all packages except the Expert packages which is 30 days.

You’ll be seeing how the trade is doing on your account. And it’s up to you to decide when to withdraw your profits. The profit is usually around 15% monthly, depending on the plan.

Is Nesteinvestment Scam or Legit?

There are always uncertainties about platforms that claim to help you trade with your capital. And the reason for this is that most of them are not transparent enough about how they treat people’s funds.

As it stands now, Nesteinvestment is paying its users. You would have seen different payment proofs on the internet.

However, some Ponzi projects portray themselves as a forex trading platform. And one might doubt the platform considering the profit.

Here’s what you need to know before joining nesteinvestment below.

What You Should Know about Nesteinvestment

You should understand that you are not the one to trade yourself with the help of signal. What you need to do is join a package and the platform does the rest.

If you know how trading works, you’ll agree with me that there can’t be a fixed amount of profit on trades. But, nesteinvestment promised investors a fixed amount of profit and that alone is worth a question.

This is not to increase your anxiety about nesteinvestment though, as you’ve got a good chance to make it with investment to not investing at all. But you need to know what you’re doing because most investments are not worthwhile. And it is better to not invest at all than investing in a scam.

Nesteinvestment has its risk just like most investment. Hedge fund are super risky, stocks can go up or down at any time and trading might not behave the way you think it should. So, you have to know the risk before investing.

But nesteinvestment guarantee a fixed interest. And that doesn’t seem to be possible because everything won’t always go the right way. They are supposed to make clear the risks their users should expect but they don’t and if things lag a bit, they can only Ponzi-pay their users.

Should You Invest in Nesteinvestment?

Whether or not to invest in nesteinvestment is up to you. You can always put your money wherever you think deem fit.

If you’re asking, did i know anyone that’ve invested in the platform? Well, maybe yes, that’s not necessary though.
But if I have my money in the platform, you should know that I understand the risk and some certain things one should know.

There are lots of positive reviews about nesteinvestment and it’s seeming they are making progress in trying to convince their users that its legit. As much as I wouldn’t want to say otherwise, you really need to be careful.

They might not be fully transparent about how they treat their users fund though. A certain rule of thumb is to understand the risk and invest the amount you can afford to lose.

Nesteinvestment Regulations

They have a license even though the license is not strong enough for this type of investment platform.

These registrations may mean that you can entrust your trading capital in Nesteinvestment. However, while they have some licenses to operate as a trading platform, it’s not enough for a broker.

In other words, they need to be registered under some regulators before one can label them as a reliable platform.

Why Should You Doubt Nesteinvestment If They Are Paying as Promised?

Investors of the platform are giving positive reviews about the platform. After all, the platform is paying at the moment.

But why should you doubt the platform?

Well, in my opinion, investors of Nesteinvestment are at high risk of losing their money.

They claim you’ll be earning more than 15% ROI consistently is not possible even in forex trading.

It’s not possible to be making more than 15% ROI every month. Even expert traders can’t make such claims.

If you’re asking, but how are they paying investors?

They can indeed be making profit, but the profit can’t be enough to pay investors such profit. They can easily Ponzi pay investors, which makes the platform some sort of pyramid scheme.

This does not mean you won’t make money as an investor. But, even if the trading doesn’t go well, they can easily pay earlier investors using the money from new investors.

Pros and Cons of Joining Nesteinvestment

Now that you’ve known some certain things about the platform, it’s up to you to decide if you should invest or not.

Pros of joining

You might want to join if you want enjoy its benefits, not minding its reliability.

  • Investors be making high ROI which you can withdraw anytime
  • There’s no real thing you’ll be doing, you just have to watch your money grow
  • Investors can make more money by inviting users

The ROI is high and you can only claim to know very few platforms paying such returns.

Cons of joining

Here’s why you should think twice before joining nesteinvestment below.

  • You might lose your money
  • No strong license to operate as a trading company
  • You can’t hold anyone responsible if any issue arises

Your trading capital is at risk. There are lots of things that make Nesteinvestment a very high-risk investment. Also, the license is not strong enough for a legit investment company. In addition, if any issue arises, you’ll have to bear the loss

How to Invest in Nesteinvestment

You’ll need a minimum of $30 to invest in the smallest package which goes up to a maximum of $1,000,000.

Follow the guide below to register

  • Visit the website’s registration page
  • Input all the required details which include your email, phone number, and password
  • Enter the OTP sent to your email to verify your account

See what you need to fill below.

st registration guide

Once the registration was successful and you’ve invested, the AI bot will start trading on your behalf. You just have to watch how your money grows.

You should know that the bigger the plan the bigger the ROI.

FAQs About Nesteinvestment

Let’s take a look at quick answers to some of the questions most people ask about Nesteinvestment.

Is Nesteinvestment legit?

While you can make money if you join Nesteinvestment, you should know that you’re dealing with a high-risk investment platform.

How much is the ROI?

The profit is fixed and the expert package pays the highest profit.

Why should you doubt the platform if it had the license to operate?

The registrations they have is not enough for a broker. And they might stop working anytime.

So, you have to be careful as you may lose your money to the platform.


Nesteinvestment is not a transparent trading company you can rely on. Reliable trading will let their investors know the risk.

But it promised a fixed ROI monthly which is not possible in forex trading. At least, one can’t be making such profits consistently in forex.

The only way they can pay such profit is by moving money from new to earlier members, kind of a Ponzi scheme.

This advice is strictly an opinion, you have the right to put your money where you think deem fit.

Hope you found this Nesteinvestment review helpful.

If you need to ask a question, make use of the comment box below.

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