Affiliate Marketing Programs [5 High Paying Affiliates]

One of the fastest ways to make money online legitimately is to make money with affiliate marketing. Some available affiliate programs in Nigeria gives many people the opportunity to make money online.

For some bloggers or website owner; it’s one of their major sources of income. As an affiliate marketer, you need little or no investment to get started.

You can start an affiliate marketing business on a part-time basis. You can always promote product at your own convenient time. Some successful affiliate marketers have even turned it to a full-time job.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

Affiliate marketing is just a way in which you partners with an affiliate business to earn commission by promoting its product. That is to say, you make money each time you help a business promote and sell its product.

For instance, if you partner with Jumia affiliate program (you sign up to their program), then you can earn commission each time you sell its product. Which means that you as the referral make money whenever a customer makes a purchase.

To clarify, assuming you joined an affiliate business like Amazon, you will need to choose a particular product you want to sell. After you’ve chosen the product, then you will be provided with an affiliate code (i.e your personal affiliate link).

This link is what you will use to refer customers to their website. Each time an interested customer click the link provided to you, they will be redirected to Amazon. And you get paid each time a customer finally makes a purchase since it’s a Pay per Sale affiliate program.

You may be wondering what Pay per Sale mean, don’t get confused, just continue reading, it will be discussed later.

Some affiliate networks uses different payment terms which makes it possible to make money without making a sale.

Each customer that click your referral link does not necessarily need to make a purchase before you earn a commission because some affiliate programs offers Pay Per Click, and some offers Pay Per Lead. Below are the meaning of each payment methods

  • Pay per Sale

This type of affiliate program pays you some percentage of the sale price each time a customer click your referral link and finally ends up buying the product.

As it sounds, you will be paid each time a customer click on your referral link. In this type of program making a sale is not necessary.

  • Pay per Lead

In this type of program, you get paid each time the visitors you referred provide their contact information. But will not be paid if visitor does not sign up.


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Step by Step Guide on How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing Programs in Nigeria

Step 1: Choose a Niche to promote

To become an affiliate marketer, you should choose a particular niche to promote if you want to make money with affiliate marketing effectively.

Guess you’ve heard the term ‘Niche’ before, it’s a common word among webmasters and online marketers. And it’s just a particular topic you want to write about or a product you choose to promote.

So, to choose a niche in affiliate marketing means to choose an affiliate product you intend to sell.

You can always choose a niche of your choice, but to make money with affiliate marketing effectively, you need to choose it carefully.

Below are the questions you need to ask yourself before choosing the niche

  • What topic am I passionate about?

There are different affiliate marketing niche you can choose as your choice. But if you really want to make money with affiliate marketing, you will have to choose carefully the one you have in-depth knowledge about with great passion.

If you have passion for a particular thing, you are likely to spend less time doing research and will also make the writing process less stressful.

  • Is there enough demand for product in the niche?

One major thing to consider is the interest of customers for the particular niche. You should choose a niche that people demand.

Though, in some cases, the niche you choose might attract enough interest from your audience. But you should know if they are willing to buy the choosing niche too.

Without customers interest on the product you choose, you may find it tough to make money with affiliate marketing in the niche.

  • How competitive is the Niche?

As a beginner with low experience, choosing a niche with low competition is the best way to go. If you choose a niche with high competition, you might find it hard to be successful.

So always choose a niche with low competition, with time you will gain more experience.

Step 2: Create a Social Media Page or Blog

You can create a blog with much traffic to promote your product. You can even create a social media page with great number of audience.

Though, you can start affiliate marketing without creating a blog. But if you really want to make money with affiliate marketing effectively, then there is no doubt you will need to build a blog with great amount of traffic.

Step 3: Research all the Affiliate programs available in Nigeria

Before joining one of the affiliate programs available in Nigeria, you have to do some research about each of the programs and the product that you can review and find out the one that interest you because choosing the best affiliate program will determine your success as an affiliate marketer.


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Step 4: Join One of the best Affiliate Programs in Nigeria

After doing the research and have find out the one that suit you, then sign up for the program and start promoting its product.

Once you have registered. You will be provided with an affiliate link for the particular product.

You can start promoting the product by writing great content that’s relevant to the product you are promoting and adding the affiliate links in your blog for interested customers. Some of the best affiliate programs in Nigeria are listed below.

Best Companies to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

  • Jumia
  • Konga
  • Shopify
  • Aliexpress
  • Amazon


Each affiliate programs has its own pros and cons. It’s up to you to decide the one that interest you.

You can even join more than one affiliate program. And you can always promote the product the way you think will be effective.

But whichever way you choose must not violate their terms and conditions. Hope you find the post helpful.

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