Glo Affiliate Program: How to Make Money with Glo

Glo Affiliate program is a program offered by Glo for its customers.

The company as provide some beneficiary programs that allows its customers to make money online and one of such program is Glo affiliate program which is the glo mobile money.

If you are wondering what mobile money is? Don’t worry, it will be discussed later in this post.

What is glo affiliate program

Affiliate programs as always earn you an agreed commission whenever you help a company promote its product.

So, glo affiliate program is a reward based program offered by glo that rewards you by promoting glo products.

How Does Glo Affiliate Program works

This is how glo affiliate program works

  • Sign up for glo affiliate program
  • Offer mobile money services
  • Start earning rewards

So, you just have to register for the program, help subscribers in need and start earning rewards.

Which product would you be selling?

The product you’ll be selling is recharge cards and you could be earning on all successful sales made.

What you need to participate on glo affiliate program

Here’s what you need to make money as an agent

  • A mobile device
  • A valid Glo sim card

As seen above, what you need to become a mobile money agent is only a device and a sim card. But, don’t forget that no good thing comes easy. So, your time and dedication is also part of what you will need.

As mentioned earlier, the company has provided many ways for its customers to make money and the glo affiliate program is one of them. That is to say, becoming one of their agents.


What is Glo mobile money agent?

A mobile money agent is someone that has been registered by a mobile money operator to offer mobile money services. Such services include registration, cash in and out, selling airtime, payment of bills and the likes.

To clarify, as a mobile money agent, you will own a shop where customers can get some information or assistance as regard mobile money services.

How Mobile Money Agents Make Money

There are ways agents make money while they offer services. Some benefits of becoming a glo mobile money agent are discussed below.

  • Increase customer into your shop

One of the ways agents make money is the amount of customers that patronize your shop. You stand to earn money based on the amount of customers that patronize your shop. As a result, the more customers that patronize your shop, the more you earn.

  • Money earned from mobile money transactions

As an agent, you earn profit from all successful transaction. That is to say, you make money each time you engage in mobile money transaction.

You will also benefit from bonuses from global brands.

The good things about the program

Here are the reasons why it’s worth becoming glo mobile money agent.

  • High Commission
  • Business and Marketing Support
  • Low Set-Up Cost

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How much can you earn?

There is no limit to what you could be earning on the glo affiliate program. It depends on the amount of sales that you made and the amount of subscribers that patronize you. If you have a good interpersonal skill, then you could be banking a lot of money.

Therefore, I would say that how much you can earn is best known to you. It depends solely on your marketing strategy.

You can easily calculate what you could be earning ahead of time since it’s based on an agreed commission.

How to Register for Glo Affiliate Program

Now let’s dive in to sign up procedures. But, before you apply, you may want to read glo mobile money agreement.

Now let’s continue with the registration steps.

  • Sign up for glo mobile money

The first step to get on the glo affiliate program is to visit Registration page here

  • After that, you will have to fill in your details such as you name, phone number, email, address etc and click on “submit“.

glo affiliate program sign up

Make sure you fill your details correctly.

Finally, Glo will get back to you through the email you provided.

What you should know about the Glo affiliate program

I would like to let you know that high percentage of people are yet to make use of this opportunity. Therefore, it’s a potential market that you really can get yourself involved in and start making money online and offline.


To sum up, the program is really a reward based that can really earn you enough money just by providing services to its subscribers.

However, I won’t guarantee you can earn a living with it because it all depends on your marketing strategy. But trust me, the time and effort you’ll invest in it will be really worth it.

Hope you find the post helpful.

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