Giftalworld Review: Real or Scam, Read This Before Joining

Giftalworld Review: Real or Scam, Read This Before Joining

Is Giftalworld real or scam just like most money earning website? Guess this is one of the questions you would want to ask about the program. Well, how it really works and everything you need to know before you join giftalworld is discussed in this article.

Whether you want to know if it’s real or how it works, this post has got you covered. It is a complete Giftalworld review, so all your questions about the program is likely to be answered here.

Before I dive further, I would like to let you know that this is not a paid review. It’s what I’ve confirmed from few out of many that have tested it. So, either way you find the review (positive or negative), it’s just a personal opinion. Bloginsense should not be blamed for anything that may happen (now or later) about giftalworld program contrary to this article. Though, this post will be updated from time to time, so you can bookmark this page and keep checking back.

Now let’s continue

About GW program

Giftalworld program is one of the earning website in Africa. It’s an online referral organization that pays its users for performing simple tasks. This money making opportunity is open to everyone. Either you are a student, salary earners or a graduate, if you are an internet user, then you can join and start making money on the website.

The website was created on the 26th of October, 2018. According to them, Giftalworld is a legitimate platform which was legally created by a Nigerian blogger under the legal protection of Giftalworld technologies.

Is Giftalworld Real or Scam?

I understood this is one of the questions that may be boiling in your mind right now. Well, Giftalworld seems real currently (if it doesn’t turn the opposite way soon). It is a registered e-commerce website with a valid registration number under Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). Now, I believe your question “Is Giftalworld legit” is answered. It is real and they are paying their users earnings directly into their bank accounts.

I know you would have seen some screenshots as payment proof everywhere on the internet, and since not all screenshots are real, I think posting one here might not be necessary. And, if you think it is, then here is it below.

Giftalworld program alert proof

Does Giftalworld pay without referral?

Everyone wants to know if Giftalworld pay without referral because most websites of this type needs referral before they can pay. Unfortunately, for some people, getting referral might be tough at times and seeing your earnings without being able to cash it out due to referral or no referral rule might seems annoying.

I cannot guarantee that Giftalworld will you pay without referral, you may not be able to cash out your earnings without referral. However, some people do say that giftalworld pay them without referrals.

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What You Should Know About The Program (Giftalworld Review)

I think it’s time you know some things about Giftalworld program before an attempt to consider joining the program.

You should know that Giftalworld is just like most money earning website such as NNU, zinoly, newspay and co. Most of them started just like this before they turn out to be scam. And, giftalworld is not different; it has the same earning system just like those websites. However, Giftalworld is paying currently.

You would have seen reviews online claiming Giftalworld is real and not scam. I’m not saying it’s not real, there’re just some facts you really need to know.

Some even claims Giftalworld has come to stay and can never be scam. Well, it’s just their opinion, you can choose yours too.

Now, you may want to ask,

Should you register?

It’s your choice; you should know what to do. I just let you know this before opting in to the platform. It’s just to avoid any bad future stories about the program that may hurt.

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How Does Giftalworld works

You earn money on Giftalworld by performing some simple tasks which include logging in daily, commenting, sharing posts etc.

Here’s how you can earn on platform

  • You’ll receive #500 once you sign up. It’s just a welcome bonus offer and it will be displayed in your account area.
  • You earn #50 for daily log in.
  • Each time you comment on the platform, you earn #10.
  • You earn #2 each time you share any news on the site.
  • Reading news on the site earns you #10.
  • Sharing sponsored post is #50.
  • You earn #500 for each article you write for the website.
  • If you refer anyone with your referral link, you earn #1,300.You also stand a chance to earn #500, if you are among the  first 15 people to comment on a post.

How Much Is Giftalworld Registration

To become a member, you need a onetime payment of #3000. After that, you can start earning on the website.

As you can see, the tasks are simple and you will be earning performing each of the tasks listed above. The platform is also available in other countries.

How to register for Giftalworld

Giftalworld registration is easy to do; you can register on the platform without any difficulties.

There are different ways to register on the website. You can use debit card or coupon code, you can also pay to the website account.

To register, follow the steps below.

  • Visit the website registration page.
  • After that, you’ll have to fill a form. Just input your details correctly which include email, phone, username, password, etc.

Giftalworld registration

  • Finally, click on place order, follow all the procedures and pay with your debit card.

how to pay for giftalworld registration

The platform has partnered with flutterwave, this makes it possible for foreigners to make payment via debit card. Also, they can register through Bitcoin or make use of PayPal. The platform can pay their earnings directly into their bank account, PayPal or Bitcoin.

Giftalworld App

The platform has an app that can help you access your account easily. The app helps you keep track of your earning. You can Download the App on Google play store and start earning fast and easy.

Post Summary

Here are the Q$A people asks most about giftalworld program you might want to know.

is giftalworld legit?

No, the platform has crashed.

Does giftalworld pay without refferal?

According to Giftalworld, they pay their users without referral. However, most people complains the platform doesn’t always pay without referral.

How much is registration fee?

You need only #3000 to register for the program. Its a onetime payment and you can start earning on the platform one’s your registration is successful.

How can i register people and get my referral bonus?

To register someone and get your referral bonus, what you have to do is login to your account and copy your link on your dashboard. Then paste the link on your browser and register by filling in the required details. After that, your referral bonus will be credited automatically to your account.

Is sponsored post compulsory?

Yes, its compulsory you share the sponsored post on your facebook account before you can be paid.

How do Giftalworld pay?

The platform pays their users GAF earning a minimum of #4500 daily. GAS earners are paid every 2 weeks or monthly with a minimum of 5000 GAS earnings. Giftalworld usually announce their gas withdrawal date on their facebook group. They pay within few hours (about 5 hours) of request.

What does the activation code mean?

The activation code is the pin or voucher used for activation. If you use the activation code to register a prospect, your giftalworld referral bonus will be credited automatically.

Can foreigner join?

People from other countries can also join the platform. The platform has partnered with flutterwave, which makes it possible for foreigners to pay directly with their card online.

How Much can You Earn?

The amount you could be earning on the platform depends on you. For instance, it may depends on how many people you refer. The more you refer, the more you earn. So, i would conclude that the amount you could be earning on the platform is best known to you.


Giftalworld is a website that actually pays its user for doing simple task.

Everyone read news online, and if you could be earning for doing so, then why not try it. The website also pays high on referrals. They will always pay you directly into your bank account.

I hope you’ve known some key things about this giftalworld review.

If you need to ask a question, then leave a comment in the comment section below.

Important– Tick the “Notify Me” box below the comment form to be notified of follow up comments and replies.

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