Glo Data Balance: 3 Ways to Check Your Data

How to check Glo data balance on the Glo network is easy. In fact, it could be as easy as dialing the USSD code *127*0#. There is no doubt glo is one of the best among its rivals with over 45 million users.

Glo continues to find ways to increase its user’s experience. As a result, they have been giving out a very cheap data plans for their users and other eye-catching offers.

This makes them one of the best networks in the country when it comes to cheap data plans. As a result, they are widely known as grand masters of data.

If you want to keep track of the way you use your data, then you really should know how to check glo data balance which is very easy to do. Checking the data you have left allows you to manage your data wisely.

So, in this post, I’ve explained various ways you can check the amount of data left on your line with ease. This post also includes how to check the expiry date and the plan validity period.

You can check your data balance using USSD code, sms and online. All of which are discussed below.

How to Check Glo Data Balance With USSD Code

This is the easiest way to check the amount of data you have left on your sim.

To check your glo data balance with USSD, follow the simple guide below.

  • Dial *777# using your smart phone and select “Buy Data Plan” option (this is usually number 1) as seen in the image below.

check Glo data balance with ussd code

  • On the next screen, select the “Check Data Balance” option (you’re most likely to select number 4). Likewise, you can select “Manage Data Plan” option and follow the guide on the screen.

As I’ve said earlier you can also dial *127*0# using your phone to display your balance.

After you are through with the steps above, your data balance and expiry date should display.

Other Ways to Check Glo Data Balance

Apart from using code to check your data volume, you can also use sms or check it online. The process of checking your glo data balance with either sms or online is just as easy as checking it with ussd code (*777#) which has been explained above.

Now let’s dive in to some other ways you can check the amount of data you have left on your line.

How to Use SMS to Check Glo Data Balance

If you feel convenient using sms to check your glo data balance, then the process is very simple.

check Glo data balance with sms

Just text INFO to 127, after that, you’ll get a message shortly. The message should contain your data balance and expiry date.

How to Check Your Balance Online

It’s also possible to check the amount of data you have left online. If you want to check your data online, all you have to do is visit Glo HSI Portal. It is a self service portal where you can manage your glo data plans.

You should know that the methods explained above are for paid data plans. It’s not for bonuses; to check your glo bonus data balance or any other bonus you have left on your line, just use your phone to dial #122#.

Your data bonus and all other bonus you have left on your line will show up.


Glo data balance is very easy to check. Just follow any of the methods above and your data balance will display without any glitch.

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