Specta Loan: How to Get a Loan Within Few Minutes

Specta loan, just like most money lenders gives loans to individuals and businesses.

It is an online money lending platform which gives you access to loan easily within some minutes.

You can get specta loan quickly directly into your bank account within few minutes. And all you need to get the loan is a smart phone and a debit card.

How Does Specta loan Works

According to Specta loan, you can access Myspecta and Specta4Business loan types. The latter offers personal loan for individuals to attend to financial needs and the former offers instant loans for businesses of all types.

Specta loan has different packages to serve its customers which are discussed below.


This package is for everyone, whether you are a business owner or a salary worker, you can get loan up to 2 million naira with a maximum period of one year. Interest rate is between 26 – 30 percent per annum.


Basic plan gives up to 5 million naira, up to 4 years tenure. However, this plan is not for everyone. It’s for business owners and salary workers. And, you can get the loan within some minutes irrespective of bank.


Prime is for individuals and corporate. You stand a chance to earn money on your investment while you lend for urgent needs. You can lend in naira, dollars, pounds and euro.


This package is for corpers, it enables them to get instant access to loan within few minutes to begin and/or enhance their business. But you can also get the loan even if you are not a corper.

Quick Cash

Quick cash enables individuals to get small loans. Everyone is opportune to get loans up to 20,000 regardless of bank based on social media reputation and transaction history.

Specta Loan Types

Specta loan also offer different loan types to attend to your needs which include personal, education, medical, rent, wedding, etc. all of which are discussed below.


You can get specta loan for educational purpose. If you need money to acquire more knowledge in order to enhance your academic career, specta has got you covered.


One of the reasons you will need to get a loan is to attend to urgent situations. This type of loan, just has its name implies allows you to attend to urgent medical bills in case someone around you is ill and the burden of the hospital bill falls on you.


We all have a burden, and most of these burdens require money to sort them out. So, whatever it is you need the money for personally, you can always rely on specta loan.

Specta loan has provided almost everyone the opportunity to access loan and sort out all their personal issues. So, all you need to do is to use your smartphone to get the loan fast within some minutes.


If you don’t own a house, then you are probably living as a tenant in someone else’s house. And, living as a tenant requires you to pay rent bill on an agreed time.

Now that you have known the different type of loan available, let’s dive in to how to apply for the loan.

How to Apply for Specta Loan

Follow the procedures below carefully to apply for specta loan.

  • Firstly, log in to website here, then, click on “start your journey” as seen in the image below
Specta loan types
  • After that, you will see different types of loans; just select the one that matches your interest.

NB – you will need to create an account to access specta loan since you don’t have one already. It’s a one-time registration; you are required to fill in your name, email, password and BVN. Make sure you fill in the form correctly, then click “sign up” button.

Specta loan registration
  • You can then sign in to your account to apply for the loan you want
  • Finally, fill in the form provided correctly to apply for the loan.

Specta Loan Final Words

Specta loan is a good money lending platform I’ll recommend if you need urgent cash. You can access the loan easily within few minutes.

Hope you found this review helpful.

If you need to ask a question, leave a comment via the comment box below.

Get loans in Nigeria without collateral.

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  1. Bolanle Totin Apata

    My loan was approved since Friday and my card was successfully tokenised on sunday.but up till now, have not been able to access d loan.pls what should i do

  2. ADEWUMI Abimbola Eunice

    Pls it is only people using access bank you give loan to

  3. Arifabla Moshood Akanni

    Is there age limit for the loan?

    1. Bobade Ayodele

      I’m still battling with the second step i don’t know how to get my ticket number and the password

  4. Arifabla Moshood Akanni

    Is it compulsory to have account with sterling bank before one can have access to spectra loan?

  5. Tahir Umar

    Pls can I get specta loan when my bank turn over is not up to five million but my account is sterling bank account?

  6. Stella

    Please what is the returning policy

  7. Treasure

    I have been trying since last two weeks.but the transaction history is not showing can it be network

  8. Kingsley

    In specta what do you mean by Verify ticket

  9. Sunday

    How do i get the ticket number and password to verify ticket?

  10. Johnson

    Mine has been showing me not eligible . What do you think

    1. jummy

      I’m not getting my ticket number and password don’t know why

  11. Timothy udeh

    I do have issue with bvn verification while filling the form.and I HV been to my bank to check my bvn arrangements

  12. David

    Please the problem I’m having in this specta loan stuff is that Ticket Id and Ticket password, What’s the meaning of that one

  13. Taiwo

    Pls how do I get my ticket i.d,I didn’t receive it in my Gmail

  14. Godwin

    Pls how do i go about generating my ticket number know mail was send or sms in regard to that thanks i need a respond from any one who have cross that stage

    1. vitalis

      I’m not getting my tickets number

  15. chibuzor

    i cant get my ticket number and password

  16. isimail

    What’s going on
    They deducted 2k from my account to acesss my bank statement and they refused to give me loan
    And haven’t been able to get my tickets Number
    What’s going on
    Make una kindly reverse my 2k In Peace oo

  17. Emmanuel eyo peter

    Why can’t I received my ticket number in order to verify

    1. Victor Odediran

      They’ll send the ticket number to your email or phone number.

      1. deborah

        good evening, how long does that take?

  18. keassy

    Pls I am having issue with the ticket number after putting my bank account number it takes me directly to input the ticket number and password but I am not getting it either by sms or email pls is there anything I am doing wrong??

    1. Victor Odediran

      Ticket ID and password will be sent to the phone number or email attached to your bank account.

      Note that it’s not what is filled on the form. Security details including OTP are always sent to the phone number or email you attached to your bank account.

  19. Mayowa

    I do I get my ticket no and password


    How do I get my ticket number and password

  21. Chukwudi Joseph ogo

    How do I get my ticket number and password ,my phone number and email are attached to my bank account .

    1. Fatimah oluwatobi

      I’m still on the 2nd stage it’s saying that the request failed because of a mismatch tel number

  22. joshua

    I’ve not been able to get my ticket number and password sent to me

  23. Omowunmi

    What do I need to do to get my ticket ID and password, I’ve been trying since two days now nothing is showing up…

  24. Daniel

    How do I have my loan sent to my bank account

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    I have been sent ticket number and password after that I was sent a message and I click on okay and Money was deducted I never received anything since please what next?

  26. peter

    whenever my application gets to stage 3 it will say internal error, why is that happening?

  27. Tosin

    Please how much do they deducted from your account

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