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Specta Loan | How to Apply and Get Credited Instantly

Specta loan

Do you want to know how Specta loan works? Specta loan interest rate, min and max loan request, requirements, how to apply, repayment and everything you would want to know about specta is discussed in details in this article.

Specta loan, just like most money lenders gives loans to individuals and businesses. It is an online money lending platform which gives you access to loan easily within some minutes.

Most people needs loan for their financial needs. You may need money to start your business or attend to urgent situation. Whatever reason you may need the money for, Specta loan has got you covered.

You can get the loan quickly directly into your bank account within few minutes. All you need to get the loan is a smart phone and a debit card.

How Does Specta loan Works

According to Specta, you can access Myspecta and Specta4Business loan types. The latter which offers personal loan for individuals to attend to financial needs and the former which offers instant loans for businesses of all types.

Specta loan has different packages to serve its customers which are discussed below.


This package is for everyone, whether you are a business owner or a salary worker, you can get loan up to 2 million naira with a maximum period of one year. Interest rate is between 26 – 30 percent per annum.


Basic plan gives up to 5 million naira, up to 4 years tenure. However, this plan is not for everyone. It’s for business owners and salary workers. And, you can get the loan within some minutes irrespective of bank.


Prime is for individuals and corporate. You stand a chance to earn money on your investment while you lend for urgent needs. You can lend in naira, dollars, pounds and euro.


This package is for corpers, it enables them to get instant access to loan within few minutes to begin and/or enhance their business.

Quick Cash

Quick cash enables individuals to get small loans. Everyone is opportune to get loans up to 20,000 regardless of bank based on social media reputation and transaction history.

Specta Loan Types

Specta also offer different loan types to attend to your needs which include personal, education, medical, rent, wedding, etc. all of which are discussed below.


You can get specta loan for educational purpose. If you need money to acquire more knowledge in order to enhance your academic career, specta has got you covered.


One of the reasons you will need to get a loan is to attend to urgent situations. This type of loan just has its name implies allows you to attend to urgent medical bills in case someone around you is ill and the burden of the hospital bill falls on you.


We all have a burden, and most of these burdens require money to sort them out. Whatever it is you need the money for personally, you can always rely on specta loan.

Specta has provided almost everyone the opportunity to access loan and sort out all their personal issues. So, all you need to do is to use your smartphone to get the loan fast within some minutes.


If you don’t own a house, then you are probably living as a tenant in someone else’s house. And, living as a tenant requires you to pay rent bill on an agreed time.

This rent bills can be tough to pay at times most especially if you are broke. So, if you are out of cash and your rent is due or maybe the deadline date is near, you can always get specta loan and attend to the situation before your landlord start threatening you to pay your rent bill.

Personal Project

This type of loan is for those that need money to attend to project. So, If you’ve got a project you need to execute and you have no money, specta loan has got you covered.


If you’ll need money to cover up some expenses before your payday time, you can rely on specta. Payday loan is a short time loan for salary earners.You should be aware that the amounts you can access with this loan type depend on your salary.


If you are willing to be off duty for some time to relax or maybe you want to catch fun with your family, then there’s no doubt you will need some cash to do so. in case there isn’t much money with you, you can always request for loan to cover up all the expenses and pay back at your own pace.


Just as its name implies, this loan type gives you the opportunity to cover up wedding expenses. So, if you are planning to getting married and there isn’t much money with you, specta is there to help you cover up all your wedding expenses. You can then worry about paying back later.

Now that you have known the different kind of loan specta offer, let’s dive in to how to apply for the loan.

How to Apply for Specta Loan

Follow the procedures below carefully to apply for the loan

  • Firstly, log in to specta website hereThen, click on “start your journey” as seen in the image below

Specta loan types

  • After that, you will see different types of loans; just select the one that matches your interest.

NB – you will need to create an account to access the loan since you don’t have one already. It’s a onetime registration; you are required to fill in your name, email, password and BVN. Make sure you fill in the form correctly, then click “sign up” button.

Specta loan registration

  • You can then sign in to your account to apply for the loan you want
  • Finally, fill in the form provided correctly to apply for the loan.

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Specta Loan Final Words

To sum up, specta is one of the best money lenders that give loan to anyone that needs money. And, one of the good things about specta loan is that you can apply for the loan without collateral or any document.

Hope you’ve known some key things about specta loan review. Share this article with your friends on social media if it has helped you in any way.

If you need to ask a question, then use the comment section below and I’ll reply almost immediately.

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