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Wazobia Investment Review: Is it Legit or Scam

wazobia investment review

Wazobia investment is a platform with the aim of helping people to start making money online. The review about the website is what I’ll be discussing in this post to let you know if wazobia investment is legit or scam, how it works and other things you should know before joining.

The platform claims to help individuals to make money from their investment within few days. This sounds good, right? But some things are just too good to be true.

Most people will want to stay away from this type of platform which is quite understandable since most of the investment platforms we’ve seen so far are not reliable. And of course, everyone will doubt wazobia investment is a platform they can entrust their money in.

As a result, I’ll be reviewing wazobia investment in this article so you can decide if the website is worth joining. Whatever it is you would like to know about the platform, this post has got you covered. It’s an honest wazobia investment review.

About Wazobia Investment

Wazobia investment is a platform that is based on a peer to peer investment basis which designed to help people make money online in Nigeria. The website was created in 2017 and since then, they have been operating has a donation platform. They claim to give some percent of their member’s investment as profit.

According to wazobia investment, they are on a mission to allow everyone to come together and support each other. And thereby, impacting and improving the lives of their members.

wazobia investment

You should know that wazobia investment is just like most of the earning websites in Nigeria. Though, it is different from get paid to read news websites. But how it works is just like most of the earning websites, there is nothing new about the platform.

Wazobia cash Investment Owner

After thorough check on the website, there were no details regarding the ownership of the company. The website didn’t disclose the owner which is a red flag about wazobia investment. In addition, the company doesn’t have a physical location. This won’t allow their members to get in touch with them physically which is also one of the suspicious things about them.

The only way wazobia investment users can reach them is through email written at the bottom of the website. While this is good, they should have done well by providing other necessary information.

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Is Wazobia Investment Legit?

I understood this is one of the main questions you would want to ask about wazobia investment before any other thing.

If an investment platform promises insane return that seems too good to be true, I don’t think you need anyone to tell you that such platform is not reliable. I know you want a yes or no answer. Unfortunately, I can’t answer this question directly. You might have seen some payment proofs about wazobia investment paying its users, some might have heard about negative reviews from users.

Whatever it is you’ve heard about the platform, the truth is wazobia investment is not reliable. Even if you think the platform is paying, make sure you read what you should know below before you consider joining them.

How Does Wazobia Investment Work?

In this section of this review, I’ll be discussing how wazobia investment works. The platform guarantees each member 50% interest of their investment. You’ll get 50% return on your first investment after 3 days and any other investment after the first one takes 7 days to get ready. While this is true, you should know that you’ll have to make up to 5 rounds of investment before you earn.

Many people think that by investing in the platform and getting 50% interest, they have made profit. However, that is not true, unless you make up to 5 investments. This means that you won’t benefit from the platform until you reinvest up to 5 times.

You won’t be able to withdraw your earnings on if you don’t reinvest. Even if you attempt to withdraw, they will ask you to recommit before they can process your withdrawal request.

How Wazobia cash Investment Referral Works

Members can also earn by referring people to the platform. Wazobia investment gives 10% commission on each referral’s first investment and 5% on other investment. For instance, if you referral invest #50,000, you’ll earn #5000 on first investment and #2500 when the person reinvest the same amount of money.

You should know that you cannot reinvest an amount which is less than your first investment. In short, this is how it works.

  • Register
  • Pay to activate your account
  • Wait to be paired and make payment
  • Click to withdraw once you’re set for withdrawal

The minimum payment on wazobia investment is #10,000 and maximum of #1 million (you can also pay in bitcoin). you’ll be earning 10% referral bonus each time you downlines make payment. In addition, you’ll become a guider if your refer up to 10 active users.

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What You Should Know (wazobia Investment Review)

If you’ve heard about MMM or probably one of its members before it crashed, I guess you would agree with me that it has the same earning system. As a matter of fact, if MMM can fail when they pay 30% interest in 30 days, then wazobia investment will surely crash soon with the 50% ROI in 3 days.

Most of this websites are not always reliable. What they do is pay for some time and then stopped paying after a short while. And, wazobia investment will likely follow the same fate. One sure thing about this type of earning websites is that it will surely crash soon. No matter what they use their member’s money to do, the return can’t be so huge that they’ll be able to pay their users such ROI.

If you think, wazobia investment won’t disappoint its users anytime soon; you shouldn’t expect the platform to last forever. It’s apparent most people don’t trust online donation platform anymore which is quite understandable. In fact, there’s a section on wazobia investment website where they mentioned that people had lost trust in online donation platforms.

But wazobia investment claims that the platform can work if we all thrive, persist and deals sincerely with each other. They assure their users that they will be very strict in their rulings to keep the platform safe and progressive.

Now, you may want to ask,

Is the risk worth it?

In case you are thinking if you should risk joining wazobia investment, you are not alone. Let’s consider this, the only thing we know about this investment program is that they promise 50% return on investment. No one knows what they are using their member’s money to do. We don’t know what they are investing into.

The lack of necessary information doesn’t make the platform reliable. And, considering the fact that wazobia investment gives 50% ROI, why would you think it’s real. At least, you should know that they can’t be trusted, even if you’ve heard that they are paying.

If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

With that said, it’s up to you to decide if you should join wazobia investment. If you don’t mind losing your money, you might want to give it a try. But, if you hate getting scammed, just bail yourself now when things are under your control. I don’t really know about you, but I would never join this type of investment platform.

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How to Join Wazobia cash Investment

If you’ve read everything you should know about wazobia investment above but still want to invest, I’ll walk you through how to register, even if the decision to join the platform might be wrong. Just follow the guide below.

Visit Wazobiacash investment platform Registration page and click ‘Register’ at the top right corner.

Input all the required details which include your phone number, email address and password and click on ‘sign up’.

wazobia investment registration

After that, you’ll have to add your bank account details. Just enter your account number and click on ‘proceed with this detail’.

wazobia cash bank details

Next, click on ‘Activate my account’ button.

Once you click on the ‘Activate my account’, follow the steps below to activate your account.

You’ll have to state your request on the system by clicking the “Pay activation fee” button.

You will be required to pay a onetime activation fee of #1000 to another user on the system. You may pick the choice to pay with bitcoin. And, you are to make the payment within 24 hours.

wazobiacash activation fee

Make payment of the exact amount to the user’s account details (this information will be given to you by the system on your dashboard). You can make payment through bank transfer, bank deposit or internet banking. You’ll have to click on ‘view bank details’ button to see details.

Click on “I’ve paid button”. The system will be notified that you’ve made the payment.

Then you’ll have to call the user through the phone number given to you.

Once your payment is confirmed, your account will be activated and you can start investing. You should not pay to any other account beside the one the system gives you on your dashboard.

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Wazobia Investment FAQ

The answers to some of the question people ask most about the website are discussed below.

Is wazobia investment legit?

Wazobia investment is not a reliable platform. Your money is not safe with them. I’ll advise you to stay away from it.

How much is the registration fee?

You need to pay a onetime registration fee of #1000 to join wazobia investment. Once you paid, you can start investing.


I won’t recommend you join wazobia investment because they can’t be trusted. It’s a ponzi scheme; most of the money paid is accrued by the owner of the platform. Earlier investors are paid with the money taken from new investors. If you’re willing to join, I’ll advise you to invest wisely as you’ll likely lose part or your full investment.

Hope you found this wazobia investment review helpful.

If you need to ask a question, make use of the comment box below.


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