Theexoduses Review: Legit or Scam, Read Before joining

Theexoduses review is one of the money making related review we shall be discussing in this article. This review will let you know how the program works or perhaps to know if it’s legit or a scam website. Whatever it is you would like to know about theexoduses, this post has got you covered.

Just like most of the money earning websites, theexoduses also requires you to pay before you can register. And of course, you would want to know if the program is one that is worth joining.

As a result of this, I’ve discussed in this theexoduses review everything you should know about this website. Perhaps, to let you know if it’s a platform that’s worthwhile. Everything you would want to know about this program is likely to be found in this theexoduses review.

Now let’s get started.

About Theexoduses

Theexoduses is an affiliate network startup which was launched in January 2020. According to them, they have partnered with some of the websites like Jumia, Konga, Payporte and the likes. The platform generates revenue from the sales they direct to those companies.

The website is a marketing platform that works as an online channel to connect merchant to their buyers. They help to promote companies products across the internet.

Is Theexoduses Legit

Considering the fact that most of this earning websites are not reliable, the question “is theexoduses legit” is what everyone would want to ask before an attempt to consider joining the platform. Well, they just launched the website and payment is yet to be paid as at the time of writing this review. Therefore, I’ll just let you know my personal opinion about theexoduses.

The platform is very likely to start paying its users soon, that’s just my opinion. So, if you want to make money on the website, you should join at this early stage of the program and start earning before the program start having issues.

But, even though I’m trying to let you know that they might be paying soon, just make sure you read what you should know about theexoduses below before an attempt to join the program.

What You Should Know About This Program

This type of money earning websites are not reliable, your money is not really safe with them. I guess you’ve heard about racksterly or probably you’re one of its members before it crashed. They don’t last long; all they do is pay their members for some time and then turns out to be scam soon.

If those behind the so-called racksterly are not the one that create theexoduses, it’s apparent that theexoduses is just like rack sterly since they both has the same earning system.

All that being said, you should know that theexoduses is not safe just like rack sterly. It’s a program that won’t last forever. So, you should not be tricked to join a program that’ll crash soon.

However, you can register for theexoduses if you know you can bear the risk behind it. So, if you decided to join them, you should know that you are capable of withstanding anything that may happens to theexoduses in the future.

How Does Theexoduses Work

Just like most websites that pay you for sharing adverts on social media account, theexoduses pay you for sharing a business of your choice on your facebook timeline.

The products you’ll be sharing generate more customers for the companies which in turn mean more earning for theexoduses users and the platform.

To become a member of the exoduses, you have to subscribe to one of the plans available on the platform. The different type of plans and how it works are discussed below.

Theexoduses Subscription Plans

1. Small

To become a member of this plan, you need $15 to subscribe. After subscription, you’ll start earning $1 daily for 30 days.

2. Big

This plan is a little bigger than “small”, you have to subscribe with $45. With this plan, you’ll be earning $3 daily for a month.

3. Mighty

This is the biggest plan available on theexoduses. You need $75 to subscribe and start earning $5 daily for 30 days.

Each of the plans grants you access to the platform for a month. You’ll need to renew your subscription every 30 days.

However, you may not have to renew after 30 days if you can refer 6 people to your current plan before it expires. This means that your subscription period will be extended to another 30 days at no extra cost.

How theexoduses Referral Works

One of the ways to earn more money on the platform apart from your daily earning is referring people to the platform.

Here’s how theexoduses referral works

  • If a referral subscribe same day as you, you earn 30%.
  • You’ll earn 20% if a referral subscribe on the 2nd day of your subscription.
  • If a referral subscribe on the 3rd day of your subscription, you’ll earn 15%.
  • You stand a chance to earn $100 for top affiliate of the month (entry requires a minimum of 20 referrals).

How to Register For Theexoduses Income Program

You can join and start making money on the exoduses within some minutes. Before the registration process, I assume you have at least $15 in your bank account.

Now, let’s dive in to the registration procedures, just follow the steps below.

Visit Theexoduses Registration Page.

At the top right corner, click on the icon and then register from the list of options.

theexoduses homepage

On the next page, you’ll have to fill in your name; phone number, password etc. just make sure you fill in your correct details. After that click on create an account.

theexoduses registration page

After you’ve clicked on create an account, on the next page, you will see a welcome message on the screen.

theexoduses welcome page

Then you’ll have to fill in your bank account details which include your bank name, bank account number and account name. Then click on “continue”.

The next thing you need to do is choose the plan you want from the 3 types of plans you see on the screen and click on “pay” to continue.

Finally, you can complete you payment on the next page. You can select the “pay with card” option to pay with your debit card using paystack.

Once your registration was successful, you can start making money on theexoduses by sharing any product of your choice on your face book timeline.

How to Share Adverts on Facebook Timeline

Now that you’re a member, the next thing to do is access your account dashboard. This is where you can start sharing products on your facebook timeline.

You can choose any of the products and share it on your account. You should know that the link you shared must be clicked at least once before they pay you.

Theexoduses FAQ

The answers to some of the question people ask about the exoduses (The Exoduses FAQ) are discussed below.

Do theexoduses pay without Referral?

Yes, Theexoduses pay without referral. You don’t need to refer people before they pay you. You’ll be earning daily within your plan validity period.

Is Theexoduses Legit?

Yes, the website is legit and not a scam. However, the platform is likely to crash soon just like most earning websites.

How Does Theexoduses Pay?

The exoduses pays its users before their subscription expires. After withdrawal request, the website clears payments within 24 hours.

How Much Do I Need To Register?

You need at least $15 to join the smallest plan. You can also join the program $45 for the “big” plan and $75 for “mighty” plan.


Theexoduses is paying its users currently. However, this is just a review about the platform, joining the program is at your own risk.

The platform may crash soon, so you should only join if you can bear the risk behind it.

Hope you find this theexoduses review helpful.

If you want to ask a question, you can make use of the comment box below.


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