Stakedwallet Review: Legit or Scam? Find Out Here

Stakedwallet is one of the new cyptocurrency wallets that allow users to store and earn bitcoin and other assets with proof of stake. If you have been searching for a wallet that can earn you profit while keeping bitcoin, then staked wallet might be your best bet.

However, it’s a new wallet and many people have been asking if it’s reliable. As a result, we’ll be discussing stakedwallet review in this article. This honest review is to let you know if it’s reliable. We are keen to protecting investors to invest wisely. In this article, you’ll know how staked wallet works and some certain things you should know before investing in the wallet.

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About StakedWallet

Stakedwallet is a cryptocurrency wallet that allows investors to earn profit while keeping bitcoin and other assets. It allows its users to earn 4 times more than they do on most staking services while they store and exchange bitcoin. Staked wallet is registered in Australia and is currently handling more than 500k users.

Is StakedWallet Reliable?

Considering the fact that stakedwallet offers insane return to its client, it’s normal to doubt if it’s reliable. Unfortunately, we cannot conclude that the wallet is legit or scam because it’s still new. One might need to wait for some time to know if it’s a wallet that can be trusted.

StakedWallet Review

If a scheme promises high return that’s too good to be true to its client, it’s likely a scam. If we should consider the profits that investors can be earning using staked wallet, one might easily guess that it is likely going to turn out to be scam anytime soon. The profit you’ll be earning using stakedwallet is more than most staking services. It is almost 8 times more than its competitors.

Staked wallet doesn’t seem reliable. Therefore, we urge investors to be careful with staked wallet and invest wisely.

StakedWallet Features

The staked wallet has some features that will tempt investors use the wallet.

Store and Earn

If you store your fund in stakedwallet, you’ll get 0.2% income daily by earning with proof of stake without any limit. You’ll be earning between 0.6% – 1.5% income daily if you invest in staked wallet. The longer you keep your funds on the platform wallet, the higher your income percentage.

You can also earn without investment if you complete the tasks of the platform bounty program. You stand a chance to get SWL tokens which you can exchange for any cryptocurrency right in your account profile.

No Transaction Fees

Stakedwallet doesn’t charge transaction fee. You won’t have to pay any fee anytime you make a transaction on the platform.


Stakedwallet use personal protection method which ensures the safety of your money. The 2-FA, pin code and logging in with your email will surely protect your account and money.

Cryptocurrency Exchange

Everything you need for cryptocurrencies is displayed in the same place. Exchange fund is right in your wallet with the lowest fees. Also, exchange fee on stakedwallet equals only 1% which is 93% lower than its competitors.

Mobile App

Staked wallet allow you to send, receive, exchange and track your transaction anywhere, anytime with the mobile app. The only thing you need is your smart phone and the stakedwallet mobile app. The app is available on both IOS and Android devices.

How Does Stakedwallet Work?

If you invest in staked wallet, you’ll be earning between 0.6% – 1.5% of income daily. The longer you keep your funds on the platform, the higher your income percentage.

Here’s how the profit work

  • You’ll be earning 0.6% of income daily if you keep cypto for 1 – 3 month.
  • If you keep crypto for 4 – 9 month, you will be earning 0.9% income daily.
  • You will be earning at least 1.5% each day for keeping crypto for more than 9 month.

The minimum amount you can deposit to earn income daily is 0.002 BTC. This amount should be equivalent to the amount of the type or cryptocurrency you want to use. Stakedwallet support 6 different crypto currencies which include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Doge, BCH and Dash.

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How to Sign Up and Start Earning Profits

Sign up step for stakedwallet is easy. All you need to do is follow the step below.

Visit stakedwallet registration page.

Click on get started and enter the required details which include your email and password. Just enter your email address and create your password.

Tick the “I’m not a robot” box to fill the captcha, and then click on creates account.

How to Deposit

To deposit into your stakedwallet, login and select “deposit” at the left side of the dashboard. Then select the cryptocurrency type and enter amount you’ll like to deposit and click on “Add Funds”.

After that, send the crypto currency to stakedwallet then click on “I have sent the payment.

Once the deposit was successful, you’ll be getting 0.6% of your income. After 30 days, your daily income percentage will increase by 0.1%. This will continue after each month. That is, your daily income percentage increases by 0.1% each month.

Stakedwallet Referral Program

Stakedwallet also allows user to earn through referral program. If you can invite new users to the platform with your referral link, you’ll get up to 50% of the partner’s income. You’ll also be getting profits from the person’s invited partners up to 5 levels.

Here’s how the affiliate work

  • Level 1 – You’ll get 50% of income
  • Level 2 – 30% of income
  • Level 3 – 20% of income
  • Level 4 – 20% of income
  • Level 5 – 10% of income.

How much can you earn on the platform?

As I’ve discussed above, you can earn from 0.6% of the amount of crypto you’ve deposited which can go up to 1.5% per day. This depends on how long you allow your crypto to stay in the stakedwallet system.


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