Payme Review: Legit or Scam? Find Out Here

Payme Review: Legit or Scam? Find Out Here

Payme is an online forum that claims to pay its members for performing some tasks online. The review about the website is what I’ll be talking about in this article to let you know how it works. Also, you’ll know if payme is a legit platform or scam just like most websites.

There are many websites that claims to pay you for reading news, sharing sponsored posts and the likes. But, just few of them pay its member. As a result, I’ll be discussing payme review in this article. So, you can decide if the program is one that’s worth joining.

This is an honest review about payme forum. Whatever you would like to know about the website will be found in this post.

About Payme

Payme is a new online income program that pays its members for doing some tasks online. Some of the tasks include reading news, commenting, sharing sponsored posts and the likes.

about payme income program

The website ( was launched on May 25, 2020. And, since then, they have been providing news for their users and paying them for doing some tasks.

Is Payme Legit?

Considering the fact that most websites that pays you for reading news online are not always reliable, everyone would want to know if payme is legit before joining. Well, the platform is new, and I can assure you that they will pay you if you join.

As at the time of writing this post, payme is not a scam platform. There’s no fraudulent act about them which means they can still be trusted.

So, if you’ve been searching for ways to make money online just by reading news, payme income program might be your best bet. The platform is still new and you should join while it’s still fresh.

We’ve heard about many of this type of website that pays their members for some time and later crashes after a short while. Let’s just hope Payme won’t follow the same fate. Though, they won’t last forever, but they can at least do well by not disappointing their users anytime soon.

What You Should Know (Payme Review)

You should know that there’re lots of these types of income programs. We’ve heard about giftalworld, atpays, nnu and the likes. And, there’re more of negative reviews from users than positive. Most of this earning websites are not worth your time even though not all of the platforms are scam.

However, while most of the websites that pay you for reading news online are not reliable, you can still trust some of them. At least, you can rely on them to some extent. Payme income program is one of the platforms you can trust for now.

Here at bloginsense, we’re keen to protecting you from being a victim of scam platforms. We always make sure everyone entrust their money in a safe place. So, we’ll advise you to be careful with read news, get paid websites even if the website is paying.

You can always report any sites to us if you notice any fraudulent act. If we are able to confirm that the site is not safe for people to join, we’ll label them scam immediately.

Does Payme Pays Without Referral?

According to the website, you will be paid even if you don’t refer anyone to the platform. They claim to pay both referral and non referral earnings (full referral earnings and part of non referral earnings).
However, if you’re familiar with this type of websites, I guess you should know that you’ll need referrals if you want to earn a decent amount of money on the platform.

How Does Payme Income Program Works?

Now that you’ve known some certain things about payme, let’s discuss how the program works. Below are the ways you can make money on the website.

Daily Visit

You’ll be earning #100 when you login into your account daily.

Reading post

You’ll be earning #5 on each post you read on the platform.

Sharing sponsored post

Payme assign a post to its member’s dashboard daily to share on their facebook timeline. Each time you share the post, you’ll earn #150. Just like most website that pay you for reading news online, sponsored post is compulsory.

Selling codes

You can also earn on the platform by selling codes. Once you’re a verified distributor, any code you sell for the website attracts a certain percentage of gain. As a distributor, you can be earning a decent amount of money monthly. Just check the “buy coupon” page to see how you can become a vendor.

Bringing Advert

Payme allows anyone to place advert on the platform. You can tell people about the platform’s cheap rates of placing adverts on payme and when they are interested in placing advert, you will get up to 50% of the amount charged for advert.

Referral bonus

One of the ways to earn a decent amount of money on the platform is referring people to the platform. You’ll be earning #500 each time you refer person to the platform with your referral link.

How to Register

You can become a member of payme income program within some minutes.

What you need to do is buy coupon. some of the platform’s coupon vendors are in the image below.

payme coupon vendors

Once you have the coupon code, you can register by filling up the registration form.

After your registration was successful. You should be able to start earning on the platform.

Questions People Ask Most About the Platform

The answers to some of the questions people ask most about the website are discussed below.

Is Payme Legit?

Yes, the website is legit, real and not scam. You can join and start earning by doing some simple tasks online.

Does Payme Pay Without Referral?

According to payme, you will be paid even if you don’t refer people to the platform. However, you won’t be paid your full earnings without referrals (40% for non referral, 100% of referral earnings).

How much is the Registration Fee?

To become a member of payme, you’ll need to pay a onetime payment of #800. Once you’ve become a member, you can start earning by doing the tasks the website offers for its users.

How to Register a Friend?

As I’ve mentioned earlier, one of the way to earn on the platform is inviting people to the platform. To register a friend, follow the guide in the image below.

payme registration

How to Withdraw?

You can withdraw you earnings weekly and get paid in less than 72 hours after your withdrawal request (both referral and non referral).

How much can I Earn?

There’s no fixed amount you can be earning on the platform. It might depend on how many people you invite with your link. In this case, the more you refer, the more you earn. So, the amount you can be earning is best known to you.


Payme is a website that will pay you for doing some tasks online. If you really want to make money online by reading news, you can join and start earning.

Hope you found this payme review helpful.

If you need to ask a question, make use of the comment box below.


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