Online Stores in Nigeria to Buy and Sell Product

Online Stores in Nigeria to Buy and Sell Product

Selling designs online is now much easier than ever because of some available online stores and marketplaces in Nigeria.

We all know that technology is getting more advanced. And with the growth of technology in the country, the use of internet is so wide to the extent that you can almost do anything you can think of online.

For instance, social media platform and the likes have been successful over the years, making more people embrace the internet. So, making them to examine many useful things that can be done online.

About E-commerce

As a result,  the rise of e-commerce in the country has become very important.

It’s no longer new that people are taking advantage of online shopping.

It is now easy to shop from the comfort of your home, offices or anywhere rather than going to an offline store because of the online stores and marketplaces available in Nigeria.

People will want to buy your product online. At least, if people can buy stuffs offline, then why can’t online. Buying stuffs online is even much easier and less stressful than offline.

As a small business owner, you will want to consider having an online presence and start selling your product online to reach more audience.

In addition, selling your product online is easy and beneficial as it helps businesses to reach more people even without owning a shop or store.

It will save cost and as a result, allow you to provide better rate to customers as the cost will be reduced.

Individuals and businesses can take the advantage by bringing their product online, anyone can (even you).

The most frequently asked question among the average business owner is where and how to sell their products online effectively.

So, in this post, we will enlighten you on some available online stores in Nigeria. Best marketplaces that allow you as a Nigerian business owner to sell your products.

Online Stores and marketplaces available in Nigeria that allow you to shop online

1. Jumia

Jumia is one of the most popular and leading e-commerce website available in Nigeria, launched in 2012.

The platform introduced its Black Friday in the year 2014. And in 2015 it attracted more than 2 million visitors in Nigeria.

Jumia as one of the largest online stores and marketplaces in Nigeria is likened to Amazon and the top e-commerce websites because of its uniqueness.

The platform gives you the opportunity to buy and sell almost any form of product.

All you need to do is to register on the platform, upload your deals to start selling your product to earn. Register on Jumia here.

2. SME Market Hub

The SME market hub is an e-commerce platform that was launched by GTBank Plc.

The website is one of the online stores and marketplaces available in Nigeria where small and medium enterprise can buy and sell their goods and services online.

Not everyone has the money required to set up a professional e-commerce website because setting it up can be expensive.

So, SME market hub let you build a fully hosted online store for your business for free.

You can add the information of the product, sell online and also receive payment directly online. This can be done with any debit card in the country.

To register,

  • Log on to SME Market Hub
  • Navigate and click on “sign up” button
  • Fill in your correct details in the sign up form and click “create my store”
  • Now that you have created your store. You can upload your product and services to make money.


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3. Konga

Konga is one of the largest online stores and marketplaces in Nigeria launched in July 2012 which offers product that spans various categories.

It owns large warehouses stocked up with goods. And it is located in key cities such as Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt.

Konga has fast delivery and precision just like Jumia. So, you would never have to worry about selling products and accessing all your want at your convenience.

Konga allow all businesses of all type to sell and showcase their product on their website. They are committed to finding ways of improving their customers shopping experience.

4. Vconnect (Nigeria online stores and marketplaces)

Vconnect is one of the online stores and marketplaces in Nigeria where trusted business owners find and connect with real customers.

The platform help users hire professional for all service needs. It is a good marketplace because it’s easy to use.

Vconnect contains many services and some of them are, repair and maintenance, event and entertainment, business services and logistics.

5. JiJi is a free online website founded in 2014.

It is also one of the online stores and marketplaces available in Nigeria that provides buyers and seller with an avenue to meet and exchange goods and services.

The platform provides hassle-free solution to buy and sell almost anything online.

As a seller, you can post ads with images of the product you want to sell. Buyers are opportune to meet with the seller by calling or sending messages.

JiJi also allow seller to update the product they want to sell anytime.

buyers can even leave a review of the product when the deal has been executed. It is a good marketplace because it’s easy to use and completely free.

6. Printivo (one of nigeria online stores and marketplaces)

Printivo is an online print provider that allows its customers with free template created by designers across Nigeria.

It is one of Nigeria’s most popular print stores and marketplace.

The platform is one of the online stores and marketplaces in Nigeria. It allow designers to make money by selling their designs to customer.

To register on Printivo

  • Visit to register and open a free store
  • After that, create your designs and
  • Post your designs for sale.

Know how to sell designs on Printivo effectively.

Then you can start making money each time a customer makes use of your design.


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