Nairapromo Review: Legit or Scam? Read This Before Joining

Nairapromo is a website that helps different businesses promotes their product online. The platform is just like most of the earning websites in Nigeria and people have been asking if it’s legit or scam.

The platform requires you to pay before you can become a member and you would want to know if the website is real. As a result, we’ll be discussing nairapromo review in this article. Perhaps, to let you know if the program is legit or a scam platform.

So, if you really want to know if nairapromo is worth joining or how it work, this post has got you covered. It’s an honest nairapromo review.

Now let’s get started.

About Nairapromo

The platform that helps companies promotes their products and services online. They have partnered with different businesses such as Tecno, GOTV, DSTV, Samsung, UBA, Nivea etc. And, what they do is to pay their users for helping them promote company’s product on their social media account.

In other words, nairapromo is an advertising platform that serves as an intermediary between you and advertisers.

Is Nairapromo Legit?

I guess this is the main question you would want to ask about the program. The platform requires you to pay before you register. So, you would want to know if nairapromo is legit. Well, the website is currently paying their users for sharing advert on their facebook timeline (if it doesn’t turn the opposite way soon).

The platform is registered. But even though nairapromo is paying its users currently, make sure you read what you should know below, before you consider joining them.

What You Should Know About the platform (Nairapromo review)

You should know that nairapromo is just like most of the earning websites in Nigeria. Though, it’s different from some of the websites that pay you for reading news online. Most of the websites usually pays for a short while and then crashes after some time.

If you’ve heard about racksterly or probably one of its members before it crashes, you should know that nairapromo is just like racksterly. They have the same earning system and I guess you’ll agree with me that nairapromo will likely follow the same fate. It’s just a matter of time.

However, the platform is paying its users currently.

Does Nairapromo Pay without Referral?

If we should consider the fact that most of the earning websites needs referrals before they can pay their users, it’s normal to think that referral is necessary. However, nairapromo doesn’t need referral to pay its users.

You don’t need to invite people to the platform. Although, you can invite your friends to the platform, but if you do so, it’s just to increase your earning. Referral is not necessary.

How referral works

Nairapromo pay 5% to 10% commission per referral depending on the plan you choose. The referral earnings will be added to your account balance which you can withdraw to your bank account along with the rest of your earnings.

You should know that you must have an active subscription before you can be rewarded for withdrawal. One good thing about inviting people to the platform is that, you’ll get 30 days free subscription.

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How Does Nairapromo Works?

Nairapromo has partnered with different businesses to help them promote their product. You can start earning daily just by sharing a business of your choice on you facebook timeline.

The product you’ll be sharing helps those companies to reach more customers. This helps those companies to earn more. So, each company pay nairapromo and the platform users also benefit from it.

Nairapromo Subscription Plans

The platform has different type of subscription plan you can choose to become a member. The different plans are starter, basic, standard, premium and pro. Each plans has its registration fee, the minimum is #1000 to a maximum of #10000.

The 5 types of plans available on the platform are discussed below.

nairapromo subscription plans


This is the smallest plan on nairapromo. To become a member of this plan, you’ll have to pay #1000. With this plan, you will be earning #70 daily, which you can cash out weekly or monthly. You can also be earning 5% referral commission on this plan.


To become a member of this plan, you have to pay #2500. You’ll be earning #180 daily with this plan which you can withdraw weekly or monthly. Just like the starter plan, you can also get 5% commission on each referral.


The standard plan requires you to pay #5000. You’ll be earning #365 daily which you can withdraw weekly or monthly. Unlike the two plans discussed earlier, you can earn 10% referral commission.


You’ll have to pay #7500 to become a member. Premium plan gives you #540 daily which you can withdraw weekly or monthly. You can be earning 10% referral commission on all plans.


This is the biggest plan on nairapromo. You’ll have to pay #10000 to become a member. This plan gives you #750 daily which you can cash out weekly or monthly. With this plan, you can be earning 10& referral commission on all plans.

Each plans grants you 30 days access to the platform which you can auto renew if you like. If you can refer 5 people to your current plan before it expires, you’ll get free 30 days sub. You should know that you are required to post advert on your facebook timeline daily before the platform pay you.

How to Register For Nairapromo

You can register and activate your account within some minutes. To become a nairapromo member, follow the guide below.

Visit Nairapromo registration page here to sign up.

Click on the icon at the top right corner and select “sign up”.

You’ll need to buy voucher code first. Just click on “buy voucher code first” and contact any of the platform’s team member to get the code.

nairapromo team members

Then you’ll have to fill in your required details which include your name, username, email and voucher code. Then click on “sign up”.

nairapromo registration

Afterthat, you’ll have to fill in your bank account details (bank name, account name and account number).

On the next page, select the plan of your choice and click on “pay” to continue.

On the next page, you can then complete your payment by paying with your card.

Once your registration was successful, you can add nairapromo profile to your friends on facebook. After that, you will be provided with a form where you can add your facebook name.

Now, you can start earning by sharing products of your choice on your timeline. See how you can share advert below.

Questions Most People Ask

Here are answers to some of the questions people ask about nairapromo.

Is Nairapromo Legit?

Yes, the website is legit and not a scam. They are paying their users earning directly into their bank account. However, this platform can’t be trusted.

Does Nairapromo Pay Without Referral?

The website pays its users without referral. You can invite friends to the platform to increase your earning.

How Does Nairapromo Pay?

Nairapromo pays its users before the expiry period of subscription. The website usually process and clears payment within 24 hours.

How to Share Product on Your Facebook Timeline

After you’ve successfully subscribed, you should be able to access your account dashboard where you can start sharing product.
On your dashboard, you can choose a business of your choice and share on your FB timeline.

How much is the Registration Fee?

You’ll have to pay at #1000 to join the smallest plan (starter) up to #10000 for the biggest plan (pro).

Can I upgrade my subscription?

The platform allows you to upgrade or downgrade your plan anytime. Once you upgrade your plan, your previous plan will be canceled and the new plan will be activated.


Nairapromo is paying its users currently. This type of earning website is not always reliable; your money is not safe with them. You should know that this is a review about the platform, joining the program is at your risk.

Hope you found this nairapromo review helpful.

If you need to ask a question, make use of the comment box below.


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