Million Money Review: Is it Legit or Scam?

Million money review is another financial related review we shall be discussing in this article. The platform is an MLM business model that allows you to earn crytocurrency. This review will let you know some certain things about the program. Perhaps, to let you know if million money is legit or scam.

If you want to join the company, it’s important to know how it works before investing your money. As a result, I’ve discussed everything you need to know about the company in this million money review. So, you can decide if the platform is worth joining or one that you can entrust your money in.

Whatever it is you want to know about the program, this post has got you covered. It’s a complete review about the platform. Your entire question as regard million money is likely to be answered in this post.

Before I dive further, you should know that I’ve done a thorough research about Million Money before posting this honest review to prevent people from being a victim of scam platforms.

About Million Money

Million money is an MLM company which was created in 2018 and allows its users to earn cryptocurrency by inviting people to the platform. It is a peer to peer system that is built on ethereum blockchain.

about million money smart contract

Million money Owner

One of the things you should know before joining this type of company is the owner. Unfortunately, Million money didn’t provide any information regarding the owner of the company. This is one of the suspicious things about them. Though, this might not be an issue for some people. But, the company should have been more original by providing all necessary information.

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Is Million Money Legit?

I am certain this is one of the questions you would want to know the answer to. Well, million money is legit and not a scam. However, the website earning system is not reliable.

One of the reasons is because the owner of the company is unknown. Also, is not offering any product to users; they only allow members to make money by referring people to the platform (just like a gifting scheme). This might be one of the reasons they didn’t disclose the company’s owner.

Although, there are some things that are suspicious about million money MLM smart contract, you should know that it’s built on ethereum blockchain and its decentralized which makes it almost impossible to hack or scam.

What You Should Know (Million Money Review)

In my opinion, million money is a pyramid scheme that is bound to disappoint its members anytime soon. The company is just like billion money and smartway. They all have the same earning system.

The lack of necessary information doesn’t make million money look reliable. And, this means they are hiding something for a reason which is best known to them. But, even if this does not bother you, there’re still some red flags that will make you doubt if million money is a platform that’s worth joining.

Million money is just like MMM and Loom money. Just think about this type of companies as an illogical pyramid scheme that favors only those that join early and later crashes when the rate at which people join slows down.

The only thing that makes million money different from other MLM platforms is the use of cryptocurrency. Now, you may be thinking million money can never be a scam since it’s built on ethereum blockchain. But, the truth is, using cryptocurrency does not makes it legit.

They rely solely on people registration fee to survive. And, once people stop joining the platform, it crashes. Million money is just like a gifting scheme and whether the system makes use of ethereum blockchain or not doesn’t make million money a legit scheme.

However, if you are very well familiar with how cryptocurrency work, I guess you’ll know that you own any digital currency that gets into your wallet. In addition, you should know that no one has the right to affect the operation of a smart contract (no one can delete or stop it).

Now, you may want to ask,

Should I Join?

It’s your choice to decide if you should join or not. I just let you know this before joining million money to avoid any bad stories about them. I won’t recommend you join anyway; you should only join at your own risk.

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How Does Million Money Works?

Million money works as a 2*5 MLM matrix. It’s just a cycle of upline and downline where you need to bring 2 referrals, your referrals also needs to bring 2 referrals each and it will continues like that.

how million money works

Here’s how you can earn on the platform.

  • Stage 1: This is the default stage for new members. You’ll have to pay 0.03 ETH. The level requires you to fill 2 positions (0.03 ETH per position).
  • Stage 2: You’ll have to pay 0.05 ETH to advance to this level. This level requires you to fill 4 positions (you’ll earn 0.2 ETH per position).
  • Stage 3: This level requires you to pay 0.1 ETH. You’ll have to fill 8 positions (you’ll earn 0.8 ETH per position).
  • Stage 4: You’ll have fill 16 positions on this level. This level requires you to pay 0.4 ETH (you’ll earn 0.4 ETH per position).
  • Stage 5: To earn on this level, you’ll have to pay 1 ETH. This level requires you to fill 32 positions (1 ETH per position).

Once you’ve completed the first matrix, you can start the second matrix. It’s just like the first matrix. However, each level cost more.

Here’s how it works below.

  • Level 1: This level requires you to pay 2.5 ETH. You’ll have to fill 2 positions (you will earn 2.5 ETH per position).
  • Level 2: You’ll have to pay 5 ETH. This level requires you to fill 4 positions (5 ETH per position).
  • Level 3: This level cost 10 ETH. You will have to fill 8 positions (10 ETH per position).
  • Level 4: This level requires you to pay 20 ETH. You’ll have to fill 16 positions (20 ETH per position).
  • Level 5: You’ll have to pay 40 ETH. This level requires you to fill 32 positions (40 ETH per position).

This is how you can make money with million money smart contract. You should know that you’ll have to renew you plan every 100 days.

million money levels

As you can see, you need only 0.03 ETH (5 dollars) to join the platform. Once you’ve joined, your registration fee will be sent to your upline (the person that referred you).

As I’ve mentioned earlier, you’ll have to invite 2 people who also needs to invites 2 people each and it will continues like that, which means you’ll have to get 64 referrals to get to the top of the scheme. In addition, you are required to pay your uplines to move from one level to another.

The registration fee of the two persons you referred will be sent to you. You can withdraw it if you want. But if you do so, your downlines registration fee won’t be credited into your account.

Questions Most People Ask

Here are answers to some of the questions most people ask about million money.

Is Million Money Legit?

Yes, million money is legit. However, the platform earning system is not reliable. You should join only if you can bear the risk behind it.

Which Product is Million Money Offering?

After thorough check, I found out that million money isn’t offering any product or services to their members. This means that they don’t invest the money paid anywhere. The only way to make money on million money is to refer people which makes them unoriginal. However, they lack of product doesn’t mean they are scam.

Will I Lose My Money If The Platform Collapse?

Million money claims that their users can never lose their money. There is a section on the platform assuring members that it works with smart contract and all data are recorded in blockchain. This helps guarantee that it will continue working even if the site is shut down.

What Do I Need to Become a Member?

What you need to become a member is a smartphone with ethereum wallet. If you’re curious about which wallet you should use, then I would recommend trustwallet for you. Also, you should join million money official chat on telegram to communicate with other participants and to obtain necessary information about


I won’t recommend you join the platform because they are not reliable. Million money is a pyramid scheme and most of the money paid is accrued by the owner of the scheme (million money’s admin). Those that gain a little are those at the top of the pyramid and losers are the one at the bottom.

The system later crashes when no one is joining the platform since the money paid to members are the money from those who join after them. Most of million money members are guaranteed to lose. And, since you don’t know exactly which stage you’ll be on the pyramid, you’ll likely lose out on the long run.

Hope you found this million money review helpful.

If you need to ask a question, make use of the comment box below.

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