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KashOutNow Review: Is it Legit or Scam


Kashoutnow is a platform with the aim of helping people making money online. The review about the website is what I’ll be discussing in this article to let you know if it’s legit or scam just like many others.

Many people have been asking if kashoutnow is a platform that’s worth joining. As a result, I’ve done a research about the platform to let you know if the website is real.

If you’ve been thinking about joining kashoutnow but don’t really know if it’s a platform that worth joining, this post has got you covered. It’s an honest kashoutnow review. After reading this, you can decide for yourself if the website is one that’s worth your time.

About Kashoutnow

Kashoutnow is a platform that claims to help people make money online. According to them, they serve as an intermediary between members getting help from one another to grow wealth for all members. The website was created in July 2020. And, what they do is just to connect everyone together.

about kashoutnow

They’re just like middle-man that peers each member on the platform together. This means that members on the platform are the one giving a loan to each other. They are not the one giving you the loan, neither the one borrowing from you.

Is Kashoutnow Legit?

I understood this is one of the questions you would ask about the website. Well, kashoutnow promises to help members cash out #64,000 within 21 days with just #1000. Without any doubt, the website is a ponzi scam that’s bound to crash anytime soon.

Kashoutnow is not a legit platform. However, some members that join early will benefit from the program.

Kashoutnow Review

There are lots of these types of websites and most of it is not worth your time. Kashoutnow is just like naijaloan. They both have the same earning system. The intention of those that create this type of websites is to scam.

Swindlers online know most people will want to make extra income due to the situation of the economy. As a result, they create an illogical earning platform just like kashoutnow to dupe people of their money. Sadly, most people fell for their tricks. It’s crazy to believe this type of platform is legit.

However, as I’ve said, some people will benefit from kashoutnow platform while most people will surely lose their money. So, you may want to join if you wouldn’t mind losing your #1000 to the platform, but if #1000 is a big deal to you, just bail yourself now when you can.

If you would concur to my opinion, I’ll advise you not to join kashoutnow because the system will collapse soon. You should know that those that joined early are paid with the money taken from new members. It’s just a nonsense ponzi scheme. After the system collapse, they will create another one with different name but the same nonsense earning system.

How Does Kashoutnow Works?

Kashoutnow claims to help their members earn #64,000 with just #1000. How the system works is discussed below.

Level 1

This is the default level for all members on kashoutnow platform. You’ll have to pay #1000 and get #4000 within 1 day which you can withdraw or use to upgrade to level 2.

Level 2

You’ll have to pay #4000 to upgrade to level 2 and get #8000 in 2 days which you can withdraw or use to upgrade to level 3.

Level 3

This level requires you to pay #8000 and get #16000 in 3 days. You’ll have to pay the #16000 to upgrade to level 4.

Level 4

You’ll have to pay #16000 to get #32000 in 6 days which you can withdraw or use to upgrade to level 5.

Level 5

To upgrade to level 5, you’ll have to pay #32000 and get #64000 within 8 days then cashout.

kashoutnow level 5

That’s how the platform claims to help you get #64,000 within few days.

How to join Kashoutnow

Go to kashoutnow website and click on “Become a Member” on the homepage.

Input all the required detail correctly which include your name, email, password e.t.c. and click on “Sign Up”.

kashoutnow registration

Once you’ve signed up, follow the guide below to know how the system works.

Login with the email and password you used to register.

Fill in your bank details and click on “done”. You should know that the bank details you input is where money will be sent to when you are due for payment.

Refresh your page and you’ll see the “start” and “withdraw” option. Click on start to begin.

Your request will be processed and you will be requested to send #1000 to another member that due for payment in level 1. The member’s details will appear on your kashoutnow account dashboard which includes the name, phone number, account number and the bank name).

After making the payment, click on “paid” and upload your proof of payment. It can be screenshot of debit alert, print from ATM machine or any other proof.

Contact the member to confirm your payment. Once the person will have to confirm your payment, you account changes from #0 to #4000.

After making the payment and the person you’re paired with has confirmed your payment on his/her page, you’ll have #4000 in your kashoutnow account.

Next Thing

Click on the “withdraw” option, the system will process your request within 24hours and you’ll be paired with 4 members to pay you #1000 each. Their details will appear on your kashoutnow account dashboard, contact them and notify them to pay you. Note that you will have to refer 4 People before the system pairs you to 4 members.

You’ll have to click on “confirm” after each member pay you. Make sure you’ve received alert before you confirm.

Once you withdraw #4000, you account will be moved to level 2.

Click on “start” again and you will be paired with another member that’s due for payment in level to pay #4000 and get #8000 in 2 days. After that, you will be paired with 2 members to pay you #4000 each. This same process is what you’ll apply to reach the 5th level on kashoutnow platform.

Members that have completed level 5 will be required to pay #4000 to kashoutnow. After you’ve completed the 5th level, you account will start from level 1 where you can start again.


I won’t recommend you join kashoutnow. It’s a ponzi scam and I’ll advise you to stay away from it.

Hope you found this kashoutnow review helpful.

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