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IBNaira: Nigeria’s First Blockchain | Register Here

IBNaira crypto currency is the first currency to be built on Inksnation IBLedger. There is no doubt Nigeria has been battling with poverty for many years. As a result, a young entrepreneur introduces a blockchain technology which looks promising to lift Nigerians out of poverty.

In this article, i’ll show you what you need to know about IBNaira and how you can register.

What is IBNaira

IBNaira is the first token to be built on IBLedger. It is the first blockchain which was introduced by Omotade Spark Amos. According to him, IBLedger can reduce poverty from any country within few months.

He also claims that IBnaira will possess all the features that other blockchain platforms (bitcoin, hyperledger, ethereum and other blockchain) posses.

How to Register For IBNaira

Before we dive into the registration process, you should know that there are different types of membership packages you can choose. The different types of packages are bronze, silver, gold and diamond which are all discussed below.


You can subscribe for this package to become a member for as low as #1000. Bronze features include sign up bonus and monthly salary, see below.

Sign up bonus (IBGrant #1,800,000).

Monthly dalary is #120,000.


You have to pay #10,000 for silver subscription. See features below.

Sign up bonus is #5,480,000.

Monthly salary is #180,000.


To subscribe for this package, you’ll have to pay #100,000.

Sign up bonus is #11,040,000 worth of IBNaira.

Monthly salary is #240,000.


This is the biggest of them all. You have to pay #1,000,000 to become a member of diamond package.

Features include;

Sign up bonus (IBGrant #99,300,000 worth of IB naira).

Monthly salary is #300,000.

You can register here, just click on sign up and follow the steps.

ibnaira registration

Usage of all funds in IBNaira will be active by August 12th 2020. Registration for Nigerians closes on April 12th 2020. So, if you want to become a member, you should register before it’s too late.


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40 thoughts on “IBNaira: Nigeria’s First Blockchain | Register Here”

  1. Emediong Iniobong

    How can I use my card to subscribe cos each time I type my card nomba it telling that it’s 17nombas buh mean while it 19nombas

  2. Pls I’m just hearing about this program two days ago, and I have registered yesterday. Pls can I still be an active member?

  3. i want to register but am paying wit my atm card n d expire date is 2023 n on d lint is 2024……. pls how can i pay

  4. I got this information today.. And when I saw the closing date I was happy because I would have registered in time.

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