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Crowdyloan Review: Legit or Scam? Find Out Here

crowdyloan review

Crowdyloan is just another lending platform with the aim of helping people make money online. This review will let you know if the platform is legit or scam just like most income programs.

It’s no more news that most websites that claims to help you make money online are not really what they claim to be. In other words, most of the websites are created to scam investors.

I’ve heard about many people asking if they should join crowdyloan. So, I decided to write this crowdyloan review. This is just to let you know some certain things before joining the platform.

Above all, you would not want any website to scam you. Most importantly, if you’ve been a victim of most scam website before.

About Crowdyloan

Crowdyloan is a lending platform where members loan each other funds in return for commission. In order words, members on the website are the one helping each other.

This means that whenever you request for a loan, another member on the platform will give you. In the same vein, whenever you’re giving a loan, you’re giving it directly to a crowdyloan member.

about crowdyloan

Therefore, crowdyloan are the middle-man that connects their members. That is to say, crowdyloan is not the one giving you the loan, neither the one lending from you.

But is the website legit? Continue reading to find out.

Is Crowdyloan Legit or Scam?

Guess this is one of the main questions you’ll want to know about the platform.

The website is currently connecting people to each other. And most of their users are giving positive reviews about crowdyloan.

Now, you might be thinking crowdyloan is legit. Well there are some facts you need to know about lending to lending platform.

Make sure you read what you should know below before you consider joining them.

What You Should Know About the Platform (Crowdyloan Review)

Crowdyloan is not different from most of the websites that claims to help you make huge amount of money within a short period of time.

The website claims to help you make #160,000 with just #1000.

You just have to loan out #1000 to receive #5000, then loan out the #5000 to receive #10,000. The process will continue like that until you receive #160,000.

While this sounds good, you should know that the program can’t continue like that without crashing anytime soon.

Crowdyloan is a Ponzi scheme and it will likely continue paying as long as people are joining.

Now you may be asking

Should I Join?

Well, the decision whether or not to join the platform is up to you. If #1000 is not really a big deal to you, then you can join to get your share.

But if you’re going to join, make sure you join early before it’s too late.


How Does Crowdyloan Work?

There are six lending levels on crowdyloan. And to become a member, you’ll need to start with #1000. In addition, all member must start with level 1.

how the platform works
How each level works

See how each level work below

Level 1

This is the default level for all members on crowdyloan. You’ll just have to pay #1000 and get #5000 within a day which you can then use to upgrade to level 2.

Level 2

You’ll have to loan out #5000 to upgrade to level 2 and receive #10,000 which you can use to upgrade to the level 3.

Level 3

This level requires you to loan out the #10,000 to receive #20,000 within 4 days. You can decide to use the #20,000 to upgrade to level 4.

Level 4

To upgrade to level 4, you’ll have to loan out #20,000 for you to receive #40,000 within 6 days which you can use to upgrade to level 5.

Level 5

This level requires you to loan out #40,000 to receive #80,000 in 8 days which you can use to upgrade to level 6.

Level 6

This is the last level on crowdyloan. You’ll have to loan out the #80,000 and receive #160,000 within 10 days.

Once you’ve received #160,000, you can restart from level 1 with #1000 if you want to continue earning.

How to register

To become a member, you have to sign up and pay #1000. Your default level will be level 1.

Follow the step below to register.

  • Visit crowdyloan registration page here and click on “Join now
  • Then, fill in the required details correctly and click on “Register
  • After that, the platform will start pairing you with people.
crowdyloan registration

You should know that you can decide to stop at any level if you don’t want to continue. But if you want to receive #160,000, you must reach level 6.

How Crowdyloan Referral Work

You can also earn more money by referring people to the platform. Each time you directly refer someone to crowdyloan, you’ll get 10%.

Likewise, you’ll receive 5% for each person your referrals refer to the platform.

Crowdyloan FAQ

Here are answers to most of the questions most people ask about crowdyloan.

Is Crowdyloan Legit?

The short answer is, you can make money if you join crowdyloan. However, I’ll advise you to join only if you wouldn’t mind if you lose your money.

Is My Money Safe?

Crowdyloan claims that it is impossible for them to run away with your money because members are giving loan directly to each other. This is not true because they can still run away with your money.

What Happens if a Member Refuses to Refund a Loan?

If a member refuses to refund you, crowdyloan will be responsible. In other words, they’ll have to direct another member to refund it.

Crowdyloan customer support

You can contact support if you need to do so. According to crowdyloan, you can send a mail to [email protected] if you need support.

I can’t guarantee that their support system is working as you should expect. They might not reply to your message.


I’ll advise you to be careful with crowdyloan. In fact, I won’t recommend you join this platform because they can’t be trusted.

The website’s earning system is just like a ponzi scheme. They are only playing with your money. So, you should only join if you can bear the risk behind it.

Even if they will do as they claim, the program can only stay alive if people keep joining.

Hope you found this crowdyloan review helpful.

If you need to ask a question, make use of the comment box below.

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